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Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau takes calls on the heroism of his staff

Apr 22, 2013|

The Chief took calls with the guys on the heroism of the Watertown Police Department.

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Welcome back we are honored to have a son joined in studio Watertown police chief Ed devote we've been talking to the chief for about fifteen or twenty minutes we thought we'd give you the opportunity to talk to achieve. Let's start with -- been waiting along that -- yeah Richard in Connecticut Richard you're on with the chief Deval. I achieved double a very proud of all the responders. Say people that helped. The Boston Police the FD I and a -- do you -- that the law of 45 years very proud to be. I will I don't live -- work -- important what they're -- and I am very proud of what the police department did. This naked -- If I told my last name. You part of -- a mystery. What has been a while you read and I'm very proud of what everybody Watertown. Pretty sure about yet the area to see Arab gamble now. I won't sit well let me it would to a two together. As -- -- And I think you know that's a good detective. Are you that you guys I don't want the old I appreciate -- -- Italians are being -- out well -- Even all pretty far away at a very value like -- out till -- get to upload a -- He can't throw a little mad that I date in many don't leave me Iraq -- out of Iran now. I don't think you're over a little man who's going got a good look at Davis and -- Thanks to the coordination work was its seamless because you had a number of different agencies and number of different chiefs and number different bosses and yet it's in the works seamlessly out of -- that app. I that's exactly how would you describe it work when Boston state police the all the federal leads FBI we yeah we were had one purpose we were so dedicated to it. Into -- it was it was news. You know swoopes who we do was no issues. I've been on the job thirty years if I could be proud of love. Fashion and don't ever. Walked through a crowd of cheering you know fawning fans we did after Raanan. We you know we did the briefing to the media of nine period the Euro at 10 o'clock with the governor and then we were all exhausted and we coming out. And I -- -- from an obvious treatment he people lie on the streets with American flags. It just didn't we didn't take that into consideration it just it's still chokes me up. To see how what kind of support we head you know. During an old time. To love Brad in Braintree -- wrong with that Google will go to I would go about Bradley. Rob got don't look that into the you morning along with -- -- and other people and it was pretty clear that bill would cap pulled over -- for calm around the 1 point early Friday morning. It's so it's like three people put an atrocity in and I don't flocks. Children in -- department memo that dated from BP. -- it curious that the chief could shed some light on who aren't in that apple Kendall put custody. And what did you chill blows blows bomb detonated dank and most clear front lawn. Should show up. You don't week during that time you can see it's it's so hectic and we're getting all kinds of information that. Look like you could have been something. You know when we thought maybe he had escaped through a cab and he got a lot of attention we wanted to make sure though that two people aback and the backseat turned out to be. As I understand that just to fears. Did the cab driver. You know we had common name that might have been on the terrorist watch list but it wasn't him but it certainly took a long time to figure that out. So I know Boston Police and state police what that theory -- what they found but it wasn't related to that the capsule you know we thought we have some. We do what they were planned to do the Brothers who when they started out that night before they assassinated and John collier what was the plan you thank. To make a run for. I I don't know do you had the you know. They do the Boston bombing they don't leaf -- the get their pictures on the media they don't -- in they have six point they wanna kill more people. And I can't make sense of the killing of the MIT off so. But I think you know if we didn't have that gun fight in we didn't take them kill one take video and costly these guys are hell bent on killing more people. Right that other pressure cooker bomb just as powerful as the first two is right on mountain and pipe bombs and hand grenades. Write a review so they probably didn't anticipate having a firefight with police news and pressure cooker bomb on you guys -- -- it was meant for somebody else someplace at some point. Right they would they would what their plan was I have no idea -- You know I can't say enough ball by police offices that they stop -- they pinned him down and let them how did Letterman to a house in the government to Cassie -- gonna. They wouldn't kill a lot more. Wondered how long -- -- long -- you're street com or on the and before he became you know myself inside that dressing like this if you know sucked into -- every -- stuff so you know going academy called working nights patrolman and kind of learn on the job and I do -- was no different promoted to go back tonight's. How many times did you discharge your weapon in thirty years non. None of these guys here guys did a couple hundred times in the night in we have you know what we had the we have. The most senior guys had 33 years on the job the most junior guys at four months and so we had all kinds of different wanna Tom police sources there on the in the field did an incredible Joseph Johns in Watertown hello John. I don't -- I the ball on the street and have known that the whole entire life and what he has done to save the people are purposes is truly unbelievable. Yeah I had. You know what to look at 2 o'clock in the morning I -- a swat team. Go to my entire post so we thought this we look we live among all government. We thought that we -- we're gonna end. It's just what what what they would do it in his whole team is this is truly a hero doesn't -- and a great area. Did as far as you know chief did suspect number -- attempt to get in another house -- or in a house or do you think you went straight to the -- You said you found some blood between the car and the right. In John thanks for those comments appreciated. All we didn't we didn't find anything here -- he was a good thing I don't know if he was like the cheapest one of the two and he didn't have. The guts or whatever to take to try to go into a home. Even thought it -- we didn't find any indication that he try to get in anyway. So he was behind their house. And then eventually made it count him as do we vote along with the in the low investment. We we we searched that perimeter took us a long time but we know you know me we. We've always had the permanent set up so he had to get out of the you know you know feeling quickly outside of opera. So he could have been and we think you are reasonable. Maybe the entire time. Do we did I hear you correctly that somebody's already whom volunteered or offered -- by David and I'm very new boat. He's a great guy AMD we're really proud of -- I've meet personally have gotten I've gotten it off foundation has written so we wanna get a vote three or four ball companies have offered his people off from money at the he's gonna have a yacht. And end up with a -- -- -- John Henry in the South America and that was a great danger was the suspect as far as you can tell chief in in good enough shape he could've shot. Mr. and a very that he try to get a lot of there. I I think he I think -- and he was -- and user -- had a ability he's so yeah anything is possible. Let's talk to Walter in a -- by altering your next morning. Good morning regular -- I watched this all day Thursday and then in chief -- YouTube guys absolutely remarkable. My my heart goes -- everyone that was injured in. People have lost their life I just can't believe I have kids of my own and done it's it's just heartbreaking. But that he what you guys did. And the storms that that you guys weathered it and does does the strength that you guys showed was just unbelievable and I just gradually -- so much. Thank you -- it's -- you know it's not about me I'm -- I can speak from my offices right now. Are they need to get some you know time alone but will bring them out they deserve to be recognized I can only be the voice right now and as I told them yesterday. I was a nobody 48000 won't be nobody and funny more but they're going to be heroes for the rest. We want to names you know you can not today but he's gonna get it to us right. And find out who tackled this guy who handcuffed was handcuffed when his brother ran over and yes. I'm would we do we will we are we they deserve the recognition they deserve to go to the White House and BS his -- you know. -- -- you do you'll get all that we've just got to make sure they are located feelings okayed and he does feel and you know you can imagine what they've been through the last 72 -- about two and a thoughts and White House how well how are cut off part of its suspect number to drag the the speed bump. Probably vote on amnesty of both -- five feet. This they're that happy and content but but what what would be fitting will welcome we work like. Fen -- maybe a luxury box up there in -- -- for the boys what book and we work on the would be. It just reward for the for the guts the bravery you're gonna show. You think it's -- -- let us now via a before bitch involved here of like yeah that's our. I've been nice yeah that penalizes a deserving he's actually -- you go anywhere to be an irrelevant to a one more segment with O'Keefe.

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