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Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau on the actions of last Friday

Apr 22, 2013|

The chief of the Watertown Police Department Ed Deveau came in studio to discuss a day he will never forget. The Chief told the guys that the terrorists arrived in separate cars and that it was a miracle none of his officers were killed.

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Augusta theme. Since this whole thing wound down. Friday night early and a Friday night into law in Watertown is. Heroes in our midst and we have one in our studio right now is Watertown police chief -- -- Ed -- congratulations on a job beautifully done. Sure your very proud of your guys I'm gonna ask you the same question I ask goes state trooper they colonel -- album. The whole public the entire nation the entire city the region New England Boston. Knows what they think about the performance of law enforcement what does the boss think about what your guys did in the last 45 days. I am so proud of the men women wanted to please province. I just get choked up every time I think what they did what they've done that Friday morning down on the side issue -- I'm just incredible to me. How long Karl -- they were to be in conflict like they weren't in and to bring these guys to. To justice -- in still be alive for just incredible. If you could set the scene force in terms of where you work. How much communication you had your wit and and the chronology of how it got into your town and in and I guess laurel street correct Reyes -- -- -- real. Our offices -- you -- on patrol we knew who -- we have one at town we we do boil while you personally command center. Would not not at that point two I was I was I was at home in that I got called in -- -- -- was in the command post it for the the Diebold but my offices were -- we never expected to come to wanted to cure so. We were supporting Boston. Every day 712 offices in the Boston. -- into them. We can we support it then the whole gun fight a whole battle comes to us right. Two cars arrive separately brother showed up separately right and and how to they've cut it what are tell first engaged these two guys in two separate cars we -- information from Cambridge that they had a GPS on the carjacking vehicle that it was coming to want a town that was in -- -- and finally was on Wall Street. So our first office saw those thought to vehicles to two Brothers and two different vehicles. Driving -- handle. He calls into dispatched to the season vehicles he's told to not engage him into Egypt is significantly more back home. So that's what happened so now we're via. You know we didn't he idea of having that luxury the bulls got out of the vehicles and two Brothers in me to leave engage firing in my office of a dog was -- them. Your offices in their car -- LY one officers in his car. -- -- jump out in such shooting in my office from close range Prius from a very clear -- -- distances so. And you know view and that's why I'm so proud of our offices. How you can do would be level headed and have common sense he was able to put the current Everest in get out get a little bit further away. Two crates of safe distance in there and engage in conflict. At the same time 34 more in my cruises came in right behind him and took a position so was in a matter of a minute. We have 451 at town police offices joined the real soon after that way -- morsel. Within two minutes I have 671. At town police offices to a home that world. Off duty had gone off to midnight heard the call came back so it just incredible. You know the efforts of my offices were made. When did they start throwing bombs literally they threw a pressure one of the pressure -- bombs and we see what kind of devastation they can do we've all seen it. When did that -- into the -- and shoot their guns pro on the bombs. They -- gunfights cited in my in my inner cities a lot of exchange of rounds in at some point they go behind did the second vehicles Honda Civic that they had. Open the trunk in connection my -- concede something being hurled at them. In the end is a huge explosion. And that turn out to be the pressure -- bomb. We found the pressure -- a little bit and power further down the street. And then the pipe bombs -- one of those other homemade bombs they threw for more of those two exploded two didn't go off. But my offices knew they were around emanated -- -- gonna go off at any time zone. So we get hundreds around five Bosnian thrown -- you in this tight little side street Watertown. In my heart goes out to the MIT officers -- only. In yields that treasuries they have. Why what town is implant and funerals for 1234. F five offices incredible to me. You're not gonna tell me the name your party told me knock it over there with a tackle gonna find out somehow we're -- on that guy Chris this -- has been a lot of guts show a lot of bravery. From a lot of cubs put this guy has. Like big ones like watermelons this guy's got the biggest stones of ever seen he. Was maggot number one we call -- and runs out of ammo instead shoot numb your guy tackles. It is incredible. Jerry did that view at the end number one as you and you say comes out of cover in just stopped. Closing you know my -- police wanted to walk him down here coming right at him focused on him it did the end of that -- fight between those two. They were within ten feet of each and he's got two guns he's he's got at least what one gun. And here -- good for the good guys that he ran out of ammunition. Odds are operable for -- atop the awkward fall guy terrorist. But. So at that point you got makes a conscious decision not to kill him not to shoot him but the tackle and keep him alive for information. I don't know if he thought all that way through open in it wasn't just on instinct but he tackles and gets into the ground to more offices come by come. Running over -- they got to handcuff on their in the meadow street handcuffing him. When the other second brother gets in the the issue sees it comes in you can understand it by guys with three bombs going off the hearing. Is intolerant right so they don't stay don't hear the copy -- down all of a sudden somebody's trying to get them. Yelling at them and I think they saw the light so somehow they at the last minute -- -- -- that the cows and when they die by the way in -- go away this guy I was gonna try to run down. 33 in my police off the house's attempt was killed three and -- -- -- his brother -- right in the Indy could have one of their -- maybe you -- his -- taken into custody was -- -- brother too but. You know my office are right the right in the line of dead dead vehicle they would they were gonna get run over to. Why didn't he keep province. After runs over his brother obviously you guys got out of the way hum. Why did he end up jumping out of the Mercedes in the suvs and pick up on foot. I think what what happened here is. The broadcaster. Everybody was common. The deal won't do thing was they were still a little ways away but that gunfights took over ten minutes so the calories common yeah I mean did you know I listened to some of the tapes. Now like you know state police every unit go to -- Tom Boston deviated one at town needs help any office go to -- so everybody's coming so. He got a little ways down the street. In it he can hear -- hear the sirens he can see lights coming in he was forced to bail out so it was. But the law enforcement office from all Obama did pinned him in the captain otherwise he would have driven away. Backing up to one other genius move -- one of your officers made was putting a car in gear without him being in it and letting it go toward. The gun fight toward the -- correct. It was it was. Incredible thinking in the end the I get down a little bit later and he's telling the captain I hope the chiefs not madam -- the past cracked -- and -- you say you get you kidding me that was either you don't teach at the academy sized but. A -- that was brilliant. So you know one -- two were firing at the empty police by far and wasting some of their garage that he pulled right up. Suspect the mag pulled up next drivers and shot in Franken live shot well he got -- is who he pitched that the he got his shots came right through his windshield so he's trying to get out of his. It leaves and India. So they keep shoot and is now while the cars coming down the street towards them it ends up in the hit a parked car. You know by all the gunfire fight goes towards his his cruiser and if he's able to get off society -- engaged in -- -- in he -- made some hits at that point. You've seen that the car obviously. You know we we could set a fund -- of what I tell police -- funds -- A few holes yes published Campbell the day yeah. If you went on ten minutes they were loaded for -- -- he's that they had all I know we we know they had handguns we know they had at least one long rifle was still trying to piece together this there was so many rounds in that little street. So it's all. You know it's gonna take some time for us understand exactly what happened win but so they had at least three guns. -- five bombs and from what -- guys are telling you was the younger of the suspects as engaged in the gun fight as the older brother Wes. We think he was the one that was stronger bonds you -- use the one that got back he had he we know he was firing. -- how much he was doing and how much -- brother was just shooting. We still have to piece it together so. Your guys obviously involvement in the search house to -- search for him. How frustrating was that you had to think at that point you're gonna have meant by minutes. Right when I got to the scene you know of twenty minutes later we had three different people stopped. In different areas of wanna Tom because it's now it's like 1 o'clock in the morning. -- a lot of people out. In it it for a time we thought we probably had a guy -- -- also know we don't. And that became frustrated we were very concerned for the community you know if you could if he got into -- On that so we need to put to be forest animal messages though you know we're and you know shelter in place walked down don't let you know lock your doors cause -- -- -- suspicious and we have. Just hoping that -- no one else is gonna get her. Not that there's anything funny about what happened that night was something that made me. -- -- -- -- Audience's question who would that make him into custody. With with that to somebody this is incorporated look like Mike yeah. Well I apologize that man you know I so I would I'm dornin now -- but I was in theory unfortunately. You know yeah you run into some some of the offices via. Saw that top bottom might be the person. We had the information that the other guy in my head of device on his chest when you're dealing with somebody. That has may have a abolished in August and now we are engaging -- we got to do this safety fall offices thing. So we have him come back. You know. Give him you know away from everybody in we need to see if you hit you if he has anything on this thing and in their -- and so. The new goods down his underwear two ways to look at other remote devices is on the way over why not you know is so it's a little idea so. Sorry. Should one of your guys have looked in the vote. Should they had when when -- on the neighborhood. Twelve that was outside we that we quickly establish a permanent with those offices that wall responding and they took -- government that -- felt comfortable with Republican who walked in so the vote. Neighborhood was just about a block maybe a block and half outside of -- but unfortunately. So that's -- -- from the gun foot from when he abandoned his or say when he -- in the car how far and ago. You probably you know more than half a mile. So that twenty block area that we secured. Just you know we just missed it by a block. Do you think he was hit in the gunfire in the fight yes when we know he was hit and he did that half a mile with a -- well he drove some of a cameo in solar -- -- -- -- -- -- he drove the -- apartment 300 it's been peeled out and we saw the the issue movie there was blood in the past -- that when -- happened we -- doing the grid searches via. We found. Some blood behind the house so we knew he was injured we just to know it wasn't like. Pool of blood that we could track we try to track him anyway but we couldn't it was a blood drops all the way that would lead him to that -- negotiate -- -- can't talk. Well we didn't know that the time and what would. What we're trying to do it to be in in this is like the FBI tactical team does state police captain team boss and tucked the ball down it. And it trying to give him the media and social the bush is kind of like show yourself and so when that robot when in. It pulled the that targeted the top off you know we knew it was it's out of Poland we could see him businesses are showing he has the and a eventually. You know lift Fisher who conceded is nothing chest. So that's negotiations we were doing in that took 1520 minutes to get him to. To do what we want to do and -- those commands after or before the stunned. Oh -- we goes attention would be this flash bang you know is -- -- there was 45 that would put into the bowl prior to that. -- and and he started to. Cooperate. There are reports that he tried to kill himself docile shooting himself in the mouth in the throat was at that inside the bowl with a handgun arrow or -- or rifle. Or I'm not sure the FBI crime scene is still down at that house on Franklin street still -- so. They've India you know where is his premise -- 2023 days now and he may be the only another day so we still looking to see exactly what I've heard those reports but I have no information we will. Argument is the book up to accomplish and that's not the smartest Ramos expected. This call water. -- where was the -- where the transit officer shot was in the firefight in the gun fight over prior to getting there. This -- gun fight will analyze that went on for five you know ten minute yeah soldier transit offices showed up state police showed up so they -- took possesses behind our offices as to gunfights. Continue. Unfortunate he was right before and Rossi took a bullet in his groin and hit an artery and he started to believe they'll. So you can imagine now. Number two drives over his brother president street -- Ross -- by the way. And now we realize we have a a transit officer down -- all my office is now trying to give first date. One -- a medic. A training he starts stopping the bleeding. It was just told -- what they did you know he was views ready literally ready to bleed out. Watertown the ambulance shows up yeah it and in the opposite had a drive the ambulance to a hospital number drove of people over -- -- -- Always do when officers -- the opening I talked to them last night they tell -- the open his -- he's getting stronger -- -- -- -- Lexington let's do this let's get -- to hang -- for that matter to join us tonight a second time outlook for the -- lies and you have the opportunity to talk to Watertown police chief -- -- 6177797937. Launch line up the phone -- -- be right back in a minute.

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