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Superintendent of the State Police Colonel Tim Alben on the manhunt

Apr 22, 2013|

Colonel Alben joined Gerry, John and Kirk to discuss an unprecedented week in law enforcement. Colonel Alben told the guys that to the best of his knowledge the terrorits arrived in Watertown with two separate cars. The Colonel also told the boys that MIT officer was executed in cold blood.

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He was sworn in on July 13 2012 ST superintendent of the state police state police colonel Timothy. AT&T hotline -- morning colonel John Jerry Kirk here in Boston how are you. Where you aren't we know what the public thinks about the remarkable job that law enforcement did a -- past week what's the boss thinks about what his force accomplished in the last. Week or so. -- and I'm I'm certainly ecstatic with the outcome. And I'm I'm so proud of everybody to contribute to this the certainly -- state troopers -- the police the war conflict you know there was so many police officers from the northeast a law enforcement cultural and then work their work. The FBI the ATF the Marshal service is you know you can't even imagine how many people were represented in our command post there not certain product. And how was it coordinated so well I mean somebody had to take charge was there one big boss that is -- -- everybody deferred -- how to don't work so seamlessly colonel. No you don't. I -- this earlier this week. We have all worked together. Since 9/11 really and we've had a lot of major event in Boston whether they were. You know post came playoffs -- -- suck the patriots. The 2004 convention remarks and whether advance tornadoes. Hurricanes. Most forms. So we all know each other the bosses I'm speaking about how very very well and we're very comfortable and are working together. They're they're somewhat of a and we atmosphere and that's not to say that everything is always agree or are we get along all the time. We we dispute things we have arguments what ultimately run the same team moving in the same direction. So it's. In the Hollywood. Portrayal would be an actor with a guy walks in May have been this is my investigation now that side that doesn't happen. No it doesn't and and usually -- that's portrayed that way. But I can tell you that Rick the employer is very consummate professional and he's not that kind of guy at all affect -- the first large. Especially on the incident that happened later in the week that was clearly. Something that you know we have to take the lead -- so it was really about. Myself and Eddie Davis and -- to call and representatives of belief that the Marshals Service and it and state agencies and so. Or will want we've already started the Ed Davis for governor campaign if he wants to that he wants to be mayor that's fine too but we're already working on as -- launching his political career. You think that makes sense would you like to. I think that'd be great politician absolutely -- vote for. And any you know although he is a great copy he just he's just has such gravitas when he talks you listen. I can imagine when it was a street company you know. Slot in a cup for young kid in the head or some I would run I'd just be I'd I'd be so scared him if you're on the street. Well you know -- point. Eddie wouldn't use them -- worked with a lot of our people she works which. Mark only the former colonel Steve Matthews -- Former deputy he -- -- -- Quinn and frank Matthews you can -- people in the we're talking about how these relationships go back a long long time so it. It's not a comfortable with the in the room together and really it. A -- well but I'm not sure how much you were able to -- to share with us so we're gonna we're gonna try to ask some questions and and hopefully we'll get some some information. And and this interest me elegant interest a lot of the people out there how to Sean call your happened to get involved and and and and get shot was was he just. Heard something on the scanner and began pursuit and that's how he got involved. No. -- share what you look what I know about collier's. Situation. He was dispatched to allow police called -- around campus there. And has pulled up in and found you really nothing. And shortly after his arrival. These two approached him and literally executed and as he was sitting in the car to propagate out. And he sustained a number of shots. I don't. You look at the graphics of -- all but you know this is something that's -- Our borders and an execution -- something that he wouldn't suit when animal let alone another human being and you know I think there are inherent risk of being a police talks are -- get that. But you know what kind of policy its media that they count she spoke and former chrome state police -- said to me. This is not -- that happened on a college campus. This is something different if you're a large police department or state police or FBI you know the risks are -- -- you just pick goes on but. They're not here not not with this situation. And to share how MBTA police officer Donahue got involved. College cup on the scene. I mean I would I don't know I believe he just got a ball and pursuit that was going whether you -- and we saw this -- knowing anything Carter. But certainly he was in the in the middle of it like any good policemen would be plot. Why did -- -- acute officer color and most of my bigger plan that pointed Yemeni theory. That particular ticket requests I don't wanna hear -- but clearly they were after something. Or there was some corpus and all of that. Now whether it was because they wanted to -- weapon. Or or there was some other all alternative. Strategy there are I don't know. I think they put upon bound behind -- 828 year old boy yeah -- -- and street you know how -- -- inject any kind of logic in any of this. Do you think he is and given an up there are reports that he is writing. And given some information now. I I don't know the answer to that. It's years I've not heard that -- You know if you look at your situation right now he doesn't have a whole lot of options now available for himself. We know worthy of black Mercedes SUV came from we're of the two part question -- out where did the green Honda come from and did the Brothers arrive at the laurel street shoot out in separate vehicles. -- my understanding that the came in separate vehicles or. Or one at home while might have been over there before this occurred I don't know the exact sequence of that but the police the Honda along wonderful or someone in the family. Thus they had a loaded with with -- ordinance. -- -- Seems -- a -- years ago and it seems like there was about a half hour you know in the car with this gentleman in the Mercedes and they -- had conversations with the sky and in admitted that they were in fact the bombers. I I I certainly heard those accounts and I -- you know again. You know restructured trying to think what what what are they doing here what we're stuck -- the end game all of this and it's really really hard to. Determined that a maybe maybe this guy sit and Burton Group is gonna tell us that what. Until someone. You know -- some kind of sense to this we're we're still put the pieces together. Where you who's in charge of the search the house to house search. In water comes it. Colonel well this could just want to again. Myself Eddie and she's the -- sitting there and in the command post so. We had tactical teams swat teams if you will divided up into quadrant in that area. And they've had assignments there individual commanders were giving them assignments what streets they would cover and they literally go. Street it's street how the post knocking on doors making sure that they can make contact with somebody difficult parts. What about boat to boat why didn't anyone look in the boat. Well that particular. House there so little bit outside the search ranks now -- arms you know perk right at that in this for a moment we do this we'll -- people all the time. If you take a point -- you draw -- quarter mile. -- you know -- -- we're surrounded that and then try to so -- searched that area it's very very time consuming. So we have to go one house 21 house and that means it's open you're gonna get somebody at the door. Hoping acute they're gonna -- you can mean there aren't searched -- house secondly. If you don't get somebody. Senior political on the perimeter making sure that there's no obvious signs of being breached or somebody gotten in any given that. You don't know if somebody got into someone's house in the secretive in the air and the owners going -- -- -- curtain -- so there's all types of possibilities. But it's very very content from. A -- and perhaps a generic way you could explain how intelligence gathering works in the so probably a better question for the FBI and certainly the state police but if indeed they were made aware the FBI am talking about. By the Russian government that this guy existed and could present a problem. We need not have been in their database in the second part of that question is when a bomb went off on Monday afternoon at the marathon -- that database have produced in -- 101215. Names of local people who might be responsible. Well it's entirely possible that the names in their somewhere they interviewed him there was sort your record -- that month. -- let me just say this. From Monday through. Thursday I had been over -- surplus. Repeatedly. There are thousands of agents that are here not just -- but throughout the East Coast. That are working on evidence collection sifting through the data analyzing photos and videos. Can certainly do any intelligent portion of this. So I don't know how many people -- their database secured Massachusetts and across the country. But I know that they did everything they could conceivably do toward an effect that's what now we have -- we have beyond. The privilege if you will of hindsight today we can go to acknowledge sort of reconstruct -- Heinlein. But the said the -- world we saw the video. What the best video recap on Tuesday. All of a lot of these particular individuals but it would really -- first day after the FBI released those videos. That we got some really important. Photographs and were able to decipher them and make up. A sort of closeup quite unification Europe better identification of who this person wants. This wasn't clear on on Tuesday Wednesday and into Thursday. I got colonel how many big guys during this whole thing -- that they were gonna get time and a half. Our call today. Not not not -- I knew -- I'm gonna play -- week there were people coming up their work ships that we're showing up there this. That's not a good consideration I mean look you if you understand where you have maybe someday you'll see this that it did the video of this. If you're not struck by the callous cold blooded killing. Then in -- -- to it's just it's it's -- Colonel how many 12300. Troopers at one point or another. Were involved in this in this project over the last week. Oh I think there could be 5600. I mean clearly we have -- we have a whole division of investigative services that you know literally drop what you're doing to walk on this season and then. What transpired Thursday night into Friday in Watertown. Are drawn tremendous number of resources there give up to 300 people -- that we were in the process so sort you know changing ships and getting pressure people they're crooks broke. I mean -- mean people just drop what you're doing deep part of this. What's your ruled out going forward with the US suspect one dead suspect -- in custody. Well I think. We still have a lot of work to do I think that some you know we we work with the FBI and joint terrorism. Task force. They've got to work well for them now because I think we -- rule out the possibility that there are other people install -- -- It -- there are other people we need to it and apply them. We need to do more work in determining where the east devices were assembled put together. We need to look at financing and how they finance whatever -- they were doing. And other activities or other associate it may have -- so. There's still a tremendous amount and I think we always wanted to go back and look in an event like this in -- Looks and what did we mention what we'd do better how we improve upon its people into these things. A regular basis not with this particular event before any kind of -- -- like. Have fun of course I'm sorry final question in your estimation is there anything more that can be done. With these remarkably. All access soft targets such as the Boston Marathon gold forward. Well sure there could be other things -- Some of them will be more surreptitious obviously we see now the benefit of of surveillance cameras and now they're much more high definition than they ever war in the past. I think though that ultimately would it went down to where you have large open air public events like this. There's always going to be a certain amount of respect you so. Unless you're willing to fend off an entire area and create portals like you're going into Gillette Stadium where you're going to prefer and which are. Then you're not gonna you know be able to do that in -- or affect so. We've got to be more creative we've got to be more strategic about it we've got to look at -- technology but the other part of this too. Use you know going back and looking at the videos. What we're really struck me. Is that. How this person can just walk up and it did hear him and nobody pays attention you know -- and I am not blaming anybody -- maternal attribute that -- The public have to be very very diligent about. People around them. I've got to go to a movie theater without looking around -- -- to sit next to me here who's you know a couple of rows away every time he went to a major event like this. You -- behind your game you've got to at least be looking around seeing around our. You as a superintendent of the state police colonel Timothy the album that would be appropriate inappropriate for me to ask you because Dixie speeding ticket I got on the -- spikes like hi I won't do that. Colonel but you're my hero tremendous job by you you in you and your troop and everybody involved in this. Thank you very much appreciate it even went on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTC.

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