WEEI>On Demand>>Alex Speier, WEEI.com, joins John Ryder to talk about the Red Sox debut of Allen Webster

Alex Speier, WEEI.com, joins John Ryder to talk about the Red Sox debut of Allen Webster

Apr 22, 2013|

Speier breaks down what he saw from Allen Webster in his first performance with the big club. Webster was one of the key prospects in the blockbuster deal with the Dodgers last summer and did not disappoint in his first start with Boston.

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John Ryder back with you here after the tough one -- tough one all day today at Fenway as the royals complete the sweep of the Red Sox. In the double header now joining me who the AT&T hotline always great tie to. Alex spears does a tremendous job and WEEI dot com foam on Twitter right now Xperia also as is down on the farm show. Which here this morning. 830 to nine on Sundays -- gone Alex. And I'm fine thanks thanks for joining me at this late hour. The well let's first start with a positives. -- Alan Webster. Tonight AA gives up the deal home runs in the fifth inning led. I've got a very solid outing -- -- you right you've been right all -- -- as he has that filthy changeup and that too hard sinker. Yeah inside the thing that was really very impressive perk are make individually if you -- -- he was attacking the strike zone from the get go I mean. You could -- You know you have a guy like Alec scored we ambushing the first pitch fastball in jumping on that 96. All four for -- all doubled the first. In other guy I was throwing strikes out of the -- -- shockingly efficient in my mind. More efficient than he'd even been in markets throughout the year. In the inside his two and a half or -- because as one of those was rained out. And you know showed a willingness to attack the strike zone with 32 with three Major League caliber pitchers. And utility gets swings and misses with all of them. You know you read a couple fat -- little place they get hit for a home run perfectly effective and happened to -- double play. But nonetheless there was a lot for the Red -- like. About what their son Alan Webster and what that herald her on the purpose stepped up their pitching staff. And potentially afford you know a future in the rotation protect. Yeah and and also a lot of poise at -- you mention he gives of the double to Gordon and then as of our reaches on the infield hit 23 year old kid making his first. Major League start start could become -- become unraveled by that now all the saudis to keep. You know retires the next three batters including two strikeouts. That showing a lot of poise and only one walk as well Alex. Absolutely agree I was very impressed by the fact that he rebounded so well from. From that situation in the first sitting where you know he's barely had time to get settled milk -- trailing one developing. With an underground sport it to not get frustrated -- not you know he could not kind of proclaimed woe is me but instead. He really you know you really kind of you know credited -- you know punched out the next two guys to stop it in the right there and then -- for the next the next few innings before getting touched. Four couple's home runs there in the. It is incredible is that that deal with the Dodgers it's almost like. If if I don't know if he'll get this analogy you're not Alex but I'll try and there's so -- you go away with the Dodgers Red -- trade. But it's almost like someone comes in a money they'd they hit the lottery that some real estate -- -- is -- it will throw this in 20 and in its notice extra million. A league getting Webster -- rose so we have as he Derosa. I'll put the Red Sox yet but. Considering that deal in and why do the Dodgers give up on Webster. Well they didn't give up on him say just recognize that there was a cost of doing business although quite frankly it's -- to doctors drawn hardline. Instead we won't trade for you know for Gonzales property -- and you know it could require any prospect hole. Would've been really interest to figure out what about the Red Sox were flanked by. That was not a strange to doctors or. We're taking from you know they understood there was going to be a a considerable prospect custom -- would have to part with. I think -- Webster's perhaps being. High -- you know which had potential high ceilings starter with some question marks they like other Gartner system. Perhaps a little bit better I like -- exactly even though he was lowered down. I haven't seen exactly pitch in person that -- you know excellent scouting report on -- but it's it's hard to believe that there -- -- that they had a pitching prospect who has. Considerably better talent let -- It to a point where I work out like humor expendable let the doctors really made a decision. If they were willing to rather than building homegrown route table and you know billions of dollars basically I know besides the background into the world so maybe it's for them the idea homegrown pitching didn't seem that import. What happens to Webster for me or does -- go -- down of the -- Yeah he should paid very close to getting Java part of that like -- my opinion about whether or not John Lackey. It doesn't he look like he's available after that -- start by. After that Monday start in Portland -- yeah out the plan was for him to come out generous people are basically. -- this is an opportunity to introduce him to the major leak at a time when there were basically like a one and done scenario where you'll be sent back down felt. So yes he should go back there on the market. Continue working on I'm you know kind of holding the mechanics to the shown. To just put this here because you know what he's shown in the minors now one big weeks are pretty damn impressive. John Ryder talking with -- WEEI dot com -- spear Alex we've talked about this before. -- Andrew Miller guy that has good stuff but not great command that showed up tonight if he continues to struggle on their role. I could get interesting I know bright as lows due to pitches well at Portland coming up Bob Franklin Morales is an historic I guess. But what what what happens from -- he continues to struggle. Did include. If -- or Morales is ready let's say next week. Look there's some numbers courts have scored becoming in the Red Sox bullpen and there are three guys who were deactivated -- roster. I wouldn't say one week would necessarily be the time to book ever been to press slow. Is quarter are a handful of -- but between the Lackey resolute Morales you're right there are -- Lackey going to be an electric activated sometime this week. Print or -- perhaps -- -- As next week in. Given that you have to Europe to you know -- -- they have to activate three guys feel they have cute guy is what options were you -- and down. In Alex -- and Steven Wright so. Someone in the Red Sox bullpen -- -- to be losing a game of musical chairs. Seven is really the only guy who has option into Miller is not as. He's become a difficult you know -- -- lost. Is important role that he started the season -- Because she's not been able coming. It attacked the strike zone until after their first two birdies. You used to walking too many guys to. To be as reliable as -- like I respect and -- to the so yeah I mean I would I would view -- Miller in Craig -- and as being kind of put -- all candidates they love -- -- with the Red Sox for obvious. You don't see a lot of left handers. Who are able to throw back kind of fast automatic and slider but. You know what what's the value of that you're not able to keep it in the strike zone. Saltalamacchia had Leo walked in here and tonight. But he's been struggling middle Brooks has been struggling any cause for concern there or just let this thing play itself out. Yeah let it pop up particularly when you're dealing with you know it hasn't been consistent games there couldn't. Bring out there with the obvious security situation going on Friday they're being paid off for -- part of the season. Add into that the factor of really really cold weather. In in kind of dramatic climate swing could happen in the early part of the -- little reason why. You know overall Major League Baseball you'll see numbers in April being not what they are offensively. In later months received and it's just different. Also bought -- for instance in the first game. Crush them out without the side of the warning track. In you know in other circumstances slightly warmer circumstances in May. That ball PDF home runs so. I think that it's a little bit earlier passed judgment. Those guys were something that I would extend to Stephen Drew. Who write to instill you know working to find his timing. But it is you know but I do not like Saltalamacchia a giant warning track -- -- It's just you know fell short because there wasn't good weather for the -- Area right exactly now on the flip side of that timing seems to be down for especially Mike Napoli getting and those runners getting on base in driving those van and driving the ball including that. They ain't breaking ball for a whole money definitely has that Fenway swing in. An end to more quiet extent but still. Has eleven game hitting streak going on as Jacoby Ellsbury Pedroia looks good so those three -- right now. Yep Pedroia I'm ma am curious about because -- been doing a great job of getting on base but he has yet to really start. Hitting the ball with it was going to be extra base of the party they were accustomed to in the past but again that might be. Function of it being literally held areas that has eleven game hitting streak. It's been a relatively hollow game hitting streak of I thought he had some batters swing in my game. Of the double header by you know they've been mostly kind of singles no walks by. You know but nonetheless like it's interesting thing about a very to me. Egos restrictive or not reluctant. To put together all of Indian industry. So when he does get locked in that really kind of have a chance to catapult him into being. You know a pretty considerable impact player. You know I could just find it interesting bit. -- able to minimize the the depth of the slums I just kind of collecting these you know I collecting these grass cutter it's in droves to. An odd characteristic for me that you put out Napoli has been as -- -- -- to have consistent. Middle of the order force. In the lineup this year you know ever since really what he did you look -- New York open but really since then you've been making. I'm a pretty steady impacts -- -- said driving distance of a -- He really help from the bridge. You know and opened the bridge appears that they had without Ortiz. Giving them a little bit of something lineup in so you kind of see the potential what -- could be. Of having an -- in the dialect Napoli in the last capability back to back in order. Of the -- ways to NYNEX question David Ortiz and that. Nepalese presence of the middle a lot of does take some pressure off of David Ortiz and a nice start fourteen is not display in the power but still. Five out of -- and it's remarkable to -- five out of eight Alex. When a guy and it didn't and L is no spring training not too many advanced out of the tuck it looks pretty good so far. Pretty good but by his own admission he's not where he will -- or one of these. -- he referred to -- and David Ichiro Ortiz today because of those five you're talking about. A few of them a couple of them in his authority to double yet -- -- and RBI single in the first inning today. On a slider but he just smoked but you know some people just in the world based -- -- It really haven't been sort of contact under the resounding. Or loud sound yeah he produces so by his own admission he's still searching for his timing. In in just perk you know and just for that pitch recognition Google hasn't really. Beat himself. The fact that you've been able to be productive in those two games back. Speaks highly volumes about who he as a player of great use you still working on display. Last two questions Alex so we won't we for the updates on John Lackey Morales Breslow what's the latest with Julian -- In Britain and the clinical bullpen session tomorrow. And then depending on effect goes well he was dead and probably be sent out. For for a minor league rehab assignment -- (%expletive) him a little bit today he -- that it is hamstring. You know it it basically used to be able to resolve. Other discomfort he's felt in his hamstring felt he's felt pretty good you know felt a different sort of throwing on flat ground. Thus far in -- he's hopeful that that permits them to come back in you know go full speed at. Last question Alex I'm sure you're probably not surprised by this but at a couple earlier collars and some techsters. All upset because Kansas City in -- up taking two out of three I said well this Kansas City team is better than some years past. Can they compete in the -- centrally get the tigers. In and that lineup and our rotation or can they compete free -- second wildcard. -- -- -- And I mean I don't want to rule it out because last year would have dismissed -- -- -- or via athletics for that matter and I think it was a little bit of elections in terms of -- and rushing to charge -- It's still hard for me to believe it. That the tigers will be able poll 820 central air so. It both in terms of their lineup that we -- talking about. Verlander in short sir you know not mentioned the tension in the rotation that's that's pretty good. I don't eat the royals having that kind of depth and firepower it's a few Politico has had with tigers roared to a yet. We're going to be able to. You get a team as some of those -- last or the AL east of if you have the benefit of playing a lot of games against Yale central. Which those in the AL east -- don't have that benefit from wild card so that at least create a little bit of intrigue if there can't be second. You know competitive L central team they can do a lot of damage in their divisional. Great as always Alex really appreciate taken his time on on a late Sunday night. All right Alex spirit WEEI dot com notes W collars up until midnight here at 617. 7797937. You can send this text message AT&T text line 3798378. -- a message on Twitter. He could find me there right John -- riders John with a nature writer with a wise Stephen in Newton appreciate your patience I'll get to your call coming up next. We'll also hear a bit today gave him back to the park. Hear from judge -- hear from Alan Webster here from in true Miller as well maybe the Dave Ross. Before we make our way out of here at midnight. Royals beat the Red Sox 524 and a night game they beat him 42 in the day game will be back in 96.

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