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Minor Details Ep. 45: Jose Iglesias and managing a player who feels like he's ready

Apr 21, 2013|

Despite a tremendous run in the big leagues to start the year, Jose Iglesias was sent back down to Triple-A Pawtucket in deference to the presence of shortstop Stephen Drew on the big league roster. It was natural for Iglesias, after hitting .450 while playing terrific defense, to feel some frustration about his demotion, but such frustration can be counterproductive to the goal of player development. In such situations, then, it often falls on a minor leaguer's manager to steer the player to the right place so that he can make his return to the minors a productive one. In this edition of Minor Details, both Jose Iglesias and PawSox manager Gary DiSarcina discuss how a player deals with being sent down after a run of considerable big league success.

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How on earth do you sit down a guy who's hitting 450 in playing gold glove caliber. Red Wings weren't the only ones I -- Aqua and after Jose goalie is -- and down my. When Stephen Drew -- active -- he was asking him. It's strange part of player development sometimes even when a player look like he's Major League ready he still doesn't have a Major League opportune. Kevin you call for an and had to wait for Bill Miller departure clay buckled on himself we got the rotation at the start of 2000. Similarly even though likely you played like a guy capable of making an impact in the big leagues. He's back in triple -- now in so Pawtucket manager Gary you are -- had to sit down with a 23 year old once was and down to triple -- After -- really didn't in the big. I talked with our unit in Pawtucket this week to figure out how a manager do the player who has a pretty eye opening run of the majors you're here. -- take much for joining give you. Well this week or focusing on when guys have their big -- opportunity and how that actually meet up with when they might be big league ready. At triple -- manager you're kind of the gatekeeper and -- and how much. Do you have communicate with guys about. About just that managing their expectations for. You know the you might you might have a go at that -- ready for the majors but yet you may not -- For all our. Haven't -- -- on our -- sort of on the degree and what they want you know when they called on here for players they need a player might be two for two weeks might compete for ten days might be. Utility player might be you know shortstop that plays the two weeks ago. Unreal what they need from a player. From here the number one in my opinion the number two you know what -- -- to managing the the players expectation as opposed his readiness and the ability to. Have an opportunity to get called up a -- to be honest with them. You know for me at -- Mike Berger called a double way of -- the way two occasions. And I was ready and I knew I wasn't ready you know that's -- bit stronger off. But that -- at different times you know these days you know with the Internet. Read the vouchers so you know. Twitter FaceBook all the extraneous things that are going on they can come in bleacher eagle and you -- believe what people say about you. All of a sudden you know you think your better ball player and you are at that time even though you have things to work on and -- -- about having our player development people. From a people coming in more guys because they can step back and evaluate and come away with you know and on by. Evaluation of players -- All these things are put in and you know making the decision in Indian you know players have a player be ready. I think ultimately you know most of who have gone -- struggled but you know. Where these guys go up it's completely dominate and stay there for you and your -- Usually the second year than the first year because now you have expectations to the expectations so. Let's get back to original -- about being ready. I think. You know you prepare the order by being open with them communicate communication wise New -- talk to -- have a one on one with them and and with Jones or -- you need to bond you need to go there and hit the road. You do the little things. You may be hit third down here in the order -- you gonna be hitting -- and -- up there so you got to kind of mentally weaker and a reality can hit real quick. You know. Look at Jackie Bradley though if it really quickly go spring training and dominate in the 400. And all of sudden. Say when the bell rings in big league pitchers that are. You know. Have the book on -- -- week if you are making it to the attacking your weakness. They can be a difficult time so. Don't think. You have to have communication open and you know let them know you need to work on certain things but right now you're needed the big league level I think. The difference between being -- her. Temporary and they're ready for every -- opportunity I think the players that are ready for that every day opportunities were up all their week. It may have been up and down once or twice and in the end -- thought -- get that to reality only got to need to figure out how to get to that and pitch a little bit better. Or pitcher ready to go. Glove side down -- away a little bit more often they've. Hitters will tell you pitchers are you what you need to work on to in the reverse you could tell hitters what they need to work oh. It always respect communication -- have to. Have to have that chain of -- -- me to the player. From then to John to and to me he whatever the chain is to keep it you just here to our camp and hey you go right. You have to prepare and I don't know you know what what the expectations are. Oftentimes that the pattern is the guy and down after either it was clearly a temporary opportunity or after. Or after he struggled you know as was the case for Mike Trout he worked with. While you were with the Angels or -- you know or Jackie you know Jackie -- struggling -- -- and down and it's going to be in the aftermath of that. And however. They're kind of get there are guys who eat at the big league level and as a matter of they're not being playing time Kevin you call a guy like that -- is very good and doesn't want to doesn't five. But he was on the shuttle that kind of roster at forty man roster. Jose up Jose goalie is obviously came off of -- really good start a Major League are nine for twenty in the big league. Great defense but he's back down in the minors but -- like that how different is it talking to him. About you know you just had a really nice run in the big leagues but that doesn't mean that your time is in the big leagues right now. I think. Mean the way that that the kind of way I've approached. That you had little patience with them given 34 days to come back down errors and realized where he is not on a rehab. Here. On the triple A team to get you know at bat and he's without not like David Ortiz -- is going to be going and when whenever he's ready so. You know I like to give a couple of days to conduct on -- what's going on you know got called -- an area that we have a conversation about you know what it was doing up there while you are up there. I wasn't there I didn't he would -- in an environment in the -- have gone. You know I need to get feedback from him what his routine was Brian Butterfield. -- into what he's talking about what. At the same time I'm reading them you know if you have an inflated -- bottomed -- then -- come out oh. Really difficult we don't have access in the hunt down. Can't you can't sugarcoat things you know you get into you know threaten the very -- -- overeating it on on -- you know Bledsoe got hurt. He's down and expect to get Joseph back but to poverty you know never we never gave it back and Stephen Drew -- -- replied you know get a lot of wanted to come over here ploy for year. It's difficult but I go back to communication and talking. And you -- little -- payment to rot till you get around bill you went up there and do we do in your heated expectations but reality reality your hair and a and we're gonna work to get -- here and we're here fueled hitting coach the pitching coach off the trainer were -- that you are here use. I think if you opened with them -- to. You don't sugar -- with the players but at the level that. They know -- they're not too that they do they know what they read the roster you know who didn't want ahead of their own temples being in the big leagues. If you've been -- there and the crop of Armenia. You know basically when you grow up and that's. Or the respecting who was credibility of our -- and a great job. Did a great job up there but reality reality. Interest -- near him. With Jose who's been great ever have a good attitude coming down to -- -- given that they were a couple of days. Milan -- where they are what do you know that's a big it's a big change going from Fenway Park on opening today. Pawtucket you know a new game. I mean that the surroundings. The dude didn't your teammates -- different everything's different so. -- believe and have a patient give them a couple of days prior -- relaxed. He took off to all our annual all been -- are we don't get aggravated -- But when we have our current edition I'm -- -- you know you can't -- -- he did a great job up there -- you don't -- you know you don't have to go ahead and he did great but there's only one -- -- job there and you're here now so we have to prepare you. When that happens again -- -- his injury or whether the trade or you might get traded. You know come down here with a good attitude of the goal for the guys. Ultimately to play in the big leagues you want to play in the big things apart and win a world -- But there are however is off you know and in the organization is really well you know the trades that they do in July. They moved you around and you know. -- -- -- -- Federal over and I can go on these guys that. Remarkably enough room for a couple of years they did really well there in the big leagues out of the ball club in front of them. Know that we're all about. You know for down here. Either of these guys either for a let alone but he's got a great that you come in and among the -- who has every right to -- to be great tomorrow. But the words and I think. Because Richard. Pryor communication you have to beat them you can't just blow tomorrow reported. In and I think. You know and let them Walter let them. Become bitter and they are night and then we have a problem club because an important players up and now for other people don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- and if you let it happen and you don't have to be patient. With them if -- happen. I would just allow them to be the RO allow them to have nearly -- he'll be out of natural motion. But when they get over it he finally realized I -- too much out here. Come and get back there. Can't hit a buck forty down here you know I gotta go -- Zorn on -- of the big league level here. Are you really your job and come to the ballpark every day no matter where you. You know -- -- the ball park and -- playing hard every day doing -- -- -- as secure now are you approach it like. Like Mr. -- you know -- Sox manager. In your experience can you make any generalization about whether -- not easier for a guy to come back down. From the big league after struggling for after -- indeed targeted in terms of like what he's doing and -- player development. Really embracing OK -- of applause it is that -- conversation happened when he when those claws have been exposed or when a guy has. It has a feeling like OK I I can really you know I can do that. If if I if I need you know build upon did what I just did it by doing XY and even really have a chance -- was -- -- -- there. Player development. After the return of a clear plan progress reports and they have a pretty good idea what to -- a week before -- called -- to. Me. That Ben Crockett Duncan away that broke all the rovers they pay attention to the manager there. Players know what they need to work on for the go up there. You know Michael Specter questioned I'll be ready or just you know temporary call in -- temper column in the -- is. Doesn't matter they got -- they need help out there on the available. You know the wanna throw players -- when we you know we all know you know I hate to say as a you know to his backhand. Or you know not -- haven't pitch recognition is off purported reasons struggling. You encourage them come off worked. And him go work on -- you don't wanna man you can't make that back him and you know I mean you got to kind of players at different nowadays and this is back. Thirty years ago where you can be really rough and -- the get there and you need to work on this and you know have that -- out of the we'll go to -- together I think when they realized when players realize that you're in it to them we're we're just trying to get basically no other agenda. You know to come out and work on the week because they you know connection they feel that the organization want them to do well. Not to get. You know ultimately that's what we wanted to get these guys that. Maybe with the starters maybe but. They feel it here in the that will work on anything at yours your. Coming from a genuine. Remind me how much did you work with eighty when he was when he first entered the rest. In two quarters we've. And he was the only it and it came from Cuba. Transition and learn the language of the family. You know a lot of his pros on his problems are you weren't -- you know how to pay bills. Credit car you know an all league -- You -- with the help them along. -- one has the change the -- you know that. We're fine living arrangement that you know children degree jar with a. I remember -- like saying that he had basically never I mean. Because of that drastic difference ready to him how you know how old are financial or more was a dramatic thing that add depth and yeah. At that particular your money to chip how to treat people like all the other that we take for greed of the players come to know -- ready to open that thing. -- -- program and talk lower levels needed that don't. -- corner remember I was like hey let's pick out one thing -- -- work on him in the front of a routine and not. Overwhelm him -- things to do with don't take away his creativity out there. But yet you need to play at a fundamental structure or from a structure where the oil is in. Routinely would be his routine -- Probably the biggest residential coordinator having him for the first I was. Structure and routine and got to be his and done a great job come along way. Yeah he had a great two weeks up there where he can work on to really prove that he can -- up there -- at least for a short draft. He's gonna come down here and prove that he can do for long periods the more than that and you know he's matured. Is his baby his own. So. Come along way and we -- -- to remind. -- to have a lot of you know he got hurt Portland. Mission arm if that they had here over the good chunk of time and sometimes I think. Look I don't we feel like he's been around forever that he should be more bad -- when in reality all the talk about. That's actually the last course that I want to ask you because I feel like they're up at that he's been around forever a part of that is because. -- defector from Cuba in a team he signed a big league contract and so all of his player development as happened with spring training in big league camp. In kind of an opponent they didn't have the experience of showing up on the anonymous backfield and you know getting ready for -- with Greenville. From your vantage point how dramatic is the development that you've seen with him how much is it in line with the normal player development pattern over the course of you know over the course of his. Almost four years professional. We'll have been normal I mean I'm from Cuban thrown into double a and give a guy you'd like that a good chunk of money you put him on the roster you know agent. Negotiated all that we agreed to it has the not a normal -- So he's better I think in everyone's mind and -- he's been around forever -- Right away you don't hear have an eight million dollars and -- -- it from Cuba -- -- -- the -- whatever. He's been in the public eye for that long so it's not like he's been. A young. Ryan Hart where do have problems coverage you know applauded his way along and kind of broke our mission knows he's got you know about. -- -- we the world over but you know he slowly clawed his way through. And did it climbed the ladder like traditionally short of rookie ball short season you know we -- to -- to change. And then double -- triple as when he started to get the north notoriety of what what he can do -- with all. These track and unconventional and I think. You know it's have to give up American and take -- deeper -- when we. Analyze and evaluate him you know he has growth to me to grow with. Pushed -- into the organization's -- him you know are very different reasons. I'm you know for me to I have to get to know I've never managed a big difference from and it's and somebody in their coordinator. Coordinator you come into three or four days a month maybe six weeks. They're happy to you and opening up the on every day they're happy the manager especially when he -- for game you are different there. I'd like to think that you know who knows who knows what they're really think there. But it's my job to get to know as a manager Mike joked it's -- team. Observe them watch him you know market say every time -- -- -- you know. His unconventional or. Got to approach it with a mature -- racial tone and get to know him -- player and you know we travel together we're going to be doing a lot of things together. He's part of that team. My job is much different than what happened with no. More pitchers just infield. And everything. Because I want him out here at tackle you want him out here you want to be in the that would. That goes back to the whole conversation is you know he winters there and it. Drew a one year deal to get hurt. July trade deadline we might want it we might want true you never know you know. In the future but what's gonna happen with respect to question about being ready. You know having your skills are already working on your weakness is. Play into your strength and plod along everyday come to the ball -- With the ultimate goal of being ready. Long term to short with these guys more. Quarter of a minute and ultimately it's up to them. You know ultimately up to hold me to make the engine and make the commitment I'm going to be a big leader and a. Perfect too much time to -- you. You heard from Gary Gina about the manager's role in managing -- players' expectations in the -- but how does a player PO when he in the minors after around the probably had a feeling. Like you belong to the weekly. To answer that we talk to hold weekly is like we can talk here here. Obviously a terrific run in it in the major leagues are. You know what at what your mind it being backed down and Pataki after having your move. Me to how different then you know -- happened the last. -- But you know. I get better and it would. Be in. Edmonton. The way we have. In common you know it. -- Where did you see the most progress in your game in this in the Major -- stretch in what area what area penny two to identify. You know okay the thing that I really wanted to hammer home and went down in and talked. I mean. And put -- on got got to go to isn't. We're and you know I think the biggest that was my mind you know I think my -- -- him out in the right. You know I never know what I need to do just be a better player and to hope to have -- -- -- about him and I. You know what can -- game -- and today and every single aspect. You know might be a better team and be off into or something. -- have been keeping me the last couple of years out of the gate and be in terms of numbers. Truck right Lester at the direction hitting on 2 April numbers didn't reflect it. How different is it to you know to be able to -- sort of in. The work. As an award is appointments government as much as possible announced. -- -- -- -- you pretty confident. You know -- inundate. Them. We have been. For young players that kind of interest because you know you have during the strange -- right on the forty man roster but you can be optioned to minors. Which means sometimes it. You know get your ability doesn't early. To -- your opportunity right is that a weird position to be -- where you know where you try to make sense of what you're doing why -- in my. -- -- -- -- -- You know has been kinda -- -- -- with me was a lot of people and you know I can do and I've been to his you know be a better player. You know my career -- turn -- one and I got a you know be a better player thing extra BP think it should be spends them via the best as possible to when I go back out. Just hope the team like I didn't get to play well. One of the things amazing to me and -- in much and you pick your entire career you've been on the Major League roster because of the contract signed as an amateur so. You know -- the fourth professional a year. I start their pro careers of nineteen typically you know aren't. Already Major League ready you know when -- you know kind of huddling up and down tomatoes does it. Are you able to take stock of the amount of development that you've been able to achieve over the course of your professional career. You know does it feel like you've come very far and when you are under contract for a. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was blessed enough to be amended in a row or -- thirty year old nineteen year old woman eighteen I think 1819. But then you know all of a -- an adult book on trying to get the opportunity. To get to the big leagues and are so you know via. You know being in the nation for me from a family and you know my career -- Mean what are the other things that amazed me in terms from my vantage point I've seen it for you on the field. During the story -- yet but the other part of it is you know off the field I mean. You're conducting the interview in English and you know you are now. Mean I can only imagine what the difference like from a cultural -- point now because we have have you ever ever think about how dramatic. -- difference -- I mean first to you kind of start from I don't know language. You know I mean that is. -- and you're not trying to learn quick ball well but. You know I feel pretty comfortable you know and I know what I need to do now and I got better idea. And you know what I need to do Blanton. I got my approach shot -- -- word and I just came every day -- and then. Be a better player and a few pretty consulate today. Let's -- and you know. How much does that mean you think you were able to be an important part of note the strong are the threats are out of the Major League level how does that mean for you to showing you. You know where you are in terms of in terms of those big -- -- some fun in -- break -- during. -- your players great are great people. Great humanity we have you know we haven't really good team out there and I wish the best for those guys further than patient enough and you know I am and I'm. On the on you know be with a team especially opening day -- -- -- was you I was I was brilliance will be there and you know -- hope the guys who wins ball games you -- almost on and we enjoyed to win. Jose thank you very much and. Think about Jose -- -- in Gary Gina and thank all of you are listening. To hear the full interviews of this week's show or any previous episodes visit WEI dot com I podcast. They tireless producer pattern as well -- all you next week.

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