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Butch and Bradford Talk about the Awesome Pregame Ceremony with Emotional Callers

Apr 21, 2013|

The callers have gone through a huge range of emotions the last week due to the Marathon tragedy and call Butch and Rob to share their thoughts on all the events and the ceremony at Fenway yesterday. We even get a poem from one of the callers!

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Well it seems like it was going to do that again we've we've all emotion. And everything that was going on. But. We have personally know we know how to separate -- So on line. And -- with all the emotion that's still going on and will continue to goal line. It's instinct of Boston sports teams were one for three yesterday. My wife who's not a huge sports fans rerouted a local. Mexican restaurant and bring to him at one argument plugs of the place called else around a 102 margaritas in a realizing and a lot of people were hanging out out -- -- to Boston sports story that these are the guys that play there. These guys I don't get free drinks at that these guys that democracy is a phenomenal for needed in these guys that played in the play every weekend. And they play with Tina band thing and I got broken the sweet Caroline. And he had -- Latin accent is like. Hands haunting. And the whole place is -- it was awesome wife -- story and -- my wife says to me she goes. So three Boston sports teams play today right. And two lost. CEO's. But really it was 33 resident of the public had a playoff game yesterday. But her point was this idea on -- is that but that's my point it's a playoff. Eight yesterday. And in games did not matter the result of the teams that -- as he said even if you're -- Kansas City. You had to look yesterday and said wow what a package for the entire thing. The entirely -- healing process. And in -- speed that they don't have governments in this did something they on the site. I wanted to wait out the an obvious because this even before yesterday it was kind of bugging me because -- first start. Have you ever thought about retiring before I saw you wrote. Twice this so he was walking -- the field to do some TV thing and I asked him nicely yet twice. And the most recent time was last spring. And when he found out he wasn't going to be the major leaguers in spring training him he was had to start his day at noon when everyone else was finishing him. He even know if he forget about making the Major League team this is a guy who is 2829 years old with a time -- know if you can make. A minor league team. Because if they deem it hey you know what this 129 you sold these beautiful spot and that's a -- and he even know that that's when he sat down and thought about retiring that's. Year ago a year ago this -- want to retire but I thought about it right. It's gonna end Rhode Island year round sport Sunday -- -- rob -- Great show you guys by the way and now with the -- a lot of beat and our guy I don't even know but that guy probably has never been to a Burlingame up much -- never wanna be old blasting gotten the one that was seen. That he didn't like the way the fans were thinking about setting a precedent for doing that. That that was so emotional the Bruins game the first time they did it yeah Red Sox stated I mean. I don't see how you if you're an American -- that young Latin America and how you could get caught up in just wanted to sing. That's wrong in a park with 35000. People. Well how the fact about the fact that on Monday and Tuesday. Before we had a Boston sporting event in Boston what they did in Chicago. What they did yankees. Yeah -- -- and I'd tell you I have that on my dvi it'll never come off. And I gotta be honest with you I'd seen it probably about fifteen times. Well I would rent car and you could probably he's starting -- I went to the first game this year with my wife and brought to what might put that. It was great it was a number we got that he should they got a T shirt on every job. On every seat when you went and told god god -- it was great. But rather -- Rene Rick what started singing if you watch the tape is like is not the -- He has he is emotionally drained he felt they'd just like just like everyone else in the city. That night I went on Wikipedia for -- wreck but he does this job on a handshake. Yeah dollars and have a contract doesn't think his contract -- in god they the emotion he'll vote. Odd about it they would think that was one of the best things I've ever seen in sport without a doubt. And -- united said before the red side's argument plan on today happening. Someone sing the National Anthem in recent vote in the the crowd do it on a regular basis despite themselves. Well I think it's a happy medium that can exist here and I understand the team's motivation for having a great singer. But what the crowd can do and I encourage the crowd to do this I don't need build the markers do. I think it will happen. Which -- every single National Anthem this year. That -- not -- whispered but the -- the -- and actually do like he did yesterday like they are singing it. It also gives. The singers an opportunity to improvise knocking improvised nationally at them but to allow the crowd this job and stop if you want the sort of like. How people do the first pitcher Wrigley Field. I mean taking up the ball game at Wrigley Field a different way yet all the time bonus challenges that. Can -- be allowed its National Anthem from a crowd every single game well liked that challenge for a I'm speaking to county. Whatever takes to put things in perspective on all this week it's gone on rob and I -- sitting here we're talking you. Or hearing your thoughts about all that's gone on from Boston sports perspective. This is sports talk radio and the bomb sniffing dogs just came by the door here at the that's the first -- or Sunday. So. Let's keep things in perspective let's go to Christie in Rhode Island I Christie. -- -- -- I I understand -- the big act today I think our last and we are greatly damage and I was out I let my upper thirties now and barely had no experience like yesterday inning lead and play our games are there any -- yet in an old -- man and it was it was an unbelievable on this subject tribute to -- those that were involved both the aunt. Police. -- and then after it likely they're to gain the flag but it without emotion I very clear that Arctic island. -- -- -- Iran abrupt thanks for the call -- Robbie brought that up when you came in this morning. Saying you know sort of asking in stating at the same time that all the moments just the last years. That might Colombia on that big of all the moments that it happened in this park. The Ted Williams. Ceremony think of a hundred year anniversary. Last year think of I'm team beyond big ball games. Think of all the different things that have happened in this park in this. This instantly goes down as one of the most memorable moments in the history of this park. Anytime you have a moment against the Kansas City Royals on able poignant. That there it is going to be remembered you know it's something -- something special and you have to lump this man. Even though it is April 20 even notice Kansas City Royals. You have to -- in in with the great moments at this park you have to that's how important wise. Give the other question I guess I would ask is what -- moment at this park have you looked at the people on the field has not baseball players. How have you have you done that because as they said before. Both -- baseball players for that ceremony both for the that you could -- changed its people and section twenty. With the people on the first base line. Those were. People suffering with the community. Rejoicing in the accomplishments. And how they bond together just like everybody else once they started playing shore they were baseball players but not when they were on the field. That's why would David Ortiz said was so great. Because he can speak as a baseball player didn't care about the FCC. He cared about how he felt like everybody else right to great point I would answer your question directly about one have you ever looked of people beyond just baseball. -- it was an off day when they had the park and that was the dom DiMaggio came out and said let him rest in peace. And also the hundred year anniversary even though that was all about baseball he saw everybody robbed in their current. State and you saw them more than baseball players they were all part of history. Fenway Park so both those days to a less much lesser degree than I -- look at big guys in uniform about to play a game you're right I don't think I could ever think of you were thinking about where Dustin Pedroia grew up and all this and that and all but they're all part of the fabric of boss. And that I ads that mention a rock line from David -- to without the great line early in the show. Which was no wonder we begin the heads we can stop crying until fifth inning right and it's a great line it's kind of funny. But there's an element of truth to that and you talked the players in the -- yet it was hard to turn the switch. That's not excuse that's just the reality -- you came for a ceremony and you ended up playing the baseball game right. Go to our Jesse and Connecticut hey Jesse around sports on the on WEEI. I do are the morning guys problem. Thank you heard let me get on our radar as many as I've I what inspired by deer and bear in Boston. I. Lived there first are retired. And got our our -- short all marred -- too. Sure what they're sure. Com I entitled that we answer. OK when the impact its first beer we -- -- with courage. When the excuse -- -- hey we answer with reasons to love. When the intent is to isolate. We -- with a sense of community. When their people and some -- we aired their way of good mix of -- When there was no hole we aired there with the American spirit. God -- all the people bought -- an all American flag here. Inspired by the ceremonies today to -- that. That's pretty cool yeah notice appreciated here and let's go to ask Stephen a car who's next DVR sports Sunday. Yeah tape which. Thanks for taking my call a lot of BB pillar on their -- -- where you can't let you know how much too much credit for. I mean it would at least talking about here that apparently not that I read about it highlight. It was incredibly special so if you do something like that repeatedly throughout the -- and it's -- -- -- up. It was just an accident and it's like to an actual or every single bet you -- it seemed at some point. Advocate for Gilbert and yeah I don't think I don't what's there are. I don't think you can look -- people who took me. I don't think QB and Debbie -- that they obviously cannot do what they did yesterday every single day Robin I was sort of just asking all of you. You know what would you like to see commodity this organically. And like to seeded teams. Do com. Going forward I mean or not even teams. Mean not even that what would you like to see come out of this -- whatever he did that Europe what -- point. About if people start singing the National Anthem as loud as -- and analysts if that's what comes out of this. And that's something organic matter is a way among other things -- like you said rob that every time they do that will remember wit that. And Steve if it's one of the things if if they did that the crowd did that and then the singer whoever's to performing it. Almost every single time took a break during it and listen to it. Tell me that that wouldn't be a great thing that would be over the top that wouldn't be all you're doing this too much that would be an organic thing. That we can remember even for brief moment of what happened. Are great to keep if you let that happen like he -- it up architect the other sought a court that's one. If they start to some kind of special certainly great people every single day or. 345 days a week it it's over time and starts to lose. That's the wrestled that you're right you're right -- right that's the risk that's the risk that -- I don't think anything that we've broached butch. Along those lines I don't think he should do I don't think they should keep maybe you know heroes among -- -- bring -- first -- every year I don't think that's over the top. They almost do that anyway right. So -- the Celtics when they do that and they end basketball's a little different but it stoppages in baseball we can do between -- do it then I can't get enough that I can't get enough. Of of 191000 people rising to their feet and recognizing some normal Schmoll. Let's be honest. Of of doing a going above and beyond the call of duty rescuing some -- burning car. Going to a neighbor's house. When house blew up from a gas explore a million different things. People deserve recognition for that and the Celtics have done it for years they've won a dozens of awards for it and they deserve it and I can't get enough. And I think the Red Sox to a certain extent do the same thing they I know that they introduce -- a lot of time -- military personnel. On top of the dugout between innings and you'd get some time to get a standing ovation in the ghetto ovation regardless. And so -- worried though it that they can maybe do a consistent thing in and make sure that's done every single day that's going to be intrusive. Not at all escorted to an average -- have some thoughts on this idea. Agricultural. Sort of unlocked or you've got to understand you know they have -- are stretched every game. Why not. They're certainly not all games left. They have literally hundreds of people that desert Iraq and so that's an app for -- out every game taught for a surge. Yeah I mean that's again if if they wanted to do something like I don't think anybody who's gonna begrudge them to do that I mean. I guess I guess there's two questions here one is for us is Boston sports fans to be honest with ourselves. How much is too much and what's gonna go one -- ST there we're gonna say well okay. I don't know to me it wouldn't bother me in the least we can mean I think the other part we get past that kind of stupid debate. The parties. How well the people who were being recognized. How about thinking of it from that perspective via a somewhat personal story that was a very very very small part. Of helping to recognize. Natalie Hammond who was the teacher that one of the -- -- survive that. Shooting in new town and she was able to drop the first -- Through good friends of mine at the garden who really put this together -- columns of the Bruins Q Lombardi usage in regard and anyway the -- -- -- a lot of puck dropping ceremonies she went -- the didn't know what to expect they recognize new town that night before Sunday night Bruins Canadians game that they put on national television. Talk and you're -- to be able to spend time with her family. And she's still going through covering both physically and mentally and will she survived. Through all this -- all the people that died. She usually hear her talk about the experience and when the crowd rose and now she embraced. That moment to hear her talk about that still resonates in my brain. Every thousands of the first responders out I'd like to see Matt Chatham and -- -- -- 90 speaking for them because I know them they'd like to see hundreds of others. Out here c'mon dude so. Whether it's for us to say whether it too much for this much would -- the -- people if they do. Let's not be so selfish and it's kind of a stupid arguments. Well it is the people who are saying it's too much are saying that because they don't want it. The caller before they don't want to evaluate right to -- if you keep doing that you're gonna -- -- under -- -- your point. Not for the people involved. Enough and for those people if they -- on July 22. It still would mean a -- And is that such an inconvenience. I still like to continue the conversation along the lines though. Not necessarily what you're gonna organize. For these people what the Red Sox tournament. But -- the fans -- What what what it's gonna go for without -- -- even thinking about we surface the couple things resurface the National Anthem. About singing the National Anthem along with whoever singing it so maybe even they take a break during it. And the other thing was the should be up the Boston right. Doesn't matter of Jonathan pap won -- on before. As we know now and like Ken Casey said before the Boston saw it may be may be when -- Casey said it it wasn't -- -- But now artists rights don't guard noticed right there right rob Bradford Butch Stearns sports Sunday we're live from Fenway Park this is WEEI.

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