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It's Sports Sunday with Butch Stearns and Rob Bradford Live From Fenway -- Reaction to the Red Sox Emotional PreGame Ceremony Yesterday

Apr 21, 2013|

We are now a couple days removed from the city lockdown and the intense manhunt that led to the death of "Suspect #1" and capture of "Suspect #2" in the Boston Marathon boming, however it is clearly still on everyone's minds. Butch, filling in for Dale, is live at Fenway with Rob and the guys discuss all of the amazing events at the pregame ceremony yesterday, including David Ortiz' colorful yet heartfelt comments. The guys were not offended and thought the Sox tribute was tasteful and powerful.

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Happy Sunday morning to you all I'm Butch Stearns in for Dale Arnold alongside with -- rob Bradford live from Fenway Park. Here on the third weekend in April. After a week unlike no other week in Boston sports I would have to say and maybe in the city of Boston in the history of Boston after the morning round. Good morning and really the unique thing about this show. I I'm finding is that every Sunday we looked back at the previous Sunday. And how much every the world has changed and we were kidding last week about. The Bruins trade deadline. 'cause we have a show before the deadline what's gonna happen after the deadline than we end up talking about Tiger Woods because that comes up. Well I couldn't I can rest assured that you'll never be as different from last Sunday this Sunday at ever. And in the history of this show or the future of this. We have so much to talk about -- you today and we got a lot of time to talk about going to be you know 1230. Starting and kicking off a long day. And hopefully another eventful day at Fenway Park both baseball wise in both Boston sports in Boston history wise. After yesterday -- you always ask yourself from Boston sports and how can you top this but. There are two baseball games today if you haven't paid attention folks they are playing a double -- they're gonna take Friday night's game and playing it and outlets jumped to one just one of the stories today a baseball story Alan Webster will make his Major League debut tonight. At 7 o'clock now from a baseball perspective this is carnage because. They've cleared the decks of the schedules so there's only one Sunday night game that's ESPN game unique circumstances it's rare you have two games. So Alan Webster is gonna make his Major League debut at Fenway Park in the second game of the doubleheader after this entire week. Interest outlook of -- -- It's it's actually the latest thing that we can look sports news team. And that you you look forward to watching baseball this year beat guys it's it's an interesting team. They're playing an interesting way and this is and we knew this was gonna happen maybe not this early but. And you talk about -- Talking about baseball or one of the things that I think the yesterday did was help us kind of more. From and we're never gonna forget we're gonna continue to talk about the bombings in the tragedy and everything else. But kind of combine -- two. And that was -- that was a great thing and it that we -- we're gonna go through ad nauseam how. All the particulars about yesterday but to be able more -- About the baseball. The world of sports what it means and then what the real life scenario is too because butch in the clubhouse yesterday the players. Across the board. -- says this is a reminder this is a reminder that baseball is what it is. It's it's not life it's entertainment. And in you could see that it David -- maybe had the best line effort along time. Which is no wonder reading get any hits for the first -- start crying for the first five innings. -- but. That's that's how was it -- we are watching the game you know thinking about say these guys gonna turn it on internal. But that's exactly what they had to do when they were standing on that line at first base they were baseball players they were just like everybody else in that stadium. And they were guys who had been working. All weeklong on the road. And watching like I was in Florida -- my family this week if I can tell -- a strange it was to be away. From Boston this week came home on Thursday. And soul to watch it from afar. Twitter isn't -- now to compared to years yet anybody that's another thing anybody who says now I don't get that Twitter thing. -- I don't -- do it and you hear actually hear from the old guy I don't want I don't care I don't wanna let people know when -- meeting. But this if you ever wanted to know why Twitter is the most important thing. Development in in in news in in a century. This it was a good again Monday afternoon -- the national news stations and knowing it was -- and get so. First the ball for all of you out there it is again a monumental week whatever adjectives we -- to describe it. You can nitpick and you can rip us and whatever because non government gonna be correct and all going to be correct. The number is 61777979837. I think today this morning the show. I think it's time to hear from you talk about this week talked about yesterday at -- talk about the garden this week. From a sports perspective. All three teams in action yesterday. Red Sox today. Give me the schedule for the week it's an interesting week coming up with the Bruins. -- more games left to play than any other team in the NHL including one game when the season ends they'll play on Sunday next. So. You know what -- what's happened with the bombings it's gonna be itching to discuss how it's gonna affect the east teams going forward Celtics yesterday losing. In a game with eight almost sent an NBA record for futility scored 25 points in the second half. In New York the record low and playoff Pappas point 38. In the fourth quarter. -- and Red Sox home for the longest. Homestand of the year ten games at a time. When they have the best record in the American League Robbie called an interesting I think that's great word -- these team is interesting and the word that we use last year. Was not interest nine word that was used was unlikable well and. And the other part about it was you weren't there to watch baseball you were there to watch the implosion train wreck right exactly and and it's in trust in a lot of ways I was thinking about this'll last night if you had the all star game right now Mark -- an all star nomination. Who would make it who would make it from -- -- -- well well -- and like well but that's my point is that. You that you would have the pitchers shore you can make cookies for Dempster. You have the pitchers. What position players. We did -- Nava made. Fiercely right if you look at I don't think anybody I see appoints I don't Enron and I don't think anybody out -- -- this I looked -- up last night as of last night. Nobody but Nava -- and OP yes reaching 800. And that's amazing for a team that's as good as they have -- and it shows you they came into this year saying. We're gonna priority as we we know -- to figure this out offensively as -- -- We're gonna have to get the pitching and defense to kind of run prevention to carry hello. So but another thing which you talk about the schedule -- to correct you via. Jose Iglesias in my cart -- ethernet PS is like like I would say it -- -- a novice the only one. Miller is disrespect to your point rob not to drop 705. Excuse me 800 as the highest OP ESP armed who now with that. Seven. And in him in order here the click on all of them well. In -- miscue could talk both schedule a little bit like you're saying here it is 836. Is Jarrod Saltalamacchia OK Mike Napoli Pedroia Ellsbury Victorino after that. -- -- -- as we're sitting right here right now is Churchill them document the -- team now. Now he's in the conversation good for -- point is well taken no position players definitively liked it but it I didn't tell you they're twelve and if well I didn't tell you that. You eat it probably would have been on the rate what is it -- on my radar to yesterday that you have this team what what was their record -- -- twelve and four. Record twelve and four off the best. In that lineup right now that's amazing to me it's also. Fueled talk baseball and you know the whole marathon not a sprint. It's also not a form is -- a 40 I guess that's questions is it a formula for success. For the rest of the year to have. A relentless seven tonight lineup but not anybody stand up not over the course of a full season you've seen. If they pitched the way well well that's right we've seen the formula for success and this is -- and shot three runs -- you have by where's your -- like him as a writing when you have sixteen starts in a row at a three runs or less which. Allowed us to do resurfaced the great 1981 Oakland a's starting rotation of Mike and artists and now and -- Keogh in Billy ball. Billy ball they armament that he's brought them into the ground that they start out seventy and one that year. And he -- Because of its affiliated entities directly but if if you reporting what formula for success that it. We know that. Because we've said hey they're still trying to figure things out offensively. But. Pitching wise they've been able to excel and if you able to excel like they have you know when. Are we wanna talk baseball wanted to talk would view the Celtics the Bruins -- the NFL draft is this Thursday. I have missed Larry Johnson's NFL draft talk I am serious about that I look forward to it's an annual rite of spring around I just police -- and justice -- At it. But we haven't got it 61777979837. Love to hear from you this morning Sunday morning. One of the biggest stories yesterday asked to be. David Ortiz. Stepping to the microphone after. Passionately. Welcoming. Himself. Like only you entities can do. And Red Sox fans embrace him and then and then it's measurably. Thanking the officials that needed to be -- got a all right you know the mayor the governor that the officials and everything else and then. Stepping to the microphone and saying I think Matt I think you have a Matt I don't know what he said -- I was -- that at the -- -- that there's something wrong on that end. Again can we fix that who by the way. When you. Little later on in the show the T shirts are already out. This is our blanking city with a picture -- David Ortiz and what he said is that nobody. Is going to dictate our freedom stay strong we use. Where you acts. The post game press conference with Ortiz I was down in the clubhouse a -- as he was a bit contrite but. But. But it was written in the globe today and it was accurate that said. He was. He apologized. For anybody the offended but not for the sentiment now. Now. I thought that was very well for this type of vote yesterday. Obviously when something like that happens to you after you little -- the kids we understand that. It as -- tires the guys yesterday and they say yeah -- these kids are driving home. That I desperately -- get side file reference but a good date myself at. Whether kid here's Gary's swear and he just goes off on a swearing in -- But. But not with in regards to what David said I think you gonna go back to earlier in the week and I saw him Pawtucket and he talked about this. This it for a lot of reasons this at home for all of us for him one of the reasons it hit home was because he is an eight year old son. And obviously when you have an eight year old killed in this. That's just a piece of the puzzle but for David Ortiz I do think that that was one of the things that really really. Was hard for him to take and I have no problem with him doing what he did because this one otherwise this is what yesterday was about this wasn't about. Baseball players on the field this was about. Everybody is in this together everybody is feeling the same way. And David Ortiz said you know what David Ortiz said they Everest he said what the guy in the bleachers what is said. If he could've gotten out there in the middle of field Dave Ortiz said with a guy industry -- it said. So. You know. What -- that that's what yesterday was about right. A couple of things about that that 83 points number 11 of all -- spring dot com TEE spring dot com that's one website that's up there already. It has the T shirts if you wanna go to the gulf of the -- network have the knowledge no we don't that we don't evidence there yet. Second ball here's a point about Ortiz while the Red Sox -- on the road or teachers in New England. And -- -- -- so he isn't doing now so and the other thing you said about. It's a year -- which -- an ambient De'Angelo who by the way is probably going to be a major leaguers are already been in club houses and taken batting practice more than. Most Major League with the -- the -- the best showdown in spring training -- as you are this kid going against. -- -- -- district against the Angela and the other thing was Ortiz after the game and the pre game. Funny yeah -- yesterday yet he -- he but he he was genuine and expressing his anger. For what it's gone all that's gone on and you talked about a little partly because De'Angelo whatever but you know Ortiz. Is. You know -- to make him but he grew up here. This is where he made his Major League career this is where it lives now he's a citizen now he's one of those guys I think we can all admit quote that when you say won't Boston. For a period of time he has been that guy and not everybody you can say that there have been great athletes have come here just haven't. Tied with the city you know Brady's own this town all the legends of on the -- Ortiz one of those guys I think its own this town he might right now. And especially after the there at. Best speech ever. So the I don't Bob -- he's pretty good to myself I think it was from verbatim cruise -- But we should also make mention that the FCC has -- -- dogs are on WBI dot com and you go to the full -- blog there is. The article for you that's written on there but FCC chairman. Julius genachowski. Our child skiing much -- announcer right tweeted out. He was inundated -- was. Dealt with a lot of questions is the agency was left to deal with the follow one because because it went live on NASA and I think united away but it went on when it was also on MLB network and MLB network -- Here's the tweet from the FCC David Ortiz spoke from the heart at today's Red Sox game. I stand with -- big poppy and the people of Boston Julius -- for an interesting about that tweet. You can say the FCC east -- -- -- -- I listed is the care well you look at it. As David Ortiz can get away with certain things I think Julius you know it was certain things as well 6177797937. -- take a break and start your phone calls we're live at Fenway Park for a long day it's double header today. Red Sox and royals -- end game homestand the longest of the year. Red Sox if you haven't checked the schedule of all that's gone on this week -- -- and of course -- but the Oakland a's will be in town. On Monday Tuesday Wednesday than Houston Astros will come to town and by the way it looked -- as you haven't paid attention to the baseball season there's an interleague series. Every day this year maybe people haven't thought about that they'll have interleague play in June. And that second -- like they do but because Houston has moved to the American League it's now fifteen and fifteen. Which means doing well in interleague series arguably the routes -- the last series of the year is in Colorado. It's a bodyguard if -- happy that's all you need and as I say that keep in mind Houston coming here is not an interleague series because they're an American. Team so let's take a break. It's rob Bradford it's Butch Stearns and for Dale Arnold it's sports Sunday on WB I live from Fenway Park pitch trying to. Mighty drive right field backing upgrade to -- the and it's. Only the -- yeah. There's good -- No Red Sox have little. And the Boston Red Sox jumped Bennett believed in this place goes crazy. Today it was a day that really could it in perspective on the -- as strong as something that it's not just slowed in response to something that people make up some and actually means a lot. You know to us in the locker room. To the people are in the field to the community as a whole. Daniel not as he did on opening day win the big blow to winning game yesterday game it was a pitcher's duel. Very good pitcher's duel between Clay Buchholz. And James Shields here at Fenway Park between the royals. And Red Sox -- leading the Red Sox. With four home runs tied -- -- will middle Brooks in the Red Sox are twelve and for best record in the American League only Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies. Have better records in baseball. Then the Red Sox six on 77797937. As the number. I'm what -- rob Bradford alongside here at Fenway Park before we get into some baseball owners and called rob. I was not at the park yesterday you were your impressions of just this whole day and the ceremonial what what stands out your mind. The that's worth noting from yesterday maybe from the pregame. -- besides Ortiz that that. They'll forever stamp out and I'm not to -- -- I I do think that that stands out because. It was great to see him speak for everybody in speak the emotions in this drop his guard and say this and this is how we feel. But. The month cards to begin a montage as though is get to me and and -- -- no way out the scenario what's happened over the last week. It -- a really good job because he did that I negate. Back kind of set the stage for everything else and to put the focus. On the law enforcement people and the victims was enormously important. And I. -- just -- thinks that you talk about what stood out for the entire week the law enforcement. And I know that a lot of people have said this but I'll say it again from where I was sitting. From my perspective. I was still so inspired by how they handle everything and what they did I just wise yeah and I also I heard Craig my. To say this yesterday and I couldn't agree more that there's a difference between these two words. When they're so similar one is vigilante. And one is vigilant. And so there was there was certain non. Vigilante -- that I saw as much as their could've been much is New England wanted to take justice in their own hands there were enough people trained to do that. But the vigilance. Of new englanders during this whole thing to be on guard to be cooperative. To what the way he was caught. In the -- duck hook I mean. Think of think of just predicting something like this and saying they're gonna shut down the whole city because of a nineteen year old kid he would say that's. Not gonna happen in our backyard it would and it did have an -- -- and nobody cares but. When you add it all up everybody else nobody worth nobody I don't know if any -- complain if they'd be complains idiots. You know by your point. Very few people complain. About oh an unprecedented in. Request from one for the law enforcement and we understood why they did it. And when they did it when they had their press conference in Watertown on Friday. And kind of gave -- -- well you know ruining comeback now. And you know maybe you and we were were still working through leads but -- no real that necessarily know exactly where is. That was -- discouraging at the reaction from some of the album public but some of the media were asking -- Insinuated within why did you watch every argument that he regrets about locking you down. You shouldn't have any regrets about every anything they did you if they were still looking for. That that to me it was the right thing to do. They were doing what they have the right thing to do and much more information than anybody else. But in that press conference there were questions asked at least one question asked are well do you do regret doings. Well you know it it worked out pretty well. Well they -- needed the public's help at that point that two guys -- on the run one died. So not yet this one guy on the -- who knows who else by the way. Let's hope it's over who knows who else was involved with -- -- hope it was just -- acting on their own mom. And they need the public's help and they got -- gets -- and his boat is accurate by the way. Help him pay for his -- -- the bullet holes in his -- I think someone. I'll -- good problem. If so. A big David Ortiz might get used if -- right by your point about the montage and I am I couldn't be with him -- grow up as a video guy and a month high yesterday at Fenway. Tweeted it out the Red Sox tweeted it out -- you can find it on my Twitter handle that which turns. And I also treated out great appreciation for whoever produced this and -- he went. Got back to me and said that it was -- bags I don't know our name hopefully. Somebody can Tweeter forming to -- she's on Twitter at ten bags for. And she did AM she did that montage yesterday goal. And find it if you didn't see it at Fenway yesterday to watch step. To watch it now after the fact about the crowd cheering I could still hear the crowd cheering and every point then when they plated in the park. And all the things happen and one of the things. That they did a great job with the message that video was there was it was triumphant. And and it became tragic but it ended with the sports teams. And an end and that's really as we know rob you travel around the country a lot. You know I think what's one of the things that changed. This now with people outside of Boston talk to our friends my whereabouts -- the city they've always looked at us with a combination of disdain. And jealousy because we've had seven parades and eight years. But now. Date at the arrogance is gone at least for awhile. Except in New York yesterday when they -- Paul Pierce when he stepped up but Doc Rivers said after the game I understand that I've played in New York. They went blowing you have an Aussie dollar deal to -- ability onyx and of course west Connell Anthony said there. But that's where I turned to for my idea social consciousness. And it. But I think I think there's this you know the fact they -- pound and our chests are always the first to do it. We'll be the first to tell you that. There the rest of the country the rest of the sports worlds is pounding their chest to -- Boston there's a different feeling about the term Boston sports now. Around. For now and will be adjusting when the Bruins start the playoffs. With the Celtics in the playoffs now it'll get turned I had acute they'll get booed yet but it should that's the way sports is like most about it. -- united some radio hits in Toronto and other places yesterday. And I think the thing that resonates besides the sympathy -- the people of Boston is getting from around the world around the country. It's how they handle how Boston handled itself. We and we just talked about this but how Boston handled itself everything from the law enforcement to the public. To the end result to the sympathy to the it is -- yesterday to -- to what they did at Fenway Park yesterday. It's there was nothing about yesterday that you could today while talking about what happened here at Fenway Park. That you can say oh you know one nation -- -- -- and even New York is not not a thing. And they -- they absolutely nailed it and you know what you did don't -- Sure it was a baseball action. But was there a more fitting way to punctuated that know and hey I don't you could be Kansas City and you could be. Upset that the royals lost but if you took a step back you said here's the -- this is about baseball this is about everything. There is no better way to punctuated that would then deal on a sub story was not getting picked off at second base and a one run game earlier that game. And then ended -- in the hero after the yet and olive. And in the -- probably and one thing that can we get. We've talked a lot about Ortiz we talk about the -- ties to known Neil Diamond flying and being very presumptuous. -- a reminder five cents back. I guess if you're right disarming you cuna. You can fly apparently they didn't have the acoustical version ready up stairs either because -- let it -- I don't know I don't know -- go to effect laughter. But the National Anthem. -- the National Anthem obviously Renee rancor in the Bruins set the stage for that and there it's like to acknowledge that which -- cool right. If I was talking of people before and he's what you think of the National Anthem at 35000 people that's a little different than doing at the guard in. Yet everyone was on -- everyone did did did a perfect job from where I was sitting here except I can tell you from being at home and watching both the Red Sox number ones on TV. Inside at the garden it was different and outside at the park at least how was portrayed on TV. But you know what the park here there's a whole different feel when -- at the park and it's communal but the sound itself probably just went up in the air compared to in the garden it just stays in the building. So I don't know I it was it was loud it was it is remarkably. On key if that's always. It sounded like the National Anthem it sounded like any other National Anthem the anthem that you would hear. But with 35000 people singing it right in unison it was pretty good. I would love to hear your thoughts about yesterday's ceremony if you'd like to chime in at 617779. 7937. From a couple of highlights for me where. -- Patterson police and firefighter. Who was injured when they brought him out. I thought. Like. Like we said the Charles Steinberg he's the best that it and and he does it in a way. That's. Hollywood -- yet understated. If that makes sense you -- man robbed yet not I think. When people are asking what's gonna happen today yesterday what people around the world around the countries -- what's gonna happen at Fenway Park today. We don't know. But we still don't worry about right it'll be yet and I thought just like when they did the hundred year celebration when name is fielded dreams and people command center field -- left to figure out what was. A subtly yesterday did the same thing when they brought up. Governor Patrick and -- Ed David. Ed Davis and -- the Watertown. Fire chief the police chief and all of them they just kind of walked up. And I thought that was pretty cool map Patterson went firefighter and paramedic who came out and was injured in the blast could see his injuries. -- Stephen burn. The guy can on the Red Sox shirt who is protect these two sisters. And friends who lost to lock each lost a leg. And the fact that he came out and they -- and Dick and recorded. -- fund raiser -- all the things. Being in covering sports -- -- Dick and recorded a fund raiser this past year where they were honored at the hawk mark YMCA. And the thing about Rick my kids were watching him yesterday. For people that don't you should look into their story if you haven't really looked into their story Rick. Understand everything that's going on brick heaters everything that's going on now is a machine we can express themselves. When he comes out on the field he's waving his hands in his eyes take a good look in his eyes. He knows everything that's going on -- there's stories amazing to have them there. He almost came to Boston and especially not a marathon without having them in Boston but that was a nice touch. Yesterday but the fact that they. You know before Ortiz honored those guys Matt Harris and Steven -- it was a highlight to me. Yes and it's great representation. For people who throw the first -- -- absolutely -- Those three. Three people or four people really were. Where the perfect people out there let's go to the phones it's rob Bradford and Butch Stearns on a Sunday morning here on WEEI. Let's go to Matt in car. Who's our first good morning Matt. How are -- guys. Aren't calling it very quickly. A -- It is unbelievable to carve out an arm in arm. People are -- brought met him years. I can't describe -- -- but I aren't they -- regret parts or appreciate what it did. A great day. You know on it adding an extra -- trapped after an -- -- and a big thank you bill. It's a great set of -- Matt we appreciated. I'd love to hear from more people who are at Fenway yesterday. Rob Bradford is here I'm what -- we have to take another quick break when we come back more live from Fenway Park. Here on Sunday.

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