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John Ryder is joined by Paul Flannery from SBNATION.COM

Apr 20, 2013|

John Ryder discuss the Celtics loss with NBA Columnist Paul Flannery from SBNATION.COM John and Paul discuss what the Celtics need to do to turn things around after the game one defeat.

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This is Celtics we wind -- W we EI Sports Radio network. -- -- stuff on mascot -- no good weeks and read them all fears militants for four shots and then he's. The student intends to leave the poor drive could do the right hand over Copeland off the widow and -- score and the the bout it started like it dated Carmelo and it was good to -- now he has watched Jeff Green take over game one. It's time to recap the Celtics and knicks. No not on behalf of Jack and good weeks that we now won't be here -- We can't leave. Reid has put to the right hand over Coppola -- the window and it. Score and the -- it started like it dated Carmelo Anthony was gonna dominates now he has watched Jeff Green take over game one. Celtics rewind with John Ryder Cup on your exclusive -- home from Boston Celtics basketball. John -- back William and after the Celtics -- to the knicks 85 to 78 game one of their opening round playoff series of Madison Square Garden now we get you back to New York. Paul Flannery is here before this series check out all on as the nation died com. And is well on Twitter -- he plans first off Paul. I tell you did an excellent job that was an excellent story did considering the events this week in Boston. I don't really appreciate that. And it's not been really taught everybody. The political analysts are vulnerable people who are able to the week that he had a lot of people know thank it where. Oh you know happy to do that the patent where Canada -- not certain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely off and he had just great writing there and I implore you over to check that out. Along with your great reporting on the on the NBA now let's get to this give. -- -- -- up with seven made shots in eleven turnovers for the Celtics in the second half. I was herbal only -- really verbal okay. You know thought it would it would all the things that we say they can't do. -- did. And they -- around it is moved the ball they watch here's a lot and you know here's what's worked to create a lot. And you know I had to decide the turnovers -- on your -- A popular pretty good that. And they needed they needed something to help and it's really -- I -- I hate me in order their office. Really met Rhonda and I senator earlier also the worry about her. People -- Because you know like I mean. It's going to be very typical that. Get through -- -- and it can be done -- that you're about to head battle at the other takeaways. You know you're either going to be competitive game -- there'd be one. Was this was a killer today Tyson Chandler clearly seems like he's still operating out here he was he was nonexistent. You had an aggressive Jeff Green in. Then you could expect from Jeff Green to 26 points and seven rebounds and in the way that he played the first step Brandon Bass I thought played some solid defense -- Carmelo if the -- Carmelo Anthony. It was the even always scored 36 points off. I thought he was it in -- the bad -- forcing up a ton of shots against finalist is out there. On their final make of the game. So there's there is a lot of things that if the you know before the game he told the sell -- this is what you're gonna get that probably. Sign off on some of that. And got that in your eyes and you know bat I'm glad you called out and of that here because our buddy played very you -- really get -- -- it and read. And you don't know -- gonna make some ridiculous shot -- -- -- today he made yesterday made a couple of your haggard. And when they're really didn't need -- the one adjustment. You want to go there that. That they -- to talk about half the other defense that Melo got too many -- They shot clock that's a nickel wanted to hear what he ball out of his hand to cool to do. Did -- -- shot from anywhere on the court than any amount of pressure on them but yet I played really well I. NN opinion no work for everything that he got. That's how they want to do it there wouldn't Korn ferry that point if it means it's taken 29 -- I absolutely and the only shot thirty I don't take. Anything out of the regular season match it was but he only shot 35 percentage against the they've done it a decent job on him in the past. I thought I'd like dear to the unsung heroes to me in this game. -- Jason Kidd and -- more. They're very you're you're -- -- You know Kenyon Martin had ten points and I'm -- Bench about which. Be filled with big men. Did not play a hole out there are a big difference -- intended to -- next film and plays. There and give them up too because of the Eden indeed that in the Atlantic ability. -- leaned over the years but he missed the point where it got so many of them all rebound from its more passes that on any. I was. -- -- -- -- -- That was a huge difference the bench led the knicks got compared with as well itself. -- a red -- with a hustle plays that terrific touch past due to Raymond Felton. Just such your sister heads up -- to -- -- given away our defense at different points -- -- and that that's a killer right there because. When you have him on on the floor -- Jason Kidd takes some pressure off of Raymond Felton at different times especially when. Avery Bradley can be playing that that type of defense -- -- Absolutely no question about it I mean -- the next the knicks are a better bet right now in the felt -- that's pretty obvious. They're not you know they're friendly development go anywhere if you carry accordingly in Jordan Crawford combined she -- seven. Every night you know they need some scoring -- you look compared to look at that -- -- how to set up right now they can survive even Tyson Chandler what they. It did not look healthy to me. Twenty minute no shot. Not look like yet much lift and there are all but it can market committee of which -- 820 engagement. It seems to be one thing that definitely didn't change. And this was that this was a killer Kevin Garnett picked up his fifth -- who would would 540 to go and -- died and drive -- good portion of this gave the knicks weren't getting much inside. Would get -- same old story with Kevin Garnett -- on the floor but when he goes off here we go again. Yeah I'd go without and you know that that's tricky situation right there -- -- minutes left. You know I -- -- unified -- the united let you can get would have liked to have to you know. Right amount -- would happen but I don't even blame doc so much European and I think you know that right out the opposition take -- -- court for a couple of you know let me tablet Randolph workers will -- or. White or whoever is gonna have played a little bit you know five minutes here. I -- is there couple minutes here couple minutes -- that you need some more thought. NATO has said that same thing earlier I died that potentially might see some Shavlik Randolph for the next game of Jason Terry. It's continue to struggle with a shot early maybe you see Jordan Crawford a little bit more than Jason Terry for some it's now -- and that that. Might have. Yeah I mean I think you know I think right now. You know I think I think -- Looking for you know a Marine Corps unit with regard our bench the first that you are -- off the bench in the second half of look at -- those -- he's a positive. Out there who need it and let it carry a terrible year -- have gotten every year but what year. It's still capable -- shot. If you live water to recruit was to contain it got to you know just got to ride it out what makes. John Ryder you. Talking without Paul Flannery of SB nation dot com checked him out as well on Twitter at he plans now what do all these breakdowns in the fourth quarter on the -- turnovers. Do you credit the -- here always this was this the Celtics is stagnant terrible on offense or was that the knicks defense or combination of both. Yeah I think a little bit of both it felt -- right there and they got strip a lot which is what -- do and they are too many current correspondent Jeff Green and it -- -- Avery Bradley physically too many time. When they went about gay and get a call on Gaza Strip with or ahead of where all -- -- -- on the other hand you back. It can't do that or. -- -- -- -- And you know Jeff Green credit he did there at the end of the game when it really strong with -- -- you know. Oh and strong or strong a ball -- -- Celtics have a credit that they do and it really well. Is -- the knicks demo of -- that this was there -- in the fourth quarter where they don't turn the ball over. Usually your they've -- makes more threes -- -- -- timely ones in the second half lead they they make those threes they don't turn the ball over that's -- in the second -- isn't. Absolutely John and I mean you look at fell into a -- in Maryland -- in the nineteen and it may twelfth on the road they're upset. That they give it up when you apparently turned and they gave up forty points out of that. Given up thirteen times the -- mentioned Iowa Davenport I mean. I'm Carter really did that really does come down to one number 20 -- never -- over there that killed. -- -- Jeff Green over and and is it green or would you pay a green and it Jared Smith. Who was a big wild cards. In this in this playoff series. -- and you know -- JR. There and have a great game -- -- -- nineteen years for them for three by party made big lately you make any with the back of the couple made big plays. You know like I kept her in the first half yet green. We bought them second -- Jeff Green. Curry somewhere in the middle there's got to be -- happy medium where you get consistent production and in the you know frankly. 45 minutes and 35 seconds -- probably too much because he looked really really really tired of getting in anybody would look tired in the game -- 45 minute. Don't care who you. -- but you know again about. No there is it. Now. Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce this won't affect him too much you wouldn't think in terms of emotion and I'm sure Garnett with a fire brimstone diapers. Being in the master motivated in the past is that the question public these other guys how old is to let them. A game that they had. Hulu and that's why I have had zero handle on this team. For about the last month when Garnett -- -- -- -- because here you apparently who are these and what did you mean Jeff Green. Quarter that the political 560. In nine playoff game -- and six years ago. It's 46. Out -- get a bounce back out he didn't he didn't -- it he thought that there is -- find it. That's a big question you know what Garnett years are going to get they have an off shooting night or what happened to know what they're gonna give you. We don't know on a nightly basis what Jeff Green and you know what Avery Bradley in the do we -- and you know Avery has some good moments we -- -- -- some tough moments into it. They got to play through it and don't I don't know what to act with -- All I know I -- I think you're so unpredictable but I think this was predictable heading into the playoffs and Mike Woodson the job and is of particular I know some of this is on the Celtics went. We've mentioned this many times during the regular season both of -- all. That depth look with without Rondo and without that conventional love point -- that a true point guard -- -- gonna start to cut up those passing -- we -- -- -- -- did. They racked up fifteen steals and get a pressured trapped ball. Let me yesterday. While I watched in the half court while in the post and I don't know where that came from. I was over and over and over and it easy but yet yet. Keep -- you know go get it. You know so I'm you know it's a level to -- and very Smart thing and everywhere with a chance to win and it went on you think about possibly 11. Don't you know who knows exactly and -- six or seven games. Last couple last two questions here all I was disinterested. Yourself -- from basketball state of what the rest of the playoff series. What. What intrigues you the most in terms of maybe to pick 1 other Eastern Conference playoff series and one out west. You know it. It's not a whole lot for the treatment of American life of people potentially. None of those games are particularly appetizing name. You know I I I get Brooklyn Chicago you're probably been -- -- And then congratulate them one of them kind of on and probably lose in five to Miami felt I hit that one sort of intriguing because of the year and probably cured of Brooklyn and you come here they're playing really well them. Other outlet in every thing entry yes on eight Denver is like it's on paper to -- it is cool with. -- hear -- for an -- younger. So -- year. At every single one of those series. All the -- and analyze it got some kind of really intriguing subplot -- you know. I I wonder you know we hope -- upset but I wonder we're gonna you know upset somewhere here. That purse where -- I had no idea I love them warriors nuggets says series and on the potential scoring and that. And also the grizzlies who have urged the rematch of glad I -- if it's anything like it was last year and how about that if just decide to have this all together Kenyon Martin was a -- -- that series last year for the club or how about you know it and Martin did not -- -- left. And that's why -- the -- -- to sort of -- an -- or you don't and go quite as good yeah obviously is now. And he is playing great and he wouldn't hit a huge. Effort on felt that there aren't. -- -- you know I'll get a that you're. -- where the questions without and in the knees and some some may be some character issues. I don't character almost you know we've been a strong guy you know that kind of -- you know character to a broad term yet. You know what we need either a strong guy in this you know. -- try -- -- brilliant but these guys in the it has not likely worked in the -- -- they tried Rasheed tried to move out a bit more. So maybe it's very you know that would go younger guys and -- know I think it is and you can understand the rationale that made it. Look there are gonna work or not lastly all I didn't check this out I apologize -- week it's been what did you. Would you predict in the -- mixers. Are starting to make it all right that's why didn't find it I. Yeah I would never basically I think I would make it out how to get nick somewhere between -- -- -- in. You know I hate that because refuse -- lay everything you look at it okay they should win it. You know I I I had made about I told we've talked about this over the years that other writers become a few minutes and told me you know. -- -- -- -- -- because every time you ought to carry them come back. And so I will not I would not be that it would not shock me they got their act together. Oh gamecube came back to Boston mid to really change things here you wouldn't shock me at all by. Realistically you can look at thereafter look at what's going on and you know it is hard not a picnic atmosphere actually. -- now under completely understandable and then completely having. I was debating with myself thinking about this it's a total coin -- this series there. Amended this to me Paul is what those other winner of this series could go on to. Match up with Miami and Eastern Conference finals Torres a first round exit who knows -- both of these teams. We had my initial thought when this when this got locked in what the only period that they Celtics if there's no reason that they felt. So different and well so that makes that everybody makes sense to me. You know people who watched the -- Over and over again because and you know if I don't put anything past the guys that last year certainly though I was there all the way to go out and it's seven. Never put anything past Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce liberal throughout -- I'm not not air America. We shall end we show was seen as we check you out and SB nation -- coming on Twitter -- people heads of all get some rest and it's always great -- for -- Thank god that everybody bought you know. I called letter. There's great job reporting on the NBA for SB nation -- Cobb will be back here we can line up the phone lines at 617. 77979837. You can text us AT TX 9837937. I get to your calls also coming up in ninety seconds we've got -- Doc Rivers will hear what he had to say after the game one loss subnet.

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