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Doc Rivers Round 1 Game 1 postgame press conference

Apr 20, 2013|

Doc Rivers Round 1 Game 1 postgame press conference

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Doc. 52 points in the first half 25 in the second half what happened to you guys offensively -- We turn of all over time and I thought our space which renders in the second. And look at overstuffed trust and -- it alternates -- each -- held the ball club and they play and that's just I actually talked about a purported. That's not when you are we can't be that way we tried to play that way check. -- really couldn't get him out of either. So that was disappointing. But overwrought and so a lot of things that that we can do and we have to. -- about how so much to talk about home. When it was Kevin Garnett in the second half because he was in a good stars Tennessee from the government pick and rolls things like that what happens. Just to make shots that we that you don't have all the right spots and again. I thought we allowed -- the archived in the gym expects. At this point in how we spaced the floor. We can expect. Brian -- Associated Press. Go back to turn -- I was that we know we don't have but how can you address that. Those and we messages we had turnovers. -- we have to -- -- any -- he's probably should lose the game and we did. It holds fast from the other side of the war -- That was just that it passes in the game but we do is trust that the next fast -- that god make it I thought. No minority and that's what we did in the first half as well. Every -- trying to get the ball to Kevin. I think we through three past half court to the polls mean. You're gonna turn the ball over when that happens strategists. Make the next pass let that guide me to pass. What he's in the passing area. We were accorded every day. One step backwards doing that today. Didn't correct I mean they did in the purse although. I've only averages do. Because mark -- Boston Herald talked Q I've talked to the dentist about this time here one team breaks down one team rises. You guys obviously -- composure and would you work. Whether it involves a couple. We've we've lost our way on the -- -- play. -- -- -- We were particular beyond us just are we -- playing in the right ways authority which congress trying to win and I guess that's a motion -- I don't think that's hardly fix -- really -- A doctor Ian O'Connor with ESPN New York I'm. Melo had 36 but he needed 29 shots to get there were you happy with the defensive approach. Or do you think you need to tweak something for game two as ours most concerned well let me just say -- -- before today there are issues. Org chart points and shoot 40% from the issue and we're gonna shoot higher percentage occasion. So that's your answers yes. You know I thought there are currently -- Where we really broke down and allowed him catch the ball. And watched a few of but. My eyes -- made -- Miller caught the ball late clock in the fourth quarter three or four times with -- -- and eight seconds left. And and that's it happens. So over our outrageous. Defensively. Neither team. Both teams played pretty well this will actually I guarantee you what he wants to be better and so to a. Trouble likely contest fortunate. You have said before that this so you're you're rotation is going to shrink you're gonna clear core guys more. But what are you looking for in -- post season from a bench and did you get enough of that tonight. You know I get some of them but no I didn't. We got to find a way to get Jeff -- honestly thought we just -- -- alternate -- But I thought. The biggest party games -- -- -- third quarter we came out flat for whatever reason it's almost like we've put so much emotion into the game. That we just didn't have a lot. Early in the third we gathered ourselves but that's heartfelt number does -- -- back to blow -- over flat the last news -- And so I don't think -- I think will be there. But our bench -- to give us something. You know -- Odyssey didn't have a lot tonight. You know we had our stretches. I think Jordan Crawford is going to give us more and did we did -- For starters have to play well. For -- when this year's and then there's are set to play you know it's it's going to be that type -- Never really a lot of the flight number one but no I did I -- the person. Well I don't check -- out. We stopped trusting a little bit and that happens it's just -- like we -- it all went force you know we sit around and watched him play. Though we kid. A coach over here -- is -- -- -- -- dot com to see Jason Kidd played a long time and just his value houses game -- -- it's forty years old and make it a little place for us to the next. He's just great I'd love. I loved watching that like Martin today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He says that all the time I'm forty years ago -- happily just and I told him that happened 90% -- -- -- is court and faster and is about what is right. You really don't -- these men -- right and I don't know what that sense but it doesn't. Just think she's in the right place. You know it's a great example if you think quicker than the guy can move -- -- quicker. You know and that's why -- there first could see you thought what the government gonna do before god did. He's just valuable player have a basketball.

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