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Dustin Pedroia postgame press conference

Apr 20, 2013|

Dustin Pedroia spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Royals at Fenway Park today, 4-3.

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It was. One more than baseball man whose -- Lot of things from the news for emotional. Great. -- we're glad everybody's happy again but the city went through. It's hard -- Along and I just. It was I don't know what to expect from me get out there. -- little time for me. -- -- -- The tough part is. You know after him and go play my game. You know it just sticks in your mind everything that's going. You know we'll always do -- And it kind of come down and everything goes to spend special and it. Everybody that was here. On the way to the fans reacted the way. Everybody and it seemed like -- everything but it's coming together. I'm trying to pass the having eleven. -- -- -- -- -- Thought it around like the fifth and sixth I was beat me that so we're tired drained you know so. It's. Different this different -- day. -- -- I. Need a translator for the first. At. That.

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