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Jonny Gomes postgame press conference

Apr 20, 2013|

Jonny Gomes spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Royals at Fenway Park today, 4-3.

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OK. I mean I don't know of one single thing. I guess just the fact that he bull team -- line -- It. Any games on this day. You know impact. Beautiful city you know I -- -- -- fourth set. -- imagine the atmosphere. And emotional roller coaster. It. Wasn't what you. Well he gave it got but -- fair and I didn't know what to expect you know within your reasoning what I did feel today it felt or you know whatever did happen. So. Complete you know emotional rollercoaster. From where were -- a moment of silent the people that are here. Seconds later to taught -- years. You know a baseball game makes me -- Pretty interest. When you are well. Fifth inning runners on. You know we need him because very few guys. Well you know obviously right on about you know and you know come off the mound you know. Being you being competitiveness their life you know you always want Anderson is back you know and call them on the eight point is pathetic. Is it just like. And it. Or. All -- I mean I I think David would -- I mean I think he's pretty OK with taking a backseat to the city today you know. The same time. Throwing hand and -- four hole you know throwing and throwing it in pictures that are. -- that -- you couldn't -- It's just. Only adds depth to roll over her fingers. Like changing the yeah and.

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