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Clay Buchholz postgame press conference

Apr 20, 2013|

Clay Buchholz spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Royals at Fenway Park today, 4-3.

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-- For emotionally you know -- -- -- Times. It was during itself. Known that in the third minute of normal for me for -- -- of and so -- was. Golfing community sort of been that way. On the going to get it you know -- it's just. -- -- Don't think it's ever really don't know I think I'll let you know it's. Imagine how those guys felt going -- one and the first formal. What was the -- as far as closer but did through the normal way. No one at all always wanted to do was it was good for this game with the Soviet. You know profession. I would I was little. Yeah me. What if I don't think. Little. For. Everybody that they would do an awful lot -- father's funeral home. We do a lot of it just breaks off them and try to get a little. Little bit of rural world the real world back back it was. I was it was -- and he apologized and both off today so -- Are aren't. That was another location of the -- -- everybody's. Available. Just don't know much we -- the well it. It was different over as the third most certainly was going it would only have been right you just keep throwing the ceremony so. I've thought a couple times and that's. Sort of show you're sitting right there. You know it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was that we were that was what the players. -- -- All of -- don't -- it and it wasn't so. I was yeah. I was in my mind going and just know love us or I don't want them to get through so. Thought it'd -- decent. The continue to pitch well. -- yeah. -- there -- obviously the numbers of good damage control that better. You know fill -- -- on the worker between my starts. Prepare for the -- and -- there's going literally. -- that different ways there are -- behind you. The games have been really -- -- -- Downward. Timely hitting news is she's in. Obviously it was a little flummoxed and it's -- --

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