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Pregame Ceremony at Fenway Park

Apr 20, 2013|

The Red Sox paid tribute to those lives lost, the first responders & law enforcement officials wHo risked their lives this week to protect all of us. WE ARE BOSTON STRONG!

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Now here's the hole right. Everybody and welcome to Fenway Park. Johnson while the right things wrong laughter. He's very moving pregame ceremonies we did just about to begin on the field ball. Red Sox gather they dug out some go out scratching David Ortiz. They -- came out of the Red Sox dugout this will be his first game of 2013. And there's some other dignitaries gathered on the field a flawless. And others will be introduced today as we move through. These ceremonies said. Commemorating what has happened here in Boston this week. Let's take a tense second break right now he around the shop as WEEI Red Sox radio network. Sports Radio 93 point seven W. EI FMM each. Well it's an overcast day at the moment here we'll decide as they shown it. Itself on occasion as the Red Sox and the Kansas City Royals get set to start -- still won't be a three game series despite yesterday's postponement did due to the events. That do we are all too familiar with the -- make -- game will be tomorrow night at 7 o'clock Friday scheme will be made up starting at 7 o'clock. On this Sunday night and tickets for Friday will be good -- for the Sunday night game. How the Red Sox are gathered now with the dugout as -- you start to clear the field with the we will be picking up the public address system. Momentarily -- gentlemen at the we would anticipate something understated that a very dignified. Well Joseph I really think it's it's a day for Boston in this region not to breathe a collective sigh of relief I think we're all doing that right now and coming to the ballpark can certainly help. I think in the healing process. All the players that we spoke to today and all the club officials. And even the Kansas City Royals and they're visiting party I think we're all of the same. Attitude did this is an incredible. Series events to a ball endured this week but. But every one is continuing to remember is we should throughout this day -- and a great baseball days and nights to come. The people lost their lives ended at this awful nightmare as you described it. Still lingers despite the fact we're celebrating in an amazing job done by law enforcement. And local and state and federal officials. To bring these men to justice. I think it is remarkable that the ownership right on down to the players in the dugout and on the field. They showed a great sense of perspective throughout this entire week and they you know understand. Exactly how they fit into this whole process which is something that a community can rally around and look to and provide an opportunity to come together. In a sense is -- yeah I think you're right John and I think it's a post further evidence that. Bench Arrington in the ownership brought in the right people. Brought in a different crew guys. Not that the ones that were traded or left the Red Sox wouldn't have gotten it could. He B I think you have a special group of guys hear me talk about time and place in the proper people being in position. That that's certainly true of the law enforcement. Our governor our may year our president everyone who has shown tremendous leadership. And -- and the law enforcement officials we were just incredible. Talk about time and place the right people were in the right. In the right place at the right time thank goodness for the -- So many of them will be commemorated here today. Course it was the topic -- the clubhouse again today let's get some of the player reaction. You know which relievers -- OK okay. A lot of got away from a -- back it gets experience at all yesterday so. Happy it's over after 900. Kind of went through your mind and how much do you guys. Bring on the responsibility of helping the city you know it's. Coming days weeks months. They're all responsible and all David it's closer Renault has. Always happy to back down there. -- it's our -- over here we're we're very concerned about a -- of the cities -- -- big events. -- am as much as we could be your mood at the TV awards and -- they're all big boys nice. Know you like your mom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm okay. He's -- you know. I just know us as players here and in this city have. Pretty much normal okay and -- one -- -- shows your support for the city and show my support for the city and hello everybody -- know it's going to be okay around the back. It's. Pats will little Brooks commenting at the Red Sox today you are wearing Boston across the jerseys new uniform Jersey saying Boston another. He local -- these strong. So very appropriate and be strong up on the left field wall we'll provide -- 3789. Foot marker. Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Also expressed some of his thought. So it's everything you. Come together the biggest -- okay. -- I. No I didn't really know what to do. Most of these guys. Who's who's connected. Didn't knows you have really got close -- Okay. They did. The thoughts. Jarrod Saltalamacchia while along with Jonny Gomes is instrumental in the hanging a red Jersey six point seven Boston be strong. You leave -- dugout at Cleveland I'm sure they'll have a similar. Sign -- Jersey hanging today yet in the home whites. In the -- Red Sox dug out and speaking of Jonny Gomes he expressed his feelings today. You read you everyday. Who somehow never part of you know obviously. Never again and get off -- down I guess if you. Sure you initiate you know emotional roller coaster you know as far as -- emotions. People in Boston. These bombs going off the gas. Injuries. And Dan you know captured the two guys you know couple days later. So true emotional roller coaster. And you know I'd say it's. You know like it's true gingerly threw me an eight year old boy in a police officer. Always feel lives you know dependent you know celebrate you know captured these two guys. Us as a lot about -- -- the police force never involved. Car that was Jonny Gomes and David John that somebody's. New players for the Red Sox really yet. I think we're involved in day expressed the sensitivity that seems since they did those have been around for a long time -- night night. You're right Joseph and I think it's because they all wanted to be here the new faces of the Red Sox very much wanted. To be here ceremony getting underway couldn't help but notice the Governor Deval Patrick he's here he's in the dugout right now be taking part of this ceremony. Right now on the big board in center field and video -- they are showing images from the Boston Marathon. From that beautiful Monday afternoon before it all started. Before the tragedy unfolded. In the -- as we go very very somber place here at the moment. You are hearing cheers. Intermittently when. Photographs -- posted up there in the big board. I think it's going to be very touching ceremonies. It will be a mix Joseph I think you of that somber feeling. And obviously heavy hearts because of those who lost in the tragedy but also. The incredible success story of what happened yesterday. In the capture. Of the second suspect it. Can I think they're great sense of relief for everyone came in the ballpark. Wins today. -- -- Photo album it just gives out the message board showing -- the scenes from the finish line. At the marathon. And immediate aftermath. Yeah. There's some of these have become iconic photos these relief. Pictures that were on newspapers ball across America. Within hours. -- the bombing itself. Picture of the middle aged woman on her knees there's the side of the marathon -- their hands together. So the first responders and their actions there heroics. Those individuals who ran to the point of the blast and not away from it to try and save others just an incredible. Mind boggling bravery. And many photographs suits. Runners hugging each other runners in in tears. Clock running Boston signed. Their reaction from the crowd here. The difference in emotion is difficult to reconcile the sadness and the anger. But I think also the pride and and realize in the capacity of so many citizens. To just simply help. Out of the president this is old Bob Ryan Church -- ten men and you know. And Governor Patrick their pitchers -- on the board as well with. Some of their quotes. -- off the NBA game. -- -- from. Will little -- dead wrong city to mess with a well thought Boston Globe march. I think with a great people of Boston. Well right now many pictures of the police presence in Watertown. Throughout the day. All day yesterday and -- ever have any one of the most amazing. Pieces of video is one of the officers walking into -- home trying to clear the area going house to house in Watertown looking for the second suspect in. The little boy in his father's arms shall we gave the high fives. To the officer. Who was of course and all the gear and that's -- year. They touched hands and big smile. -- little boy's face. Also seen photographs of good. Police dogs we saw we saw some of them Joseph in the clubhouse and in here and our Booth today. Sure it's the safest place to be. Pictures of police officers being cheered in Watertown. Last night. Players in -- dug outs lined up. All watching the video board that flew to Kansas City Royals. The Royals your transfixed. In their dugout. On the video board as is everyone else inside Fenway. -- In the Boston be in school in Boston school uniform who. You see that patch on the road so it's uniform civilian. More games coming out of the block outs. The lineup along the goal line. I. So -- won't. -- I was terribly touching. And very moving. Then everyone remaining on their feet. News for yawkey way. Red Sox again going with the Boston across the jerseys not Red Sox today. It's picked up the public address system. I. This past week has been unlike any other in the history of law school. We have experience drama and tragedy. Devastation and despair. Physical injuries. An emotional wounds. Our week. Has had its share of suffering sorrow and sadness. This week has also brought out the best in Boston. -- Volunteers. Rushing into the smoke. Marathon runners running even further. Two hospitals to give blood. Doctors and nurses. Showing why they are the best in the entire world that. And our law enforcement officers. Pursuing every leave it scouring every save. And working relentlessly. Fearless sleeve and triumphantly. To seek find and bring up those responsible. To justice. And our governor our mayor and our police officers thank you went for the way citizens responded hell. For the contributions they made to the apprehension. And to the way we demonstrated. Such fierce unity. Today we gather as one. And we affirmed to ourselves and to each other that we are no one goal. One community. One nation. One world. Full of a world full of compassion. And full of generosity. Those feelings powerful all of them. Fuel us with passion that to never quit. To persevere. To prevail. We will run another marathon. It. One bigger and better than ever. We are one. We are Boston. We are strong up. We are Boston's strong. I. As we come together today. We first remember those whom we have lost. Okay. We hope these families feel our sympathy news. We also want to reciprocate the sentiments -- that have come to us from across the country and around the world. By extending our hearts to our Brothers and sisters suffering in the city of west Texas. And to the thousands impacted by today's earthquake in China. And as we think of our 176. Adults and children who were injured. Including MBTA officer Richard Donahue. Won't you join us as we observe a moment of silence. Contemplation. And prayer. And in particular. For the 58 who are still hospitalized. Thank you. We wish each of view they speedy recovery work. Throughout this week. In the aftermath of tragedy one truth has emerged. We are resilience. Thursday our president our governor and our mayor urged us to rely on that resilience. For the past 38 hours in particular. That resilience has been on grand display. Law enforcement officers have battled through the dark of night and in the face of danger. Embodying the spirit of our beloved Boston. Via have prevailed that. Okay. And now it's our honor to -- the sunlight and the spotlight. On some friends and neighbors who represented the spirit. But toughness and the resilience. Of Boston goal. First our host of ordinary citizens who are anything other than ordinary. They were pressed into duty in a life changing and lifesaving way and just five days ago. Today they will protect the symbol of our freedom the American flag. And they will be back on oil stadium in 2014. From the Boston athletic association. The Boston Marathon volunteers. -- -- -- -- You cross the warning track in front of the field. Who. It. And now. Some stories that reflect the love and human compassion. That we witnessed on Monday. We were enjoying a picture perfect Patriots day. Inside and even Louise restaurants on Royals and -- -- a firefighter from Lin. He was enjoying a marathon day wants -- his friends and annual tradition. Besides serving as a firefighter. He is also a paramedic. And today and army veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He heard the boom. He jumped to his feet. He sent diners in the kitchen. While he headed to the streaker. He saw little boy goal I've felt became attorney chip. He carried the child to medical personnel. And simply saved his life. But. In bad. It was only one of the lives he saved. Right up the street. Just five days ago. Represented firefighters paramedics. Veterans. And every -- citizens who -- sudden danger chose to rescue others. Welcome Matt Patterson. Don't want to have the dugout to the Red Sox players were able Boston. Choosing. The players are wearing today. And if the pitchers. -- of the wounded are within a few miles of Fenway Park right now. They're out -- they're an outstanding hospitals such as Mass. General. Boston Medical Center. Brigham and women's. Children's Hospital world Tulsa New England medical center. And Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where our next guest was treated. And we're happy to -- bit from where he has now been released. On Monday. He was -- his two best friends and their sisters. Standing on -- stint when they heard the first explosion. He was shielding the sisters. When suddenly the second explosion threw him over offense. With his clothes on fire. And -- shrapnel into his face and neck. He was rushed to Beth Israel deaconess. There -- trauma surgeon performed emergency surgery. And again met simply saved his life. And while he still has a ways to go he's on the road to recovery. He's -- today and he's represented not only his two friends. Each of whom lost a leg. But all who are on that wrote. Welcome -- native and a Lowell high grass that Steven and burn. Yeah. Even greeted by the players goes right. One of the pitchers. -- But. Also wearing Red Sox Boston and now there's a symbol of resilience if there ever was one goal. The father and for 31 years. Has pushed his son's wheelchair across that Wilson street finish line. And who together are determined. To carry on and be back gone -- stand in 2004 team. Representing all the runners. Welcome father and son Jake and Rick -- Coming to thank them personally. Is the governor of our commonwealth. Whose leadership along with the extraordinary leadership and stamina out of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino. Has never been more crucial then this week. Joining him. Our members of Mayor Menino and governor Patrick's courageous law enforcement effort. As well as those from near and far. And how fortunate we are able. To express our thanks to them on this day. Okay. Among them are Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis. The Boston Police command staff. Massachusetts state police lieutenant colonel frank Matthews. Watertown police chief and head to blow. I. FBI special agent in charge. -- -- -- MBTA transit police chief Paul McMillan. As well as senator motel in. And officers representing hundreds from Boston Watertown. And throughout Massachusetts. To whom we are so grateful. And now. Please rise. To continue in new Boston tradition. Born in the garden just three days ago. Our organist -- to answer we'll get you started. You take it from there as together we -- star voices to new heights and sing the star spangled banner. The answer me that affirms our faith in the land of the free. And the home of the Braves. I. Okay. And now. We'll and the ball to Matt Patterson. To Stephen burned and to dig in recorded. Symbols of our beloved Boston. And -- strength. Our toughness. And our resilience. Catching the ceremonial first pitch -- will middle Brooks. Dustin Pedroia. And welcome back big. Puppy do business. -- teams. -- Okay Matt Steven and avoids it's time for our ceremonial first pitch. He's spending his big bucks. The first ball and choose who didn't. About David is taking the microphone. We're. Played. But. -- officers. Dignitaries. Who run. -- -- He's just we -- we will today it doesn't say Red Sox. Do you think Boston. Hope. We want to thank you Mayor Menino. Governor Patrick. The whole police department. For the great job that they did this past week. -- -- -- And me. Nobody gonna think they have proven. Okay. -- -- Leads off and there. But -- Red Sox dugout. And we see who the true heroes to work today David job. -- no question about it it's wonderful to see those. Dignitaries. Those leaders. Those brave men and women who. Accomplished so much in such an incredibly short period of time I don't think the country has ever witnessed this city. And indeed region working together law enforcement. Stayed local federal government who's such a singular focus. And in force says we solve all over the last several days in Boston -- it's really amazing. And also the way the sports teams worked together especially the Red Sox in the Bruins who have -- -- schedules go throughout this entire ordeal. And the lines of communication is Sam Kennedy told the pregame. Show work. -- And I think game was reflected in the way yeah sports -- respond to. Let this happen. About that I'm not the least bit surprised. Because if we hold our sports teams. In Boston and New England closer to us than I think anybody in the country does. -- Bears and the players who come here to play. -- to make their living they also come here to live and be part of the community and and understand. What it's like to be part of the fabric of Boston and and that takes a different kind of individual different kind of person and and I think we're very very lucky hit and feel let's start with the with the Red Sox ownership. And how much John Farrell on the way he is so gracefully carried himself this week and his team has responded in kind. All the while reminding us this isn't about the Red Sox none of this is about the athletic teams. It's about the tragedy that has befall our community and the people who were killed. And the people who lost their lives and we're terribly injured. And whose lives are forever changed its about them but understanding that the Red Sox and Celtics the Bruins they can play a role in that. Healing process and the sensitivity of the players is truly remarkable. The way they express themselves away that they have responded to this -- -- of home. I go to Boston. I was thinking today driving into Fenway. As we're getting ready get back to. The normalcy of the season which really begins anew in a way today especially with David Ortiz returning a rather emphatically to the lineup. I was thinking to myself that. Probably hundreds if not thousands of young boys and girls around this region and around the country. Maybe I think he's so much about becoming a professional athlete so much as they are joining law enforcement one day and being apart of that. Being a true hero a true hero I didn't feel we have up our athletic heroes and we we have great regard and respect for their incredible talents but. But the courageous citizens of bravery and it has been shown by the law enforcement individuals. But impressive doesn't begin to touch you know they were absolute. -- spectacular. And right -- it's such a wonderful job of recognizing that today we will have baseball coming up next on the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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