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Mustard and Johnson – Caller Reaction to the Tsarnaev Brothers Being Tracked Down and Brought to Justice after the Boston Marathon Bombing

Apr 20, 2013|

The guys continue discussing the wild week in Boston that led to capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the death of his brother. This is a heated and emotional subject with a variety of opinions and Craig and Larry discuss it all with callers and citizens of this great city!

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Something we do know. Is that whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts. Will not cannot prevail. What are they thought they could ultimately achieve. Their party -- They failed because people Boston refused to be intimidating. To fail because as Americans. We refuse to be terrorists. They fail because we will not waiver from the character. And the compassion. We break. This together as man. The American spirit. Include staying true unity and diversity that makes a strong. Like no other nation in the world. Not that President Obama last night about 10 o'clock. About an hour fifty minutes after suspect number -- huge cars ardea captured. It Watertown and he was brilliant -- is. Speech at the procedurally. Cross I only still holds the a President Obama. -- I agree reviewing terms of the peace and unity and crossed to be strong but I do hope that we use the same resources to really examine. Calm this situation. Because we have to at some point we just. You know we allow people to -- -- and that's fine but. I don't know. I don't have any chances but. This is something down the road it has to be examined I know in the moments after. 9/11 people were scared. They were nervous. They were concerned that there world would never be the same but we rallied. And we did show our resilience in our perseverance and I think we're gonna do that again I think we already have done that. These long a 102 hours that's what it was a 102 hours 2:50 PM Monday to 8:42 PM last night. And the law as they said the longest marathon history -- and with the apprehension. Joseph Har Sardinia and we are gonna go to the phones now 617. 77 nights early fifth -- I say that again -- -- try to get set 6177797. 937. Text like 37. 937 we start with -- Andrew in Salem was first up with -- jobs I editor of. All the guys that. I'm -- A little concerned and I'm kind of concern that more people are concerned. And ultimately long and happy that we got it got all the -- now David -- -- -- -- and hopefully I will. Get a little bit more what comment on. But the fact is yeah -- that they ended the period. -- it is right now but a paragraph com absolutely at -- coming and this -- they're about mad at them. So on and on the back in the bottom and it while people may think that it that it over but the fact is that. We have people that input played out this site he got in without a group got it without people -- and the kids love them and all of a sudden turn them back on our. And destroyed what -- loved what -- say. That they would not gonna happen intentional you know we need to know more about what I want all -- what organization they come from -- -- I was not a good news that they decided on a -- They're gonna do that there than they depend. Well well we know and this is again based on the reporting we've heard and read that the older brother. Timberland. Spent six months in Russia in good habits of radicalization going on them and they said he came back. Change a different while he was always. And -- yet have a reasonable to go there but he Chris Wallace you -- you know what Andrew lo and in this is such an obvious question to ask but really. If I go someplace a right move someplace and I hate that place. -- -- Like if people. Hated the air and they don't like odds are whatever that might reduced a year -- just such a complex I know it is quite it would instead you stay in this story. Because again you're looking at things in a rational manner you right now and this is an irrational. Behavior. To the nth degree so. I I as much as we want to search for answers as much as I think you're right Andrew. Something else will happen so we're now let me ask you this do you think they operate alone because I don't I don't know how you can too well that in don't want to get out of -- so quickly put this way. I wanna believe. Repair the you know but our first rush to judgment always. Is our first instinct is conspiracy. Conspiracy conspiracy we are condition. That way as you well know Larry. I think we've talked about this I am I am a lone gunman we are now Oswald acted alone there is no Russian influence was no C -- eight Cuban whatever. Whatever conspiracy theory you and Oliver Stone wanna throw against the wall. I don't believe it he actually -- conspiracy theory but I do think of November 24 in the in the law bowels of the era of the Dallas police station for. To be moving Osbourne cross of the Roman nab Jack -- come up in your room right to have access to do that round that's what triggered no pun intended that conspiracy theory how could that happen. He had to be silenced in the mafia must've been behind it but if you. Really dig into the literature you'll understand that Harvey Lee Harvey Oswald act alone. And I'd like to believe that these two kids might have had the same psychiatric profile as Lee Harvey Oswald disenfranchised. Alienated. Loser. Couldn't find their way. And this is how they make a statement is probably alleviate the sense of being the loser being disenfranchised. Disillusioned. Again this is all very superficial no one really knows we don't know but I don't mind rummaging through the trash afterwards to trying get some answers. Because if it. And as you said if you learned one thing from history our feet don't write. Then you are doomed to repeat it -- and I AM you know and and believe me I think it's because I want to believe. They were acting alone. Together and there wasn't any larger conspiracy. I think we're gonna find out there must have been some connections there had to be some sort of training program some sort of in the term we heard yesterday radicalization. By Tim -- And he brought that back to America is disturbing thing is the is the the story came out late last night about the fact that the FBI. On a tip from a foreign country which might have been Russia we don't know. Investigated. Camera went in the family in Cambridge this is before the father went back to Russia not once but five. Time. And they then they could not detect. Any kind of terrorist connection. Well I -- the younger brother had any. Skill about him that he could fool a lot of people. Visit the -- we're talking to different people here mr. popularity yeah Apple's choice is different even as professor the black guy was student friend there a day. Little bit quiet like to smoke a Sweden -- but for the most part. -- -- a holding area was where there's another connection Lee Harvey Oswald. This is why a lot of conspiracy -- first thought the FBI I was covering up they were covering up their competency. The FBI. Was watching Lee Harvey -- for months before the assassination. We didn't think he was the -- But how many cases in fairness to them how many cases do you think front and on our Chris I'm not artists I know what you're saying that they don't -- -- many cases do you think that they have out there on the books. It is it's impossible probably to nail every one of them and then if you do Nate Allen brings somebody and then people screaming. The two taken away their rights and that is what you were talking about earlier Stephen Waltham your next of Austin Johnson -- Steve. Good morning gentlemen it's been let's we got I'll take away from America and every year I love it a secret date being bought and and that the invited to go to the party -- jointly be foundation and -- warm at night. Because a lot of us don't like I opted not to I want to be blocked and the great. And -- like. Let a mile from media -- more -- walking tracking runners friend of mine and and he what was going on. And then I'll check -- -- spoken a friend of mine a little certainty that happened and was. You couldn't hear it but you don't start and they they -- no water and then. The top -- clearing up eerie because you're. There were -- unattended backpack. Right in front of right and -- where and at that point -- you know what -- here as I walked from Ken Moore squared in order by a mile. And it just was unnerving and ten minute mark yesterday. Picking up the air my own. You know Dana we are locked on and then having Brent -- who worked in the area where this was published in. At at midnight a lot of friends and that -- -- I I think it was important for him to walk there -- Isn't -- there was one of the -- it was in lockdown yesterday I. Yeah and a -- it would. And urban Craig. He yelled at all saying -- -- let you know like. I'm officials who work. Yet they're in unison from different chat or you know FBI and local. State amazing absolutely made unbelievable. Trying to like you know like one yelling at all worked -- sending out -- all for you want it because we just. -- -- -- It's just so at the same pit in my stomach. After 9/11. You know when they when they bomb load up on Monday they award at an elite -- you're at the elected official. There -- people the average Joe's right that I go to on number charity event that in the wintertime people who are trying to raise money. You get there in number for the popular of the apartment and all those foundation and don't go into a comet through at that time. -- excellent point in you know what in in what they also remember those elite runners are international runners I think they very much new. That it -- and that's when it was about four hours and ten minutes into the race. -- most of those people most of those runners might have been American certainly were not the only international runners and their families as we said. What what person could possibly put a bomb behind an eight year old -- And and they definitely exactly and AM and that ended the U individuals. Probably knew that -- going to be -- I mean didn't stop start but they probably they're gonna be less. Security at that point where a NDQ please open about it just. I -- The other thing the other great the other reason migrate cross to the other -- in my he would all of this stuff has to be pored over -- tomorrow since died down a little bit. Because earlier in the day that they brought the bomb dogs and and they do a sweep of the entire area are and everything and then everything's clean and everything's fine. You wonder. -- these Brothers like was at the site to a scope out a couple of days ago war. You -- it was how how and I don't have answers I'm trying to get in their mind is another. Interesting and -- but very prophetic. Observation made by a guy named Michael leader. His later like -- light of it appears relation is terrorism expert on MSNBC. And they were talking about how he felt one before the photos in the videotape was released. He felt given the nature of the crime locations situation everything else the context that they were American. That this was not in international. Terrorist act because only American and local that is it marries into local. Because locals would understand how important this race was this particular. Local community -- operate yes. So I'll say what it worked on all levels. What competence they ever find out whether there was another bomb under the stands across the street. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We heard about a couple of people trying to get to the Canadian border near buffalo. That turned out to be enough. I tell you piece of footage that you will Muncie anymore it was a 'cause I woke up Thursday night about 3 o'clock. The older brother Timbaland. Was laying on the ground and they had footage of -- they have a cameraman zoom in Indy this particular -- affiliate was reporting. Did they captured him and they had him laying on the ground into the waiting for bomb people the comedy shields and everything to have him get up strip -- And then they put him in the that they. Power took them away will come to find out the congress did. He was dead in the other networks were reporting that he was dead. In this network reporting that he was a life -- and they kept showing. Footage of him laying there in the street so difficult to piece together on CNN ultimately takes the that that city and also the New York Post. I gotta give -- credit on this because there was listing the other day. In the is a New York Post story that broke and he started to. Talk about it and he said you know what I'm gonna hold back on this and I got to give credit for that because one of the new things that has the changed. Without local and international -- agency is. I'd rather be right then -- I -- I can't stand it when they sit there and say you've heard it here forest. I don't care whether you break the story or not I wanna hear -- the who's I wanna hear your analysis of the new ways. I don't here were your first and I want you to be right. Right and what the situation. As they said four four days for a 102 hours was fluid that fluidity. Finally ended last night at 842. We would like to believe there are no other issues to be dropped we're just sort of analyzing reflecting. Just sort of sharing in this cathartic moment the second suspect was taken alive last night you know that certainly by now we're gonna open up those phone lines as we have the first hour. Broward number two which mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WE yeah. But what are so there was little dignity. Or worse or ignore personal lives of ball used to try. -- -- that it shouldn't -- directing traffic and what does target and actual people just trying to help each other you know not struck you know obviously. The fear wondered if you. But also the Oregon I'm gonna protect my city and make or break barriers well. And how do you root problem that's what I was struck remote and really well be part of mr. Even if you're from Chicago or Connecticut head or anywhere else in the United States if you made the Boston area your home how can you not be proud of how everybody responded to the tragic events Doc Rivers obviously. Very impressed and everybody was Boston's strong -- and proud. Throughout the week never more so than last night little bit before 9 o'clock when the younger. Brother. A suspect number two yo heart so -- have finally captured I -- music finally 'cause that was very quick talk about it expeditious. Manhunt a. Even European lesbians from incredible shape though because they said he had been shot the night before and through. And food -- move about -- or dragging himself from place to place. Was quite a task also right and certainly we have gotten a lot of tax that any time that you make a statement that in any way is. And are trying to be complementary here they people get very and Marie. About. The younger brother I was saying he was the more sympathetic of the two seem to be controlled by the older brother. Who had much more about a terrorist agenda. And then Texas reminder well he liked small pop perhaps the I don't think any else anybody here with the EU would have a small degree. Of common sense for any reason thinks that we're sitting here. Thinking that people these people until lowest of the low almost every -- to put something together like this -- to blow a pot you know innocent. People the way they'd that they did is actually I don't think there's a worry in the English vocabulary I think even -- or two might be too. Too high just quickly you know terror and -- it was the gas station attending Cambridge in the is working Thursday night and says this Caucasian gentleman came running in eighty says it trying to kill me they're trying to kill me they pushed me out of -- -- This was the guy who who had been his power brink these suvs. And I still -- next to these people he is probably the most fascinating person that. You would want to talk to because he but the guy said he came -- he was absolutely scared to death so. Contra -- contrary to my earlier statement that must not it wasn't any try to congenial conversation must have been having with Demi must've been. Scared to death but I do wonder what kind of vote -- what kind of dialogue he was having with them but them to give the information -- where the marathon -- bombers and how he extricated himself from the car was at. And escape was he pushed -- I mean it is such a bizarre story that they drop that authorities that they dropped off the victim. But the big drop Omar from a cow was moving I have no idea year. They guided the M Eric didn't synagogue were current or anything he just ready -- skidded just he thought he was drunk. There were many many many -- stories that this has got to take awhile to sift through while this -- so much speculation and a lot of people believe that it's much larger that conspiracy theories. Are already out there one tax -- -- I'm sick of the conspiracy theories all these guys there was we've a couple of backpacks. Near the finish -- walk away no one else was involved why does everyone thank. Need years of planning a lot of financial support to make -- you pressure cooker IV disease any high school student could do it is why don't think it was conspiracy. Doesn't that well fought out Larry. There was no strategy as we saw from Friday morning -- There was no extra money to get all of the area that well in in west is such area. And Americans are preempted a Yemeni unity and plan on with a cameras all over the place again. If you were working with a sophisticated. Terrorist group they would understand that all of that would have been scope to out to begin where. This -- two kids and I don't mean kids young man. Who for whatever reason in spite of the fact that they did today I had to learn -- nearly two -- in jest. I'm I'm angry enough money -- out what's gone tomorrow if you pick Arafat has got to be more you don't want to miss you know what it is though mrs. Goes back again to JFK. We like conspiracy theories for the very reason that you just said we want to believe it has more weight substance we don't like this arbitrary nature. A two young men who could make -- bombs crudely in their basement. And kill people we didn't like it in 196350. Years ago we don't like it any better to do you know what it is. 'cause it's even more frightening if it's that simple but so -- at that some -- we wanna was sign some greater substance or significance to -- some times. It really is well that's what's so great about. God talk radio which is what we're doing today nobody is dogmatic about any opinions because I think it's nobody no we don't know where we knew we'd be working for different agency. We're sharing we grieving. Where holding each other close in terms of saying united we are as a people we have our differences politically and otherwise. But in the end when we have to galvanize and come together it was proven this past week. -- just has some incredible stories by some incredible people. Who were willing to lay their own safety aside. For the risk of saving somebody else. Other questions and just pop them 401. Obviously -- someone lies and what they have someone financing them why steal this guy's ATM card and get 800 dollars out of not one not to let the third time they were finally able to get some money out of ATM machine. If this was financing them. Wouldn't they have their own call so this is where they have their own money this is where I'm thinking logically now and I don't like that that the fatal flaw don't even think logic right but -- after pulling off something so heinous as this. Going on next move be to get McConnell and dry to some. Cleveland or something and then get on plane. Because they just get out of dodge was that -- -- right practice over the next -- on what is the characteristic of all young man it's the sense of immortality. In invincibility you don't have to be from Chechnya to have that. And they they had the arrogance the hubris that they were not going to be found. And I I I were I you know what I don't wanna be dogmatic about it it's all speculation I don't want this to be the date now -- -- -- -- -- Rihanna reviewer you know we UB on the on the forward Richard didn't go areas of the FBI if you know. Let's that I go to Matt in the food is next with mustard and I'm Matt. Good morning guys allies you know it's going a little out there this morning I guess everybody feels better. Well you know I'd certainly put these two guys pictures opposite the -- -- Charles Stewart whale jumped off the Tobin Bridge because they're going to be found I mean. I agree with you Larry the FBI can find a needle in the haystack in our space and they absolutely proved that they have a top law enforcement agencies in the world by the way they crack this. And they did it in a short period of time. Do -- think it was genius to -- you know -- people's Eagles get that I've haven't we we don't -- seem like we're desperate like like we can't find them yet 'cause I've heard news agency saying that. Instead they stepped forward and rich at the -- is they have the FBI here. Step for its atlas and we need to help okay we need to every week -- they were allies in the first 48 hours is critical. In terms of trying to nail some of these people and I thought it was genius and instantly right away. Some of people know who they where. Well that's true you know and the public have to come into play. It's not like it was years ago. In the forties and fifties and you know you know getting somebody under the heat lamp and question him slapping him in the face when they're interrogating them. They really almost don't even need to have these people alive. When they captured anymore because of forensics. Involved with cell phone. Computer. Text messages are going to provide the FBI what all the evidence they need to. And investigate. You know where they were associated with and how they did that. Well I I just don't want to tell her under the hole I don't care if possible. I think day and I think everybody who weighed in on the situation. By the time they had him cornered thanks for the call map bank manager Carl in the ball. Everybody says the ideal scenario is they capture him alive well it's going to be information you can occupy -- well there's another place if he has. Like a doctor Jekyll mr. Hyde type thing which is what comes out to me because when he and he presented one way and then he's another way. You wanna have dialogue if if you can at all get this guy -- two. To open -- and in in fall back to the guy that they knew down at school. They're trying find out the Genesis of this whole thing -- of the -- deer come what was the thought process because you have to learn from this in terms of so that you can be better prepared. And I go back. You know fifty years you know Jack Ruby silence. Oswald forever of course triggering all kinds of what I try -- they don't want their -- -- had access to wandering around down there with a -- Jack Ruby. Right -- I'm -- -- conspiracy I'm just saying you know because he he would agree she's self with the Dallas police for many many years he on the strip club in Dallas the police. -- hospital at time and that's strip club. It was all but we're not making it by doing that venue silenced any. Right in any other exactly so this is we are going to find out we hope that he'll be largely telling the truth -- it or would you go to to get the truth. -- -- -- funny I am I am -- you want that you can't he's not at gitmo this is this is a civilian trials civilian police procedure. -- -- an -- -- it's not an OK you if you wanna do your Laurence Olivier how big I am not I'm asking you people lay dead. Limbs or -- on -- conversations I'm not help prevent I don't prevention -- but I -- -- -- chances yeah I want answers to and I want to process 617779. 7937. Will be that more your calls right after this -- number three. Mustard and Johnson's Sports Radio. WEEI 617779. 7937. The AT&T text line up and running 379. Lots of people responding to our previous all text line. Please stop perpetrating -- line that Muslims are war with the western world 603 -- -- Wright's radical islamists are. Most Muslims are as peace loving as Christians. And I'm a Christian. Another caller -- last -- that Muslims on the text or should states that Muslims -- war with us not -- -- -- -- Muslim extremists. Are they're not the same we should caution. That because you were muzzled by Larry I know that you are. -- devout Christian. You take your religion very seriously you do believe in christianity. But you have to acknowledge -- one billion Muslims. Around the world. And the Muslims as a religion as one monolithic group are not. Out to get America well the thing that's great about United States is that we allow people to come over here and set up shop in practice you're wrong religion and I welcome it because that people ever right deplete what they wanna leave. But you also have groups out there who don't want you to have a different -- than them and therefore they are willing to destroy Rory anybody who doesn't agree with them those of the people that you're talking about. Right and a very small. Miniscule fraction. And what motivated well we weren't part of we learned this week to people. So it doesn't mean you don't need thousands of people to hate. A country and go to an extreme of destroying something that day. Hate. It only if you wanna go at the conspiracy that it was only two people or theory only two people -- at that time it takes. And we're doing our best we're trying to piece together we're trying to can play all these reports. There's so much speculation a lot what we do we know. As that two Brothers. Have been put down one is dead the other one -- captions we do know that. We do know that seven IE EDs were found at the scene of the original standoff. In Watertown early Friday morning. We do know that other pipe bombs and IED's were found. We're beginning to understand a little bit more about these two Brothers the difference between them now only just the age seven years. One of the older was angry disenfranchised. Alienated affiliate -- and one American brand. The other fascinating -- -- paradoxically. -- was. Essentially assimilated. In two American culture became a citizen. On ironically enough September 11 last year was popular Cambridge -- in Latin captain of the team went back to school UMass Dartmouth. After the bombings have the most amazing thing to me it is is truly incredible. And you know I was I was reading some of the comments of boston.com. Has a section Larry for people just to respond. In an emotional way not to be analytical lot to. Your guys about conspiracy theories and all this other stuff which is really to vent and just really let them all while the law. And 11 respondent boston.com says exhausted. Drained strained. Relieved. I think those four words really do Salma. Now we're in it to five days since that those two bombs went off on wells street. That year I really don't wanna get into political debates. I don't wanna make the Ares that cannot stand up. We're really just having a discussion about every don't wanna do -- -- there were accusing some of the new agencies have to. Which is just throwing stuff out there and hoping your right right and you know we wanna congratulate. The we. Amazing remarkable mind -- -- great work. A competency the you know the apotheosis competency here FBI ATF. The swat teams the police departments 1000. Police and law enforcement officials. On hand in Watertown and a great celebration of their success last night and spontaneous way so. In just in Jeff Brohm in the Amanda Ross -- play weeks as the is is on the medication and everything yet he says none out. You look right at me let me give an honest description. What he looks like in even that contribution was enough -- narrowed down. What kind of things they were looking for photographs. In one another respondent before give back the bosses on boston.com. I am in my deepest sad sad for the bombing victims. Salve for those who witnessed the carnage routed salve for the responders. Salve for the families of the Brothers away hope that no what was the com. Proud of the city and its people grateful to my friends and family worried about me because I live in the city there is hope there's love there's life. Grateful for the public safety officials and those who ran back into the fray. Glad it is over I get those those are well -- -- I really don't because I think that's you know maybe some people -- Narnia ranting and raving this morning an all out but. My goodness. Ridges and it hasn't been a week yet and I think you're trying to. Digest all of this information visit visible and visually otherwise. Just kind of I just the whole thing gets -- sad sad stories here people losing limbs and lies and families you'll never be the same again. Now hands as you well know we are trying to move on as best we can still talk about this for as long as you wanna talk about Red Sox playing this afternoon after postponing last night's game. 8:50 AM we'll have the game for you the game that was up postponed last night rescheduled for tomorrow night. As part of a date night doubleheader this is the only trip the royals are making this year we wanna get this game in tomorrow night at 7 o'clock but again the game today. -- radio coverage is concerned will be out 8:50 AM Celtics on 93 point seven FM by the way to go over the game today it's watching the television. Great -- Boston strong logo the Red Sox the B. Surrounded by a the -- be surrounded by a blue circle. In underneath that Boston's strong cells that will be a very interesting. Gathering today. I'm sure by now -- -- trademark that if they do current absentee sure it's a company. Donate a -- at some of that to you via the noted charity that they put forth this is going to be a lot of people would medical expenses and just change pop -- -- or with Costco but it Stewart about the story about again I'm only getting fraction pieces of it -- -- These companies stepped up the weather's -- barman worked for them -- Recovering -- as a medical expenses to doing everything they harping about how home repay isn't adjustments that need to be made. Ended parent and -- any storage. I can't what Larry I don't know about that story but I content is Pasco is -- company you won't work for. There I must going American wages by far the highest. All of you of any of those big box department stores -- that I like about the story at that as it was back I can get cut out every I don't think. They got the paperwork these samples that it's a wonderful play Britney of that. If I wasn't a member of Costco which I am but if I was them I would be if you were to be a member. While many store that would be the one if you want to work at any -- that would be shown me how you treat Europeans and that will -- and his tape we're right shots CEO -- Believes that the better you treat your employees in the you pay your employee the more productivity more successful. You will be as an employer and as a company concept is them is them. It is that from. Amazing more people average figure that out he's like yeah that -- -- they would work the next hour that we're at wac were brick wall that we do anything. For you. Because of the way you're treated them. Get back to the -- 6177797937. Needham. Your first up this hour monster jobs. I gotta do it. No I just I just wanna bring up a point that. That upset me when people talk about -- are over -- over the media and the public and they you know they scrutinize that -- -- to. You know I have bright future seemingly normal kid friendly school at some friends. But. It doesn't it doesn't really matter when it comes down because the cold hard evidence that yet yet provided. Prove that he was -- -- -- -- Kremlin the murder and I know you know I know another kid. Who had a great you know and a lot of time ahead of them in a bright future. And I'm sure he would have done a lot of great thing is David Martin Richard. Eight from Dorchester. Well I certainly understand now know like a high note don't you bring up a great point -- Didn't hear about -- and I'll tell you or tells you bring up. -- you bring up a great point and I think the when the reason people are saying that not because he is. But because how he presented. That's what we're trying to figure out did he present he was two different people it's it's a paradox it it has nothing there's nothing black and white about this and what's scary fell. Is how this kid to present himself. As being and assimilated American. Integrated into the fabric of American life having friends. He's not the typical profile that we associate with bombers -- serial killers there was a -- Harris -- it was a -- -- we're not we're not trying to sympathize with him in anyway please. Right yet but date yet you guys that did you know it is one. Like that I want to bring. Help and I'll -- -- the conspiracy theory you I don't I don't really appreciate you know because you know it. Tell that to the and we the people there reading and 170 people that are that have a lot later because -- 288. Specter it is beyond committed this heinous crime and you can't really. He dealt if you would have appeared that the conspiracy. -- posted an obstacle palette and got a lot. It's not it and I know -- what we're trying to do is sort through rule. The debris. In the comments and the damage that was done by these two. Despicable human beings and we're trying to figure out. Why would somebody do that that's Richard trying to do and I'm sure these families who -- mourning and in it and I'm sure this isn't even President Obama had a little bit of that toned. In his speech at the cathedral there was a little bit anger there there has to be room for anger parent -- the anger region trying to sort -- Arafat to say. Why would why why would. Motivate not motivate but what would somebody be thinking right to go to this extreme is that what -- how much hate. -- -- having you to do such a thing to innocent people that you don't even now. I think that the puzzling aspect -- citizen. Came here earlier spoke without an accent. He didn't hit the stereotypical. Profile whereas his older brother camera one. Seems to be more of the stereotypical. Terrorist the alienation the disenfranchisement. The anger. Domestic abuse. Was a boxer became increasingly belligerent. And separated from the rest of his friends and family that's why we're where there's a big question mark over the little -- a question -- is because all of us. Sudden how many times have you seen these awful crimes perpetrated them in -- -- in neighbor something in. -- -- seem like such a good guy like he he seemed pretty normal and -- and always be quiet -- so that I think what you're trying to do is just. Fit the pieces together how quick somebody arrive at such -- degree of hatred in its obvious the older brother went over -- Back home over at their and came back and they said he was different. He -- more full of hate and rage and whatever I was in the -- The younger brother will have to face the music and I don't kill whatever they have to use I hope he cooperates but if he doesn't whatever you -- use to get information out of him -- favor most. People the experts claim this is all you know based on my viewing Talking Heads for. At least the last couple days after the video tapes came out and once the identifications were made of the Brothers most people believe that if in this is before he was actually. -- capture they believe that he was going to talk that he would be. Very free flowing open. And quite willing to share information so we shall see what happens is going to be fascinating. It's 177797937. Tom whenever it is next on Sports Radio talk. -- Tom -- -- and everything about where streak could talk -- usual. Entering about every source let's say like your -- really good job over the last five days Tom a fantastic job. Well along those lines just I have to be with a gentleman yesterday who is an expert in not anti terrorism and unfortunately. The word became out of his -- to me was prompted shocked at how sharks everyone -- -- in terms of something like this happening on the the strikes to the core this is really the definition of what terrorism has. Whether it's domestic whether it's international mean. You you know what I focus city apartment. They do have events in the city of Boston this is this is. I mean. The bus them out on patriots day you know I mean this has brought -- all rolled into one on one day. Did -- have any theories or or our idea and it's like I just to -- a thought it if it's an unreasonable flop but its audience. How do you stop something like this -- I am having a problem and I think Bernard is with everyone and I don't know I don't wanna call -- good fortune was just based on what I do. I mean I've had cases who have actually been face to face with serial killers. And the shocking aspect of all the situation is -- normally people saying. I know it well that in order to ingratiate themselves with their victims they have to appear normal. -- so and again this is this goes to this whole scenario and even. The idea of any kind of terrorism is -- people whether it is a conspiracy and their recruited or whatever I mean that's the idea going back up. Well what show in terms of us I wouldn't think let's. In order to. Conduct this whole situation. And UB come up out of the. Brett you're very good point -- my question would be in this is well again we're indulging in a lot of theories and those are feeling -- that's -- you can't do my question would be is that why they came initially. To do that or is this something that just developed over time. I don't know I mean and again it's the type of thing where they. Go back to Jeremiah who was mentioned to -- them on the Oklahoma City bombing the immediate. I was thinking what do we think this early amid international has to be an international that the Olympic village bombing again always brings to the current -- several situations that could -- It just seemed blatantly obvious that it was some other countries that have an issue would. Well if you remember 96 in Atlanta of the initial off fingers reported that Richard Jewell the guy that actually right. -- -- in again when you first heard that. You know I mean me and like so many people -- -- Munich and a situation where there was. You know this type of political. Religious aspect. Of something like that where else would do but the Olympics but yeah. I thought that would hit home and I know. You know my wife. Sort of being naive and she just to have this that you know I've always a lot of things happening you know with the even as -- -- New York was with them you know the tragic and and god awful. Atrocities this it would you know his it has Boston I mean who's gonna bother. With -- what sort of the idea at all. Well let him out if if we do recall that those nineteen terrorists. And it often planes at the airport and -- -- is sitting over copper coffee this morning on the back porch just sitting for a moment where where's your mind that right now what are you thinking about. Again the the one thing that you know that everyone around Europe and that I know you guys decided. For me the thing that I just can't get over. And it's the people that have been and -- the people that are injured Ditka. Analyst Colin. -- that just a little things that were affected. Yesterday across this whole commonwealth I mean that -- it was just absolutely incredible to me. And I know Craig what's that about this open I guess what really bothers me the most is. It simply devastated that Boston won what truly sad is. It just seems like and so many ways. These terrorists always win and that's the whole thing a lot and improved to rationalize sure and and that's. Again it goes -- -- you know you and I have talked about this about that in a sense was taken away from us the -- -- they would assess. And that's where begins tonight right absolutely and I had that discussion with some people this week long before the suspects' identities were unveiled that's my nightmare literally announced that it happened on elm street in Dallas that's my nightmare. It's never gonna go away it's fifty years ago this year. There are subject -- I -- -- what right. 27 years old -- missed the person being loaded on my team. Ellison -- don't you are you and Craig don't you also say if you losing the term loosely but if you're talking about a scoreboard. What you really that's right and so interested in hearing from this from the younger brother what was their goal. Now with their purpose and. Did the Indian committee which is I'm trying to figure out is. The war of what was the older brother had the suicide vest on the -- -- -- -- -- himself -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yesterday was. Police storming to -- -- as a kid and he takes some of them about that is my biggest -- or someone and enable. Again and that's what I think there's a little bit of knowledge olive branch being extended to this kid not again he's a murderer -- killed four people. It is a heinous crime there's no question about it but he did not have the suicide vest. And we wonder what his role in this actually was. Pregnant when I look back on it is an important one thing in life. That we wish we was really happy about why exactly exactly that should try to figure out what the heck that was all. I can tell you million conspiracy theories would never been launched if he remains alive like I question -- -- end and end what it tonight eleven at 9/11 leave the pilots and the people who participated in that awful crime of flying them again. You fly the plain mean you cause tremendous team damage in you leave nothing behind. To answer insolvent question but here's the difference. Al-Qaeda we have you know the name at that point no -- -- only a few people have heard -- Belmont and they took quote unquote credit. For that atrocity no one's taking quote unquote credit for this and that's why why would I -- I wanna believe this. I maybe -- in denial call me naive. It points right now 22 crazy kids. There isn't any wider conspiracy. That al-Qaeda or some other larger terrorist organization at this point does in the year. Again I emphasize the word. Appear to be involved 6177797937. Quick break warrior calls coming up. I want also just thank all of the members of the public for their extraordinary patience. They're participation. In this investigation by reviewing photographs. Of their own and others that were out. Through the media and we thank you today and helping us. Narrow win. On these on these suspects they were helpful and patient and we are grateful for that as well. It's a night where I think we're all rest -- What -- night it was. 842 last night about Patrick. The rest of loss for the rest of the week when the rest of America very. Very happy that the other suspect was apprehended. He was not caught alive as you well know inside a boat in Watertown neighborhood. And he is now and Beth Israel be treated wore a gunshot wound he is in serious condition. No with a word as of now on the extent of damage is really interesting to find out down a road. Whole legal ramifications thereof I'm I'm in favor of the death penalty myself -- this. I think a massive -- to be sent I know you're not in favor of that but. I am in certain instances. Well he will be tried in civilian court but it will be a federal crime it's like to be in the commonwealth superior great will be -- A federal court in hand Massachusetts has jurisdiction of federal court. And he will get to process. Com his some Miranda rights have been way for at least 48 hours have been suspended. Because they need as much information out of him as possible in order to prevent anything else from a tragically happening. And I'm sure I mean they might they'll have to offer him thumping. Well possibly they're all everybody's not gonna get capital on I know I know my my guess is Larry that he will not the execute that's my guess. What else is again where we just speculating 617. 779793. I had to have a choice I'd rather get information. Mean he's still going to be a life sentence and having I'm just saying -- information can be so valuable in terms of learning and for future. The situations immigrants there because it is a federal crime and will be tried in a federal court. The -- death penalty is available to prosecutors whereas if you were tried in the commonwealth bright as we will now that would not be -- -- -- prison without parole would be. -- TV set and a few other things jacket Rhode Island you're next on Sports Radio WE yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A former naval until -- were quite a bit and terrorism. And I do take issue with you're you're you know the economic conspiracies and so what buoyed by definition. To people and all the conspiracy. We don't we say that that's code for al-Qaeda or other but their larger terrorist or -- Jack how help us out through through your eyes Jack from the very. Moment this happened last Monday. Tell us what from your professional perspective what you gleaned out of the. What I saw yes well the very first thing out if people -- -- can't putting well there was domestic or or foreign yes or right wing -- -- -- And one of the things that I noted was that type weapon that was used. Typically when you look at a right wing extremists are people who -- upset with government or taxation. They tax symbols building and pirates employed -- -- typically you know than that aircraft flown into the -- opposite sex but the in this case they -- to very specific type of weapon. Which was an anti personnel weapons. In this is a hallmark of trying to create terror. You know the other thing just this sort of stepped -- and conspiracy portion of -- in terms of support in a lot of people go to. You know it's difficult it is incredibly difficult to create -- IE -- don't know what you're doing and you don't just -- many bombers. Are victimized by their -- weapons before the -- employed. Armed they -- specific type of weapons it was a textbook and the and I would say. What you -- short of September 11. Was one of the most successful terrorist operation we can't seem to September 11. Because the idea was create terror very that the two men shut down an entire city incredibly. Also what do you read into what was in the bomb itself. Pieces of metal and nails and things of this sort. It designed to kill designed to kill and -- to carry the message. In terms of why I was -- which claimed responsibility. You know you get your actions and tactics here on the not necessary for them to claim responsibility keeps us on edge and keep us talking about it and he's so guests and Obama also. You know. We're looking at this is an -- from an American perspective. This is a worldwide pants beat the people who need to see this in the Middle East and places like Chechnya. And Syria. And that and it anyplace -- there Barclays of these terrorist. Are seen the messages and carry. And do you think they operated alone. Absolutely not. -- and -- and and the army. Clarify it by saying that you know. You can abuse it the most to protect its annual about what I didn't wake up 1 morning. Travel to Chechnya and come back and you know decide that he was going to be a bar. This type of ideology which -- at some point out correctly radical Islam we are most definitely at war with radical Islam. Is it like a cult you have to constantly. You know reaffirmed these beliefs. You know immediate re establish and we're -- find a meeting place you're at some point whether Kia. Even just my among the mosque or via an organization and -- place where people gathered. -- People point out that you know the young and the very much americanized well you know what he didn't. You know it -- his brother didn't come to with these ideas and while he's in the put reportedly in medical school wherever you'd be doing. Decide one day he's gonna try to kill you know several hundred people. On April Moore didn't create you know with that bombing an ambush situation that was absolutely textbook in only one weapon off. That the crowd moving right into the next one that southern up across from building which created the over rupture in a political -- it is because even more again. You don't figure these things up or eaten by some YouTube videos and we're fooling -- -- think that the decay. If you are doing a psychological profile on them how what was your read into that. Hijacking a victim. Driving around them for 25 minutes and telling him that -- where the marathon bombers and then dropping a mosque. You know I could even you know and I guess at that point. You know the way a large organization use these guys -- their fire and forget. They they didn't have a you know they're exit strategy was not -- because remember the ideology such that. -- are a reward comes in the next like yes and this one. So. In terms of when people civil I didn't have a solid plan members their money they weren't going to be one you know they created situations and as Richard Richard yeah Richard Reid didn't have an exit strategy -- -- -- right. The bomber. Could have been -- This this exit strategy continue and as long is because it stores as well as -- -- With your back. I'm sorry Jack with your background do you think they'll be able to get anything out of the younger brother. -- -- that I find that they're in usually they'll be insulated -- you know they'll know who. They'll know you don't generally website Padraig captured anyway. They they'll know they'll go through this -- so back I'm fine toothed comb the -- we met we talk to. -- bill. You know -- built built. Spoke anybody within the region who may have been a member of -- group they'll be cut out settled the trouble and they -- All -- but the real. Problem here is fighting the ideology it's almost irrelevant we was talking to we're fighting an ideology. That is you know it's not state sponsored the -- You know several hundred people in. For another group will be here in is in Saudi Arabia. And money coming from Saudi Arabia from even though their allies about sympathizers in the world and the that -- send their money to these causes that they support. This is an incredibly complex problem and by the nature of our free society -- susceptible to this. Excellent stuff Jack I appreciate the call appreciate the income insights. IA counterintelligence. Officer for. The navy that was his former job. And tremendous insight in. To the psyche of these two people the psyche of terrorists in general. And unfortunately. Not a good. Omen for the future where there's going to be more of these down the line we're gonna have to be ever vote visually -- I gather or scary thing is your fighting against a group of people who don't care about life. Like we -- here's my only point don't. Why did this younger brother why did Joseph are -- if he didn't care about life. Why the whole lot. And a ball if he didn't care about like why didn't have an IED well I shadowed him because I still think the as the last caller indicated if their thing is to stretch this thing out and get as much exposure as -- gonna be able to do by yourself what we can grow up how going to week how long are we watching. All week the site this is what we can do you. It is -- it is it is just unimaginable. How we're trying to put all these pieces together we're trying to make some rational sense out of something that is ultimately. Irrational and will continue to do that for as long as people wanna do it 617. 7797937. Year calls just around that.

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