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Mustard and Johnson – Reaction to the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Events of the Last Week Leading to the Arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Apr 20, 2013|

It’s been an incredible, emotional week in the city of Boston and around the country. Last night, shortly before 9pm, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev aka “Suspect #2” in the Boston Marathon bombing, was finally captured and brought to justice. After an intense 24 hrs and the city of Boston and surrounding towns on “lockdown”, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was tracked down and brought to justice by the BPD and FBI in Watertown. This is certainly not a normal Sports Saturday for Craig and Larry, and the guys attempt to put the pieces together and somehow understand all the happenings since Marathon Monday and the tragedy on Boylston St.

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Well it is mustard and Johnson on a Saturday. And the longest marathon. In Boston Marathon history a 102 hours. Ended last night at 8:42. PM. When Boston Police FB IA TF converged on suspect number two in -- Watertown. It is all over and as I say that Larry I still have goosebumps I think about the celebration ensued in Watertown on the streets. What happened at the Boston common last night. This was a long. Drawn out event that started with the bomb at 250. On Monday afternoon finally ended last night quarter and nine what a week it has been. There ever sweeter words. It touched the New England night air than we got him. And if it just that we got them right and people just broke out because the way it was left. We were left with a -- And not a period we needed a period not -- -- here -- we need absolutely needed a big. Bad period and you know what we got last night and I wasn't even sure. If we were gonna get that period yeah that's that's the that the the other -- that was so. Depressing. Is that it works so hard for so long and searched every. Every place you can imagine and they couldn't find them they couldn't have come in it was just the unrest. I'm not knowing in this morning were to have a totally different time aren't too. Us in the show where people who will be calling in and if you were still. It Blige I tell you congress and in the government certainly could take a page from mom. Police commissioner Edward Davis and FBI Richard you arias is it in all the different agencies how they all. Hanging together they would know Cherokee ego at the door they all came together and they all work together as one unit. -- I was I couldn't help but think and I was watching people celebrate and in the just the reaction to at all and -- that the police at the soldiers and everybody became instant heroes and I said man. Did you imagine if they organized a duck boat parade down port Austin street. -- all of the the doctors and the nurses in this in the and the so everybody who just did. These really the true heroes and it wasn't until as you said that determine night when everybody were ready to home and I think two announcements that changed this whole thing around the first one was. When they decided to release the photos. And then the second mom was when they decided to lift the lockdown or Marco and then all of a sudden lockdown and then all of a sudden everybody. David. And a very. Decided listen I've been locked in his house all day long I gotta get some fresh he has illegals on this driveway and he's looking over his ball that tied down and stuff over the winter. Any analysts as a little blood on the top and on the ground and everything and then he Norris has that went 12 with a rope that -- corporate tie it to our work cut. And then he he got company looked inside and he saw like a body in the near the front of the ball and even if he knew what was at the time. But he got the presence of mind to immediately go on a house in and call the police in all of a sudden. It was they'd lifted the -- now and then all of a sudden there was a change in all of a sudden this. Frenzy of police cars and everything racing took to the site. And they obviously -- knew they had them then then the suspense continued. Because obviously manulife. It's funny how as heinous as this crime was as outraged as we error. And angry as we were I think there was that in and -- obviously I wasn't reaching out to everyone of my neighbors but just from watching. Glued to that television set all day yesterday. It seemed that was the prevailing sentiment in spite of this dastardly deed. In the four dead. We wanted this kid it. Always nineteen years old technically he's a man -- nineteen years old two years out of Cambridge region Latin we want animal alive and I think that was huge sigh of relief for a variety of reasons. When he actually was captured at quarter and I'm last night -- When his older brother timlin which was was killed there was it was a relief that the economy was. But there was also a degree of disappointment that I'll cash because you. At some point EU in it'll happen delayed a bit you have to try to get inside the -- we needed answers you need anti -- -- trying Figaro you know. In the one of the professors down there it UMass Dartmouth were saying what you guys on the far we or like in my -- it was him but down I said to myself well. He would never do something like that. Well all accounts and read in the paper -- listen to all the interviews of people that knew Joseph harm it in particular. He really did assimilate. In two. American life he was well. Eight or nine years old played harder -- was a wrestler captain of the wrestling team had a scholarship to go you know the story to UMass Dartmouth. He assimilated and integrated himself into the fabric of American life he had friends. He was popular one kid said in The Herald today is most popular in the school. Meanwhile his older brother angry disenfranchised. And alienated disillusioned golden gloves fighter and how about the in. Appropriate place for -- like that domestic abuse charge that was later dismissed. Very volatile marriage. Set on one of his web sites or his website that he didn't have one American friend. So you can see it in four years. Harold I guess the FBI they had him on the scrutiny there were written a couple of years ago in 2011 looking -- -- and you don't but you know what's interesting about. Joke I wouldn't it -- he's. 107. He tweeted out this is the day at a marathon that happen a couple of hours later the explosion. He tweeted out the ultimate sacrifice is within you the battle with -- is defined by the worried Jihad. Between -- that I wrote in then after it. Between after the bombing in everything wherever they went he's treated out on the stress free. Kinda guy. Well it it was amazing -- the observations. Made on Thursday night which I felt were very oppression. By various commentators both national and local. Was how relaxed both of them looked. Although I think the fact that they released those photos and that videotape -- Did give them a sense of panic in that one of the reasons why. They were successful in apprehending these guys think about it. There was a 7-Eleven. Incidents that they may or may not we still haven't got an answer on that. Did they I think they did the beer initial report was that they rob the 7-Eleven right they did not mean it does have a market is -- and biewer. So the MIT officers show on collier most of the scene for a quote disturbance they panic they shoot him. And that really certainly greased the skids -- Jewish. You have a massacre -- -- five -- -- it's not like -- let me just stop it out and I'm not in I'm not so I'm not trying I know -- not I'm just saying that yeah I'm I'm trying to get their frame of mind right one of the true -- roles he's a friend of our friend of her friend -- -- Jerry -- numbers as -- prominent. The other guys in the hospital both legs blown off and heavily -- dating in yet he insisted could even talk right. But he called in the out of -- -- is a Sissy Vickiel were I don't know how we did this by the -- -- just. Just think for a second even on the course of of your day today or yesterday. You going -- store you buy a paper you do this you do that. In you don't pay any attention to people's faces or anything you're just you know somebody said you and our -- can you describe but that person -- right. Nine times out of ten know now but. He said did the the older brother to Amylin looked at him and evidently he gave enough of a description. Fit. Rather than -- -- sifting through thousands and thousands and thousands of photographs of people were. Sending him they were able to zero win more bomb on. From his description of what type of you know it would eliminate this in this in this and that you know analysis amaze me when I was looking at that at the video of the two of them walking through. Com first of all the younger one joke he never warhead. The retreat is friends are saying it never -- -- I have never in yet that video we have to have because obviously you wanna cover as much of a BofA snubbing his -- -- would be -- wider idea that turned backwards he's trying to cover up the space. -- he did have an -- and I also heard reports on the trying to contradict on the -- this is the nature of -- -- -- contradiction for of these news agency -- has put out three was yeah though the major worry I was what I was watching one of the should probably know is bouncing all around so I I can identify which station I was watching weather was local and national. One. Person ones so called experts said the that was actually his signature. So who knows if he was trying to cover up he did a very poor job of let's put it that way now the older brother -- if you don't wanna draw our attention to yourself I thought. Terrmel in the older brother. Had a very stylish -- how to on it was a black cat. They have that white -- coming up would be an electable design coming up aside and I noticed that yeah I sent in my stomach just I want I want one of the local teams pat logo have to something nobody would notice that but a very unique looking. Pat I thought the other thing that I thought was depression. Prophetic in a lot of ways was Chris Matthews MSNBC on Thursday. Just from the videotape. -- that. Timberland. But at that point is to suspect number one who was in on the right to -- -- body language in from his appearance seemed to be evil leader seemed to be the guy in charge. Whereas Joseph Carr seemed younger he was shorter he was trailing -- -- So superficial and jumping to conclusions while he was so well but yet I heard one of the professors the teachers -- the schools that it was just the opposite. But I tentatively go along with your guy well because we knew we used look at how we we -- into -- and you look at the body language -- something just editorial behind it meandered along right. You know one of the most -- photographs taken though it was a photo taken. Of the eight year old -- yeah Adam my Richard -- he's standing near indie leaning on the fence. I'm his -- from the east peaks my island washing our runners and -- As anybody would be Euro oblivious to everything around you because you you were sold everybody theories they have but everybody's the other have a good time. And saying you see the bank. Right and remember next to him -- rather put that bag behind eight year old Mark -- Richard it was the older brother. Remember. I think on some level. I think we look at the younger brother as being in the game so much more information. But as being manipulated. And perhaps controls to some degree may be brainwashed. By the older brother. And it's the older brother who emerges right now. As more of the bill and I know I know they're both equally guilty they're both. Complicit in heinous crime not complicit they they delivered this heinous crime. But it almost appears as if the guy really wearing the black. In this situation is the older brother particularly since he put the bomb. Behind that he. Doesn't finish but then jobs but the other one right. But you know -- that guy a guy I wanna hear from is the guy who's Cobb a contact amazing and it would -- to keep them for twenty minutes and they said to him they said yeah we're the guys who wouldn't. But don't get -- but the bombs on the marathon in what was that conversation like if I'm an FBI profiler. Or I'm a psychiatrist. Or some sort of therapists I'm trying to get inside the heads of either one of these Brothers. Almost impossible how you count -- you talked about it earlier when I mentioned show on Colley here. You do not let them off. Or secondly in just shook Sean dollar five X accused of sex bam bam bam bam bam then they carjacked this car this Mercedes SUV. They -- guys ATM card. Get 800 dollars out of them and it figured well we're gonna we're we we certainly don't want only betrayal will kill him to do they kill them no they let him. It makes absolutely you know perhaps a Little League known NN models the money and then how did they volunteer the information that they with a bombers did he ask them. It it it almost sounds like see you know Bonnie and Clyde we banks -- -- -- their announcing exactly to do their it and if you remember there's a scene embody cloud where it's -- -- for -- they actually pick up. A couple of civilians. And take it you're right you're you're sure gonna kill but no they let them. What was it about this -- it even made him feel. Do you that would comfortable but comfortable enough to share this information with that with me having a running conversation will be speaking in -- in their native language so that he -- -- -- there was there was saying I -- ultimately -- I think all of us will be fascinated by that interview. We are fascinating you identified the man's name who had the ball in his back yard David -- be okay who I had had the courage. To go and actually investigate. He certainly did not have to given the fact that there was extreme paranoia surrounding that neighborhood. Lockdown what's the term now there were all familiar with I never heard before yesterday. Sheltering in that you are in place excuse me that you ever heard that expressed that whenever sheltering in place which means stay home lock your doors. That down the -- But it is. It is a week to reflect on a lot of things and an inning when your roll back to the actual day. Of the race in them and that the bomb went off you know the irony of the whole thing is to. -- Who are working. He -- in save his life with the same positions in nurses and attendees who were working on the victims. Less than a week ago. Who he thought that he caused this damage to them but that's what America or has the power we open our -- To trying to give people a chance to try and -- -- -- and structure and in give him an opportunity to to set up and India have a new life. And one of the things I got -- Wallace Greg is freedom does cost. It cost too because you if you whenever free society if you want or allow people to comment if you want to allow people to set up shop and everything. -- and people get upset now because they felt like there is too long in line going into an airport. Freedom does cost this almost like a tradeoff in it that the freedom that we want to and -- thing about him we love. Also has a price to pay because every now when men you have people who com and they don't have the same. Agenda or priorities that we -- Right and it's always a balance between liberty and security. And there are those who think that sometimes we put too much an emphasis on security at the cost of liberty I don't think anybody. Would be complaining this week we have surveillance cameras that some people fear that of course. Brings on this orwellian Big Brother -- situation. That without them without him we would not have apprehended. If you didn't have cctv. -- I didn't realize that cctv. Extended beyond some of my British shows like MI five those cameras were there. Those cameras and enabled. Police and law enforcement officials ATF FBI you name it to track down these two Brothers. Sometimes security is absolutely essential and think about the scene and in before go to the break it just want to reiterate how. Exhilarating. How cathartic. How joyous. Euphoric it was. To see not only apprehension. Unfolds live party very eyes on television last night. But the great reception. That the police guy we saw all calls outlaws from mom and if you think about all those. Armored cars in those ambulances. And all those other law enforcement vehicles. That work congregated in various areas in Watertown. And they were Ole leaving. In this this parade this this raid almost like it was a victory -- record doc -- -- almost like a -- cooperate on the night and that's why you were saying they should have won no they had at last I know I finally is the same I don't but it product that was I was it was more meaningful. Because it was spontaneous. And it happened in the moment was organic and that's what I'm going to be left. No problems like these same state troopers who aggravate the heck rather because they're wrong what you parked in front of Logan from and why are waiting for as the leader -- But at the same time you need. These people you want these people -- and I was watching the -- of the television last night glued to every step that they were taking. The thought came to me like. Like Joseph Andrews Ian and in the rest of them they are performing in in going beyond. It's -- the guy in the cowboy -- ago going be on what we're. Probably a lot of people would do when you say to yourself but only pray to god that I would respond that way if I was in that situation because you can you don't know. What you do in that type of situation are you running from or are you running to. -- to -- the city. Acquitted itself beautifully. The government did the same it worked on every level -- FBI ATM Boston Police Watertown police swat teams. You -- name at the district attorney's US attorney's. Everybody team together. And and it and it terrible moment I think something very good team. And I'm so happy they were able to capture. A suspect number two in the nineteen year old brother alive. He is Beth Israel hospital right now -- in serious condition CR everybody hazard to different hospitals asthma. An interest in a -- you know -- about a way why is it necessary to identify which ultimately fit and well the irony is of course there are victims of his heinous act or recovering right in the next room yet. And you know of all the hospitals there was some speculation my wife and I were watching last night. And she said I hope they don't taken a Mass. General said -- what they're a lot of victims there's of their victims all over. In the is that and is the other great thing if such a thing is going to happen and certainly no one wanted it to happen. Thank god it happened in the greatest hospital city in the world. We're so fortunate record happened. I mean you go on and on and on a -- what we are doing today and down under is certainly under the direction -- leadership -- Jason Wolfe who got I think the station have never been so proud. Of the station this week and how they handled. This situation and we're not news people -- Sports people. But we all have a hot in -- untouched by human lives and the thrill of victory and how people perform under arrest situations. And we wanna share that with -- we wanted to be a tough shot it right moment even duty you know with sports and and I think the Yankees made a statement to put it altogether. Sports is sports is the toy department right but when it comes time to serious matters we all stand together. And one organization who should really understand that better than anybody -- New York Yankees when they went through with they had to do eleven and half years ago and speaking of irony. Joseph are finally got his US citizenship -- on September 11. 2012 elevenths anniversary that's what this country is -- though we have people who -- thinking and it feeds them and let's remember he's US citizen these are not outside Egypt's eight they have in. In America or a decade where more. And that's what's scary about that we have closed the books on this particular episode we hope. But I hope we happen -- because even like Newtown Connecticut and we got to go to break it is with the problem of us these situations happen and in. You can only hold on to tort for so long and and you Koppel breaks -- I have to move on right but I hope we don't want one so five that we forget to. Trying to examine why these things happen is only four months ago that we are doing our -- show because remember that happened on Friday as wells the week came in on Saturday. Constantly examining that and that was what. Occupied us for months ago we can't forget horrible that I don't wanna forget now and China now I -- witness in a separate -- Otherwise -- you to -- in a household they with the lights off because this is over almost overwhelming. But I think -- rise up there's a lot of people did and you and you move on but you do stop and trying and analyze some of the stuff in so that you couldn't possibly make it. A little bit better. In make it more difficult for people to do these kind of things perhaps away and we're gonna do the best to compartmentalize. This as we have done in the past -- various. Tragic events that -- certainly sports conversation. I'm gonna challenge. A very gifted talent to produce had to come up with some great. Music coming in and out of the breaks today too I'm sure that he will -- -- on the other side of the last 6177797937. The AT&T -- -- available to you as well 37937. This is it's incredible such a relief vote. We've been you know running on your tornadoes today for the last four days making sure that we put these people don't really belong there and well they need to be locked up from brought to justice and that's exactly what we've been able to do. Well with both suspects us all very happy that we can sort of put the pieces together in the city again after this -- direct. One of many impressive law enforcement officials who faced the cameras -- is aplomb. Incompetency. He exuded competency Ed Davis. A Boston Police. Commissioner what is he. He seemed in command and obviously not just seemed in command was in command along with so many other officials. Who are not only had to oversee organize. And X acute this manhunt. But also to get before the cameras and explain at all and an articulate way and so many people did that. I also love the fact that how assertive the US in terms of saying in an awesome immediately you know you -- have -- media coverage are appalled mother Cheryl 'cause some of it was great -- some of it was horrible. Critical he must be desperate. All of that they don't have enough information -- try to get a release the photos and instead of saying now wait a minute he's appealing to. He's inviting us to partake in this in and I thought we need they needed it in any photos any clue that they can have is a very secure guy. Willing to do that in even during the search Craig you could hear some of the news people in the were reporting a missing. Geez I don't know whether can't find imagines they just can't find them and it's -- I think part of the problem to a number of -- to -- -- I think we are living a life. In movies. We think everything is a movie in a movie is two hours long and usually by the halfway to the movie Denzel or Brad Pitt are. Tommy Lee Jones is crashing to -- Dora window when they find a person and in the movie -- and that's the life is not a movie you don't have somebody yelling cut or you don't have somebody saying that's a wrap. This is real life and you can't. Control real life situations the way you can't and a movie and I think we're so conditioned the television and homeland and when he floor and all of these different TV shoals. That we tend to be conditioned. Tent sat in in I kept saying this is not a movie isn't a real -- police. Walking side by side. Searching every crevice everything you got to understand something nobody wanted to be a victim. In the way these guys were throwing bombs and and bullets around and everything at any moment one of these guys could have been shot and killed. We even talked about that that standoff as it was term -- most of the TV networks and local stations -- one about 1 AM. Friday morning and in a couple people obviously caught that on there own videos just -- an eruption. All that all that noise. In the the buyer and you see the sirens or how about the -- chase he acts up does it talk about a movie -- -- Cairo -- drive over his brother and even before that like -- throwing arms and everything out the window 200 rounds extra yeah. I always say to myself as it is like win the people get this stuff from which a -- general forum that's -- -- one of the questions right well a lot of those obviously in in the the acronym IE ED. Which is improvised. Explosive device those are mostly. Homemade bombs on the bomb that went off for the finish line and later Ron. -- up the street and wells and those right -- they found seven I ED's. On the scene in that initial shoot out and how. The nineteen year old kid got out there it's almost in -- about a will true opinion I don't like -- complement -- -- about a willed to. Survive in the area that they have marked down they thought they covenant not. Area -- in yet this guy was about. Re blocked be on. We they have been looking well in the here's the other very odd situation. And as so many people that I was. You know I didn't leave my TV room -- all yesterday so -- Patrick Governor Patrick came on at 6 o'clock. -- said the lockdown was over no longer did you quote unquote have the shelter in place if you're in that when he block area of Watertown. You can now leave your home the lockdown is has been suspended. But we urge you to be vigilant. And that less than an hour later. Nick what this guy because I wanted to because right after -- OK you can go wow kind of guys that I gotta stretch right in my driveway this -- David. Pentagon and got to go up my driveway and stretch a little bit of several -- around for a minute but my reaction was if I'm living in Watertown you know -- I'm gonna do with this -- smoke alarms it now is how. Does that I've been -- -- so it's but that's right up such a relief the gold status its closure to period not a -- and and as -- you know and -- I was watching some of this I got up yesterday morning around 7 o'clock immediately tuned in. Two channel four happened beyond. And my seven year old gets up with me and it's early it's -- watched these events with a seven your world. Who has not only so many questions I am very curious of your world. But there's also a lot of the year and when you're seven year old trying to figure all of this now. And so many questions. Of course even though it's taking place in Watertown in Cambridge and Boston. We're in -- is about about twenty miles away after seven years old where she thinks that you know those people can com -- you as well. So there's so many things happening. As as apparent as just someone who was. Wing when residents. An American citizen watching all of that unfold -- this it's something we're going to be. Thinking about talking about -- Long long well -- as you know there are two different factions of debate in terms of freedom and security and I think the needle. On both sides will have to move slightly. I think. How far I don't know I'm willing to give Obama freedom in my rights but. You know what I look like on them African American -- -- restraints -- mean but still like India. -- but I'm willing to. Give up a little -- And -- gold someplace where you think you're going to have a good time and all of a sudden a bomb goes off. I think -- I don't think it's so vast right it's so vast it is so hard to. I think there's an expectation now in public particularly at public events like the Boston Marathon on or any particular baseball game basketball game. Whatever any kind of public of that where people are coming together. That form crowds and you'd like to believe some sort community interest in cardinal. -- Our rally O'Malley made that stinks re -- community which was an interesting that the sergeant Leo and when people come together we'd like to believe it's as a community and fortunately we're -- one of the greatest festivities we have in me all across the country July 4. Right. You just have a warrant right people we would like to believe. We come together as people at the Boston Marathon or Fenway Park or for the July 4 celebration. As a community. That's not always the case -- -- terrorism -- it strikes. Things that should be out of bounds right. People getting on an airplane to go Ace Bailey along like court cross country just to make an innocent trip someplace. They strike areas that should be out of bounds if you wanna fight the vets running -- boys and they have battlefields and you quote there were tanks and machine -- machine guns on the like in -- come in Rome in all of this went against that -- that trying -- because that's right -- call the war. But when you take things in our lives. There's so precious and so special and nobody's down here for a fight nobody's dominant for war that's right people world oblivious to people dropping. Tags is nobody's thinking about that nobody's looking for that right at bats this series brought about terrorism there's no. Consciences no hot -- it's a cowardly act and down there's no other way of looking at it. We are going to be taking your telephone calls one more break we'll get to the -- 6177797937. A couple of programming notes. Believe it or not the sports world does go on Red Sox did postpone their game last night no we -- yet. On a make up they're gonna be over on our AM station 815 this afternoon beginning around at 1220 or so. The Celtics will be 93 point seven indication as to the Celtics are actually in the playoffs in game one against the knicks down in New York. That's an appropriate place themselves -- on the road obviously with -- all the tragedy unfolded 1112 years ago down there at nine elevenths so. Celtics and 93 point seven FM Red Sox at 850. We're going to be I 93 point seven FM to about 1 o'clock today -- something like that OK taking your telephone calls as I said earlier this is. A tragic week in Boston but some sense of exhilaration. A level of euphoria last night after suspect number two Joseph -- Us Arnie -- was apprehended in that boat in the backyard Watertown your calls coming up once were --

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