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Doc Rivers pregame before Game 1 against the Knicks

Apr 20, 2013|

Doc told Sean Grande that Boston is not just a city, it's a family.

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The game one addition of the Celtics today presented by Lexus continues it is team won the Celtics in the -- mere moment to our conversation -- coach. Brought to you by Harvard pilgrim healthcare are repeal health care. Count us in it seems that David Ortiz has already provided the keynote for this afternoon's. We spent Wednesday night time talking about our respective feelings -- our adopted home user anyway. You can truly for replies the pride. You must have felt last night as -- Well I mean it just felt like what -- -- -- all week. It's certainly you know it's not suitable. They're miracles. I don't think people realize -- that loss to Georgia beat me. Like in the -- yep media and what you pay your vehicle and at that show that every one. Like they had been. -- and I want answers for you -- I think this will people wanna know we've been away for several days now for most of this week we left Boston today after the marathon. Who we hope we can truly feel it all the way out here to. Fill roads. Unless -- just so nice. The spirit was has just been amazed that such strong -- And I think that's -- You have -- you've been around this is an afternoon game so really it's the first time you sort of truly around your team will you address this is this part of what guys are talking about right now though they -- On the use this. At all all of this stuff you're part of this state. -- will have two weeks talk about the knicks and the series is about to unfold in front of us but. A report we ever hear an opening -- -- for still exciting to start new season to have team won and I've always felt this is really the opening date you love. And others this -- In this particular port through. It just feels like you use the regular season. To prepare for a bit and so I'm really looking forward to a -- report to all the new guys we have. I don't know other response I don't know how they're gonna play and that's a first for me and so it is Cumberland look at port to. With all of your history in this building with this franchise. And we've seen you have players in that locker room that have gotten on this stage and had some of the best nights of their life he's Madison Square Garden the building key player in this series. Yeah it's it's a great building four quarter. That she will finalize the water. Game one is next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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