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John Ryder is joined by Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Ian Thomsen

Apr 20, 2013|

Boston Celtics playoff basketball starts today against the New York Knicks. John Ryder discusses the matchup with Sports Illustrated and SI.com writer Ian Thomsen.

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I John -- bag witted and always have to be joined by the gradient Thompson -- lead NBA writer for us Sports Illustrated one lead writer for Sports Illustrated has gone he would. I'm good thanks. Obviously first out. People live they don't know in year from the Boston area. What was -- before you get into a much more trivial things seemingly with the Celtics knicks series and look reported to argue about that but. Or your feelings and in thoughts. This week such a trying week here in Boston. -- did you know. I don't know like humanity being very. We've heard from everybody. It. And it's all been true all these different perspectives -- all we're all true and for me I am not from here originally had lived here on and off for 25 years and I loved the city. And the response to it. That is what I particularly you know. And don't. Sing the anthem together. The kind of did on what they're kind of approached evil thing. I would and other places where. I think people who have what he has missed all of us this horrible. We. Victims in other -- a lot of feeling sorry for yourself and crying for the cameras. There were delighted and that would have been fine there's nothing wrong with that -- its sincere emotions and your reaction but that is what. Happened here that if one of the city's about. And I think. In the worst way away no one -- that war. Everybody would have cheered. It's kind of renewed their understanding what the city -- fluent -- four. You never want it to happen in gratitude rather not know it. He reminded of it. But at least there is not a consolation. In my notes. What deceased and forward. And that the price is real news millions. Very well said he and appreciate those comments. Now as we segue here try new to the Celtics -- series I think interesting and a number of different reasons that I would expect a grinding. Grind out grueling series. No matter. Who wins this series I wouldn't be surprised in fact I think it will probably go seven games what are your thoughts. -- two it and if it -- seven I think of these very hard for the Salt Lake City will be like. Last year. When he ran out of gas against Miami -- think that'll be a thing. But. I don't either people away from the other. And the regular she's records don't amount to anything we've seen Celtics year after year. Looked terrible -- an option and they'll surprise you. And they do I really do think that what happened. This week. Is going to galvanize the team. Because Doc Rivers and -- -- he's -- down counts more than nine years he's been coached Celtics. You can look across street from more of the explosions. Literally across the street is now -- down the street from the national I'm. On what the marathon. Means a lot to personally -- Tuesday. He tries to. Block the courts and everything when he can't win every town -- -- forward he loves the city. And we've already seen you know the Bruins in the Red Sox reactor in the personal way I am absolutely sure the Celtics didn't have the same kind of reaction. And that the Celtics are going to find a way a maybe even two. To be able to. -- fulfilled expectations and cities. I understand that they're part of something bigger. And I do think that this series is going to. The Ian expressions everything seeing this week. I would think so as well. And divers is that master motivated or he's been able to do that in the past he's also been able to hit the reset button when. They've had troubles in the regular season when they had in the policies and I'm sure for some of that inspiration as well one guy they can. Can lead him and that in that way or two guys they have furlong diver Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce. Yeah you know and and I agree that being said John and I just want to emphasize since it didn't he is able to -- Galvanize the team to get to see to get -- concede that that -- something -- -- an insult here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What happened word is -- means you're being mean he's seen. And I think it's I think it's really true I think all of them. -- -- -- with a group C with the Red Sox I think it would be true with the Celtics pierce were one standard. He loved the city. He. One of the great talking to -- and Garnett. He'd consult with a Celtic now and we talk about can be treated -- you're likely wanna leave. So I think through those two guys that you dot. Not all that's left of the hole it's a substitute guys started years ago. And one by one -- god Ray Allen Perkins Rondo is now. She's supposed to be long gone only subsidized can -- ground. All expelled those who won the championship -- told them these street -- in the end. You know and I picked. I think it can be very difficult conduct and. Yes -- John Ryder tagged with sports Illustrated's Ian Thompson covers the NBA one lead writers four Sports Illustrated. -- we mentioned you know the the the whale in the a motion in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Packers is play of that but the the skill level at this point for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. At the -- age and they're gonna be counted on so much you in this this series part on the Celtics part of me so much hinges on Kevin Garnett and how healthy is and how well he plays right. When he's got -- gains we've seen it there are terrible her music and played defense camp because he. And when he's in there it makes -- huge so. You know I'm. And look at this is like the end of I'm assuming. That this is going to be last we'll see -- these guys. It Milken. I think it's important. Appreciate. -- are what they've done. And then. We recognize this Garnett made such as iron. That this salute you know he came close to doing it last year we don't know that it needed to it. When he was on a deal Turkey says this will be my last all star game in any country to backtrack on that I think. Where a guy -- -- think about retiring. You have to take at face value and doesn't last all star -- that may very will be at last altered my options. So on you know. Quote a look at a little bit just -- look what we're about to perspective if he does decide to retire. -- and Paul -- Lorie says that he doesn't need in the last summer she wanted to keep playing -- that was good round. Usually portrayed to concern. I think it's natural to -- wrote this the other day it. People around the -- forecasting. Until this week with Garnett remaining years on amnesty if you decide to retire it's entirely his decision. And then -- -- -- Paul Pierce finally adults. It's on Q1 be part of a rebuilding project without Garnett. So. -- -- they're all it is that this is this is the last post season for the team the mail that is they can now. So I I think I think everybody involved again will be looking that it -- This is this since last round maybe and I think QVC deal out. -- -- -- Well there's potential for that I was even thinking about asking you about that but just piggybacking off wages said if they have that where that case let's say hypothetically pierce and Garnett. -- retire -- that to open the door for a -- Raj on Rondo. Well. You know I'm absolutely sure they're gonna look into. What the value for -- -- And I'm I'm not to ensure they were going to that the trade deadline this past year that he and hurt. They have to mean this year they were -- they were alluding to do on the run and -- So there's no way that. We can't. She went inside you I don't know bigotry and I don't know because things are betrayed him couldn't hear me. Wanted to know what to make it it would -- values and he's just so unlike all the at a point -- movie. -- -- to change the way you play you can. And restructure your roster to suit. So I I did I don't know what they will trade and I. I think -- sure they they would look at it. On the -- that they didn't. He's been building block going forward they did have a pretty good core and then they'd have -- young -- -- and there are none. Built. And a five million dollar cap space we wouldn't sign anybody outright without what you would do that you. Try to treat them into. Little -- notes that maybe can get into your cap space in the new car has doesn't have to because my salary back in the trade. That the big advantage easy life team since he put the burden the American -- looking to get off money. And and so. It because the celtics' advantage. It's almost more valuable and very good player to treat. I could almost see potential of of that. You know -- Rondo part of a deal. Some sort of deal the -- title -- -- sets of freeagent and they've been looking for point guard for awhile. Yeah how long enough I wouldn't even think in the -- thinking maybe some. Some lucky player -- smaller salary. If you include Rondo in the street and I think you're going to be -- one -- You're gonna want. To get as star player returned. Two. You know you're gonna want something nature of your country. And no question now back to this series the Celtics knicks series. How -- they cover Carmelo Anthony they give him different looks Jeff Green Paul Pierce number of different guys. Yeah and you know. -- Garnett that helped me is that some very good so if he's quietly he normally does. We're here consult couldn't have been really good. Particularly that one school. On opposing teams -- you know how many times didn't seem we we need ball. She's the low percentage or Kobe goes slow -- can wander. Over on this sixers have turnovers. When there's one guy to -- away -- the Celtics maybe they'll pick your way all the way may be scored just twenty and maybe when he shot scored most. So. We've seen that over the years that that everything -- -- and including defense. The double double guy like Carmelo and -- will be on multiple guys considered there was one guy that can happen. But this does this and where the American computer screen tickets -- consultants. The interest rates for an with the idea that they needed the second guy who tried garbled. -- well within the next best single blog treasure this golf Carmelo. And at Pearson PH. You would not want. And could be folks you know her energies and shopping while also having Jeff Green being able hope that it could be huge. Yes I feel like I'm not sure what I'd obviously like to see your thoughts. But X factors in this series really important guys who mentioned one of them just then Jeff Green whatever he does JR Smith for the knicks and maybe to I don't know of the lesser extent Jason Kidd. Yet Jason Kidd can be -- and things. You know they're blue in the country's huge advantage here. At point guard. Decision. Guys who can handle all and make these decisions consultant at no point -- they have no ball handling at all on its feet. Mean it's it's unbelievable but the worst nightmares come true and accents you know that three years they haven't. And the troop -- of Toronto and now I think it's going to make a difference in the playoffs when teams can play. Specifically for the -- night after night after night and the next thing they like to trap the scenes look at the ball across half court. Well now they won't be threatened our ability to -- from the -- earlier according to be here. Certainly there's. You know and it doesn't handle the ball a great is known for making decisions as a -- career haven't made those kinds of decisions. And that the -- But whether or -- and so can hold on the ball which turnovers that's and the huge issue for them in this series. The the next they're not able forced turnovers and can you be against Austin. On this blog guy plays for the Celtics who have not been in this kind of position as Celtics. -- have to be relying on those guys. And and -- perhaps to be a little bit of uncertainty for a missile which -- and captured. -- -- the -- I mean we we know what happens in these playoff series we could just focus on one individual or -- rather I should say one team. And pressuring that ball cutting -- some of those passing lanes I'm sure the leave -- be more dependent at different times on on Paul Pierce and also I think good another scary fact probably in the your thoughts of the knicks don't turn the ball over that much. No I mean think about it they've got. Presumably to a degree you're an actual point guards in the race you are in right now -- -- to your shoes. One of a handful of great point guard in the history basketball. And -- -- When he played. Which everywhere else not so good for the next Tuesday -- -- And European that it relies on three point shooting. When you watch him play it might think he walked immediately. -- He moved the ball around the three point line. Everybody keeps she trees should. It's a good person Chandler in the 100. So yeah. The fact that they go almost all of them in this is huge. What what do you think -- that we love to talk about this but matchup so what do you think the most important or one or two matchups in this series. Well. -- it'll -- -- those who does conceded that Garnett can be matched up what can keep you current cardinal Andre Tyson Chandler's. Going to be. Going up against and mile crisscrossing probably. But. The idea of Tyson Chandler Garnett that's a big one because particularly younger version of good. And so. Is he going to be able to keep coming up somewhat and it would take away -- of one and the advantage is it. He's gonna play out -- you and that way you use -- so much better than anybody -- Nokia. Problems with Miami they couldn't match helpful and well. Nick had some lead. Inside. The plate with that kind of energy that kind of passion and Beatrice inn and then that does. We cut them -- -- ago but Jeff Green. Is going to be enormous. For the Celtics and I guess you can actually not a good cardinal. When he's on the floor -- at times. But that's the idea of just greens being able scored when it came as a starter. Now they need that production from. He needs to play like. I can start emerging star. Maybe two points. Lastly in we have -- this series I'm guessing the Nixon. Based on your earlier comments. Yeah I. Had thought long and hard about it in the Celtics. But it can I can't -- the Celtics winning sliders. That care. And the longer it goes on partners and decent and then keep people and I think. Against the team that. That could do to accomplish a lot more and they captured this season. And so he does. It's got to be able to the next to keep extending series is. Two because they're going to be under a lot of pressure. In the at the top and play as well and so I think it will keep that it will. We're not going to go and not cynical and I think you know played very well much -- -- -- If they do that all these expectations there on an excellent Carmelo. There elegant turn against its own paternity. And so they're -- really think this is it the pressure does emerge it the Celtics are playing well. The -- just need to keep extending the series and keep. Keep it close. With the idea that. You know like your fourth quarter -- football and you're in better condition the other team and you're gonna Wear them out. Close game again that's so they have to look at news. And kind of feel like that telescope. I -- me and I appreciate it and really appreciate taken time out on this Saturday afternoon. It all right thank you Ian Thompson does a terrific job outstanding work. For Sports Illustrated as a lead NBA writer. We've got Celtics knicks coming up shortly if you want a -- in a phone call 617779793. Several week back after a 92 break.

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