WEEI>On Demand>>Friend of Boston Marathon suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev: "He was in my house a month ago"

Friend of Boston Marathon suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev: "He was in my house a month ago"

Apr 19, 2013|

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's friend, Sam, calls into Mut and Merloni and discusses the deceased suspect's life. He says Tamerlan went back to Chechnya last December and returned a different person.

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And -- Sam joins us Sam Mike and Louis Boston you knew. Tamil land can he tells about -- relationship with him. Yeah -- I've I've been -- -- the kid's arm since probably 2005. Was introduced to me through another one of my friends are and you know on that and ever since we we've we've been a real difference. Army news he was at my house not a month ago. You don't seem seem just as normal as usual. -- at your house a month ago. Yes. Up. And I called me up I don't know where you know he was always -- On my street. Armed with other kids in my neighborhood and arm -- -- -- Kate he was always you know real. Happy go lucky always collapse in -- this is this is some. That you know -- I'm like completely completely shocked it is something that I would never ever expect -- a kid you know. Salaries are when you say you're safe friends you feel like you knew him pretty well and and when you hear this information today that. He was involved in this that that's the surprise deal. -- Lou I was. Completely completely shocked I mean I've I've been very very good friend indicated since since 2005. Arm I mean not whom to two months ago he called me up that's illegal scheme. Aren't I talked a little phone I think three weeks ago a month ago most. And -- -- you know it is absolutely shocked and just. Well I'm just him and he read a lot about him in being InBoxer. -- Yeah he won gold gloves a couple of times armed. I mean -- I used to see you can imagine means. I mean we always we we still don't -- like when he when he golf pro you don't like -- beach it was an insane happily. I mean just an animal machine. Well it and it broke quicken and dot com Wednesday wrote about him is going to boxing. That will box for passport you mini comets is I don't every single American friend I don't understand them. Are you American. Yeah yeah. Did you know did you use that aren't -- all of -- -- -- or American. Did you ever see any kind of violence side in him now than in the room. I mean when you when he was entering. I mean for sure he was even seen in the -- he was one track mind. Ready to take out his opponent let on. I mean -- like this is just. Is just unbelievable. I mean. It really is. Did you ever feeling that he was an interest to military any any. Anything like that fighting for. I don't. I don't will call never talk about wanted to be. Military -- I mean -- other than working out and being in the wearing -- -- we view always was it was a pretty relaxed kid you know arm. I mean we would have known group you know we lose children friends' houses -- -- Just sit on the couch watching TV. You know. It smoked pot and. What about relationships and -- his brother a lot of people talking about these guys today. Seemed it never heard one talk about the other did say did he talk about his brother Joseph -- That you know other. I I. I don't know his brother arm I've met in the few times. I mean EEO he said that he had a brother -- never really he never really talked about him very much. Armed it didn't really seem like you -- bullied part in what his brother but. I'm. Definitely didn't. You know here's a window -- You know one of when he was brought up great thing. But I mean from what I know bought his little brother -- a wrestler in high school wrestling team. And I mean resist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Armed and I mean this thing the same to me that the -- so the most. Is that I know he was in Chechnya for for three -- four months around on December somewhere in our time. And I I. Is it like it like it was enemy in this Sammy me in this. This past December. You you as a friend -- and you know that this past December risen what 34 months ago he went back to Chechnya. Yeah he was in Chechnya a. Around that time -- reform once in five months. When you when you saw the video that usually -- if he had -- right away. When I. I got a call actually this morning from the darkness are saying meant my point was canceled so. And they they said he didn't hear the news you know that BP closed on that aren't hooked on the -- and I saw that the first thing I saw his picture -- large. And I was like wow I was and always should you know let that looks like. Looks like him you know we called him and armed. And then there's the picture strong Panetta said number one suspect -- -- from Chechnya. Outlet only you know. And from Chechnya in -- and I saw the next action instead and it says the name and probably on my -- there's no way that that is. And then I saw a little brother's -- and seeing little brother's name on it on the TV confirmed it -- -- how many other people. We have a little brother would seem names I -- is completely in shock is. My only. Can be my only reaction. Don't feel like something change when he went back the Checchi he keep you Philadelphia back different a different person at Tampa. I I think so and it's not even something that that I noticed when when I saw him -- I didn't I didn't notice anything different. You know arm he he's seeing just -- the same the same studio it was. And it's insists it's it's great unbelievable it really -- We'll -- and we appreciate take some time today if we have not talked to authorities. I would give them a call because they think they'll want talk with you about that relationship and we appreciate you giving us called this morning giving us some insight into your relationship with. And we call Campbell but it sounds like his friends. All of them come along and looks -- aren't you guys called on him or. A lot of people -- some different today -- we appreciate it thank you for the call and the information Cambridge they have voter registration car.

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