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Friend of Boston Marathon suspect Tsarnaev: Not the person I knew

Apr 19, 2013|

Luis attended the same high school as Tamerlane Tsarnaev and coached his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in soccer. He joins the show to discuss the brothers.

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Nineteen years old Louis is calling from Cambridge in coach -- are and soccer Lewis it's like -- here and WEEI good morning. Good morning decorator and so he can help us out -- -- -- some -- the details year you were friends with with camera Campbell and and you coached your heart youth soccer they -- Cambridge. Yet -- -- -- -- it is -- year arm. And is that what I'm seeing here is that. These two guys who is so young. They were nice people. They were in our society they would play sports as a friend through social. And so I don't know where they may have gotten lost in the shuffle in the past years so. So make him do compliment. I see a lot of people labeling them play like I'm terrorists and all that now that's not. You're just another character -- what they it was a good. But it doesn't reflect who we've all known as -- could be. And community. Well just let them -- ask you real quick because yesterday at 5 PM when the FBI they hold the press commerce and you see the photos of the two individuals. Did you Knowles then in what was going through your mind. Two BR no I think a lot of us that knew them. Just didn't make that connection because we said no that accurately noted it but in the current -- and also -- -- I -- a little bit more eco. -- and always had more like a -- beard on his face. I mean he -- that the war how. And in particular the FBI at least he got a hat and sunglasses and -- reshape. So that's why didn't about me. Sort of a little brother. A commemorative. Ya. Had more than Beatty face from the coast. Olympic that they at least yet facial hair of a little bit older. But when you see the baby faced picture that they have out there. That's that's the one that's the life in Iraq the way when he was younger so the two pictures released. Didn't really exactly jump out. With what I had known of the physically when you. What was less time. You'd come to contact -- that would. Pomp and who in the water today. About two years ago it will not solve graduated. 2006. And that helped him out of time not a high school. And then just the one -- coaching for -- little brother is my interactions and he was quiet you're respectful of the great -- he earned. Kids love to be your friend. Yeah I think that's that's the part that. Does make sense to me you know it was an -- the loner and dark dark dark jacket hood walked into the hallways -- Jeremy -- he said that people or are. Paul (%expletive) wanna find them as as life -- terrorist I gotta tell you the calls we've gotten today your call Sam's call all the reports. Everyone seems to say they didn't suspect anything and from these 200 I don't hear a lot of help thing. Level -- on the local level we we don't expect that because we knew them but I wanted to say people from outside of the area all over the country all over the world. It says no terrorists. Are categorized. And a way where that are. Period about their crap than and they're out to do this in the planning for multiple years there raised that way -- -- not like that at all. Lewis thank you for your insight today and appreciate the phone call up on -- Lewis in Cambridge and you know just just to clarify you know we've talked a couple people now that knew these two individuals before.

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