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Adam Williams, WHDH, bullets were going "right by me"

Apr 19, 2013|

WHDH's Adam Williams joins Mut and Merloni to discuss a horrific scene in which he found himself caught in the middle of gun fire and explosions in Watertown.

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Adam Williams from channel seven WH DH was there in the neighborhood as a -- is going down last night. And had a nice of the join us at a much Lou I know it's been along a day or so for -- If he could take us back to last night in that neighborhood and give us a sense of of how things look topping sounded during what was I can't imagine like us on the number movies. Well I would start telling one of our -- -- -- more like a war movie when we arrive. We were hearing on the police scanners are reports of explosions and then heavy gunfire. I'm not -- street here in Watertown and are we were actually over on the MIT campus. Covering the fatal shooting of a police officer when we decided to file this report. A week I don't see much about our state troopers we were well out of the air. Fifty or sixty troopers to follow. And basically when we got there we got out of our -- car and we heard hurt several explosions we heard multiple gunshots. Probably about twenty seconds work of gunfire and explosions. -- obviously that was parliament photographer got out his camera icon on the on the station to a report a lot of what was going on. Arm and and suddenly here it would within a couple of good after that happened we see about ten. Police officers with their guns drawn winning it toward a person and out of giving orders they were themselves were backing you know we're trapped -- -- cards. Stuck in a box if you will. Because there were explosions and gunfire one side of us and that's suspect there are -- person of interest on the other side of us. A moment I'll tell you aren't sure it on the air last night and I admit it that I've never much liked that a situation like that -- where where it felt. Bullets did not coming toward me but rather right by me. Quite a moment and and then to learn. Our early in the hours this morning at our coverage continue to hear that indeed the person responsible for producing and and firing that artillery. What you -- -- Boston Marathon suspects it was surreal to think that a lot police we work with -- seat this monster. We're talking a channel seven a reporter Adam Williams of who was their last night -- and use it. Obviously you're there you're you're close to accuse -- report were maybe you felt like -- little bit close to close. To the whole situation. I felt like -- mostly to close in fact I found myself reporting on the air I think underneath almost underneath our car behind that door. Do we were so close they -- -- right dark scenes there was the unmistakable. Smell of gunpowder. And other substances that no robbery or electric. -- and nature and that presumably was -- the bombs that support or not a police source. I later in the morning told me that indeed. That suspect suspect number one who has -- -- children. I'm -- -- all for once second state police spokesman Dave optical be alive right now. It's definitely in the -- me. Painted -- desert seem. This -- view of us that they didn't hold its. Carjackings. In the vehicle. -- at least a few minutes. Letting him go. CIV was. President at a time it had hit me. -- -- And we'll -- and it. Definitely looked like. He had coveted miss. I think your. -- They don't get. CLU's event. Thank god it's. State police trucks. -- I -- millions. The the governor and the mayor being briefed. I eat at commanders it's. Agencies and expect they'll be increasing use of we also saw police activity down the street you can see it from here. Those initial political plus of the suspects it is not. So stagnant and just no way. I think clear and has seen so. I suspect in this probably. I'm sure what drew their attention to the person. They're running him anyway background. David from -- is Peter -- -- PA -- Spokesperson Massachusetts state police. That it will lead -- -- briefing. -- is the National Mall. Yes it is. Okay thank you it's. -- is that the. As a state police spokesman I believe that's right down the street the arsenal mall saw the shot of magazine -- mall when he just said is. There's a police. If police presence here. Oil in the suspect here so we've been talking all morning about the idea that -- suspect to is somewhere like a rat trapped in. Arsenal ball state police just said. We do not a suspect at that location he's not a suspect -- this so we'll keep you updated as police still of arsenal mall and arsenal -- Watertown kind of cleared off. Adam Williams channel seven nice enough to join us at a much cut you off as you were talking about -- too close to that scene last night for a within the state trooper there. Yes certainly cute too close for comfort a situation like you know the feeling here that the saying under siege is. Probably putting it lightly I was I was saying that. You know we -- we got there and got out of partner's car we were so close to -- this artillery that we could smell. Gunpowder something electrical or something robbery is -- described it. And we were really cut the position -- box between police car so we could move our own cars they're not that I remember yet. And they were too -- dealing with oh with the chaos going on around them deal with getting not in the same spot and you know luckily we -- -- tomorrow to get in a safe spot I thought it was such shooting video from by the leased car I was. Taking cops are behind are from behind our new car and it just carrying the coverage. As it happened and and they are saying that you you don't -- hours later find out that the person that we were just beat. -- -- that would in this -- person now wanted to search her rhetoric over the cracked. Adam in terms of -- last night ye here -- here at the the results of what happened there and the death in terms of going for you guys caught the video. Of those cars coming in do you feel confident -- investigation of what happened last night that the suspect to will be tracked down here today. I feel confident because I've seen the most organized articulate. And an orchestrated that type of police. President and and execution that that I've ever seen. I've been that water I'm actually still caught in the middle of their crimes -- our lives better actually -- -- In the crime they were in the middle here on mount Auburn street and I have seen. Police local local state and federal police coming in and out of described seeing almost as if they're acting information or intelligence. I've seen seven MBTA buses packed all the a police officers coming yen and those boxes deployed. Into the -- you might see on channel seven and recovered that we have is. Some of these armored vehicle in the neighborhood swat teams going rushing and alms editor time. Not to intimidate people live their part to make sure that fit that nobody has harboring -- so it's a Specter that the suspect. Holding everybody hostage I'd I do feel confident that I I'm hoping. All this -- -- the result today I think we all our respective. Adam Williams channel seven WH DH that -- and tremendous data we appreciate it and they'll all see evil if evading breaks we'll talk to literal we appreciate your time today. But what art or Aaron Williams.

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