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Caller Dave in Taunton shares his thoughts on the bombing suspects' motivations

Apr 19, 2013|

A caller named Dave is familiar with Chechen rebels' motivations from his time in the Special Forces. He explains to D&C how those motivations might be shared to the two suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing as they are from Chechnya

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Opted deepened on Sunday morning hey guys are you -- So. Special operation of fighting these guys the Chechens have been very active in both Afghanistan. And Iraq com. So so we've been fighting these guys you -- now. It also been very active in Syria. So there you know they're there. Very well aligned with al-Qaeda and other Muslim fundamentalists who are all file Dave what are the what is their means operation. -- Unlike al-Qaeda did not real pick on suicide bombings well. Most out military training because they're conscripted and yeah. -- -- -- -- a -- insult al-Qaeda al-Qaeda recruit them over the last few years because of their European law. Com they're lucky to -- and other countries. But -- There are also fighters there are no holes -- Tokyo about women don't care about -- and they'll they'll typically don't like it yet. I'm but there's been -- agents in both Afghanistan and Iraq where. You -- twenty to thirty the insurgents were killed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in some cases you'll find individuals within within the within -- The insurgent groups but in most cases they they they should stick together and function as. -- They are generally you can do you think of and chest injury associated them with Russians and other hate Russia they Putin they fight their fight him. This they generally don't think they have they have a real anti American right name right. Is isn't this premiere of Iran was the first is the first attack on our soil but I don't remember. And organized -- in attack on Americans even if he oversees. Well actually. The real Internet -- here you know that Perry is fiercely independent and at eagle ought to break away from the Soviet Union and later Russia. 01 of the reasons so independent ought to break away is because. They're the -- -- fundamental they want their own Islamic state and either Soviet Union collapsed Soviet Union was was you know was. Fairly anti religious and that's how that all started then what happened was when you break up of the Soviet Union. -- years was still fighting for independence. -- and that they were aligned with any. Muslim Islamic fundamentalist group on on a global basis because they take a lot of their monetary so. Support and on support from groups like al-Qaeda in their fight against Russia. So -- they had to close on without Condit because they help. Al-Qaeda. Early on a -- and when they were fighting against the Russians. So they were in Afghanistan. -- we invaded Afghanistan. They continue to fight. Again. Against our. In support of the other month prominent on the groups in. In the region and because of that they continued the fight. -- and sort of grew out from that their hatred of America but they consider American imperialism because they -- that we are suppressing. -- on a worldwide basis and have their. Pro Islamic -- so for them. Where where you know rush Russia was first target but America. What -- not quite as obviously. There are feels like a new front on the war -- -- on this -- based on what you know do you think this so cars aren't off will be well are allowed to be taken alive will he allow himself to be taken alive. Now I it is the only way they're gonna take him alive -- If she somehow allowed knocked unconscious for the route to the agreed in route to the forehead could cut the last but yet. If -- more likely victory and that they are really -- aren't taken hostage is that better definitely one of their remote -- our house and they also. You know you look at what they used in a marathon. You know they're trying to make improvised devices. And if he held up somewhere and there's an ingredient around I can guarantee you eat if you know he's got -- I'm ill ill try to make. And so there's a lot of explosive device equipped -- catch -- or at least people on the run bigger than that I'm the Buick thing out about.

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