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John Farrell postgame press conference

Apr 18, 2013|

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Just a Wolf Blitzer is all the way around. I -- pitched very well I've got to the point five spot in the rotation. Offense Davis -- -- -- -- -- game I thought tonight John Fisher has consistently as he's in trouble this early part of the season. We've been very good defense I thought tonight we ran the -- exceptionally. And it was -- just give -- you know Michael through with a big base hit to right field which were running that. It was the seventh and Hillary he scored three years and and create a lot of those guys come back to back days but. Overall Q as the record three. Those types of -- I'm looking says -- advanced ninety feet whenever we can. It was a great read on his part and even score from second base and they said. You know he makes a good clean turn bang bang play play but he gets in and impose aggressive down there and a good read on his part. -- And I we've played between short game and we're optimistic. When we had chances. Your your gonna need -- read. -- -- -- -- -- We all talk show important starting rotation is and the whole. Success. No different through the early version of this team in 2013. We've we've got some spots in the rotation we still have to continue to try to -- -- out. Three of four innings and available and there's a lot fast forward to it. It's gonna be very good run for the our -- There was curve ball didn't went my. There was one picture. All the -- they got a couple strikeouts on. When. I think -- the game -- -- a little bit later this 767. Inning get better that was -- for yourself probably the best car than any truth to give us. But I think consistently. As far as formal vote in the zone where everything starts in Warsaw open. -- -- -- -- Well when he -- -- On -- plate he didn't do a lot of damage and he took some borrowing her walls. From the site -- you know they're they're good pitcher pitches books are usually get back and account. And when it's stressful place we know what he's very capable but he's been very good job behind the plate McCain Colin is receiving. It's good to have a couple of them power. Yeah you know again we're trying to stay away from guys -- backed -- his. As much as possible -- and later given. You know. Found the strike zone enough. The tying run on deck -- like coach was good for -- tonight and they usually get it. -- electrical prices -- just -- Picked up a notch. We're run cushion to have to go up as aggressively. Political spotlight comes in the long run even in -- quite work out for. Well we haven't talked to that subject yet so.

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