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Mike Napoli after the last game of the Cleveland series

Apr 18, 2013|

The Sox first baseman told Joe & Dave that the team made baserunning a focus in spring training.

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Thanks jab that might get another big night for you know with a couple of pits putting it Triplett who ran the bases is so well. But that was really critical -- in the seventh inning when -- -- on the shallow fly and we're able they get around out they get by car. Yeah you know it it all star in spring training. Whoever gonna run the bases and but facility because. The ground late. Mike is it's it is is it over reaching to talk about how this team has bonded and in it seems to be very close team. With great chemistry when you watch the way the Red Sox did so many good things tonight running the bases pitching playing defense you know. Doing great things all night and was that way throughout the series isn't over reaching to say that the chemistry is a big part of us. No I mean I mean today I mean. The things we do you know and it's about success -- I would of wanted to play no way to tell unfortunately so. And they were doing on the field it's you know for the team in in you know trying to. Score runs anyway we can't you know we often go like this in on the club policy -- come here to play together. And -- in the epidemic it must not have been on base that's all failing as a good feeling not a couple of opportunities tonight. Now the so it was gonna get the job done and I got them another opportunity Lleyton you know got to start -- -- for the -- play. You know good things -- Mike can you talk about what it means to to come back home now to Fenway given the day you left than what happened. In Boston and now returning playing so well with a six game winning streak. Yeah I know we're excited to get back home you know -- -- with the fans and people of Boston you know get back there. Do whatever we can you know -- to help everybody in I'm pretty sure fire and scramble hopes. While Mike get a looks like David Ortiz will be in the lineup tomorrow away. And probably changed the batting order so we don't know how yet but what are your feelings -- by having David there hitting it -- you're behind you. It doesn't matter to me just want him in the lineup in. You know we we know having him back he's going to be -- -- for us and just make a lot of teams in -- Mike thanks so much you wanted to thank European on and know all the flash your field through very -- week with this organization that the title means a lot for the folks back home things go. Okay thank you very much like appreciate it let's go back to you.

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