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John Farrell pregame before the last game of the Cleveland series

Apr 18, 2013|

The Sox manager told Joe Castiglione that the team has come together in these first two weeks.

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The John F five game winning streak got denied the chance to sweep in Cleveland you seem to be able to do it many different ways. Well we have Joseph and I think the one common thread through all the different types of games that we played has been our starting pitching. It's been very consistent it's kept the game in check early on to our offense to get on track and even those. 2132 ball games it's given us a chance to win some games late with either couple walk cough sore. An opportunity for these -- our bullpen late Teamsters to -- some things down but. You know we were talking before we came on air here just the approach that we had against Justin Masterson last night and we we really put together a very good approach we we left the number guys on base but still it was really good to see our our approach and with a two strike approach -- -- -- -- They -- the first ten hits were opposite field hits that was no accident. No I think with a with a sinker ball like that in fact that we had a number left handers in the lineup. They do very good job staying inside the baseball particularly in the number of fastballs -- -- we're gonna see -- that sinker that runs away from them. A number -- balls that either right down the left field line are probably sits in the left center field gap. And we continue to put the pressure on them throughout the course of the game. And he keeps his ours has been lights out and such a big factor in last night's win that's why is he so much better than it was before Tommy John. You don't have Joseph and I think that the you know you look across the field when he came back up to the major leagues last year after the rehab his velocity has really climbed to that 93 to 96 range. So that in and of itself is one main reason but it's added so much action to a secondary pitches he can throw that split finger to both lefties and -- And what he and Koji -- so well as to locate that fastball. Eight and they can really -- to a scouting report with above average stuff and the culmination of those things just mentioned. It was makes him such an effective reliever in those two innings last night were probably the difference in the ball game. And Koji is enthusiasm. It really is contagious and then. And -- it's it's growing by the appearance because you know even last night in in the two run game he gets a big strike out of of Reynolds and the inning. He comes from off the field in -- everyone in the dugout -- anticipating his. Entry into the dugout high fives are gonna go around and any injects a lot of light feet he's a great got to be around. And what we've seen over. You know this first two and a half weeks of the season as this group has really come together in the individual personalities have been able to. Kind of shine a little bit put all accepting anomalous. David Ortiz sounds like he's ready to play tomorrow. Yeah I think even after the ball -- he made the comment that he's ready to come back to a so that'll be great news for us to see him back in Fenway tomorrow night back in our home white uniform. In the middle of our order in the fact is you know he he ends his last of that with a home run today so. Hopefully that sends him back to us so little boost of confidence given how erupted -- spring training has been. And then how about. Hanrahan and John Lackey. Well with the tentative plan through John Lackey is that he'll throw bullpen tomorrow when we get back to Boston. I he is at this point I gonna make a rehab start with Portland on Monday. So he's moving in very good. You know very good progression all the -- -- I was out 220 feet long toss yesterday. When he came back in an -- more aggressive he still feels some of -- grabbing in that hamstring nothing like it was in game activities so. We've still got a few days to let all those symptoms subside but. Nonetheless you guys are making progress. As well in the Russian eat and I tip off tonight yeah I think so -- you always played every inning of every game so far this year you know you can see little frustration start rumors a little bit so just a down day day of rest and Pedro is is that third base tonight. And my -- back. He's picked a good time to start -- yeah you know again that we talked about the match ups of left handers against Masterson and and lefties concede. His fast a little more because that lower arm slot and he did a tremendous job force last night with a three -- -- -- two doubles and a triple before we get to the pitching matchup John. You think tomorrow night will really be an emotional scene at Fenway how do you. Think -- go. Yeah I think it will be I think there's going to be a mixture of emotions certainly our thoughts will still always be with the victims that have suffered today in this tragedy. I think it also it gives us an opportunity to celebrate those who respondents. First on the scene whether it was a the end mass with the volunteers that were there are certainly the the doctors and nurses and those who gave blood throughout all of this so maybe it provides us an opportunity to salute them. I think what we're gathering internally here is that the -- kind of a low level tribute not to make it any spectacle what to acknowledge those -- really have. Helped out -- and hopefully our play helps in some of that community spirit to continue to bind us together we're all looking for getting back home for sure. Wells had our receiver -- question of the day it's Jon Lester again against the McAllister react to throws pretty hard and Lester really been dominant he has he's done such a good job of carrying through what he established in spring training with his delivery in the location and execution of those pitches in the first restart so he's given us everything would have hoped. You know as we mentioned our starters have kept the game in check. We'll take another seven or eight innings out of him tonight as we need it after 25 innings starting stints at the last two ball games so. We're looking for John to be on public is -- in the night -- like tonight's OK Joseph. Our pressure them. Did you brought Steve -- Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealer visit your local authorized Mercedes-Benz daily schedule a test drive today on the web MD USA dot com. John.

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