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David Ortiz after his final rehab game for Pawtucket

Apr 18, 2013|

The Sox's offensive lynchpin told Alex Speier and others that he's feeling good and ready to help the major-league team.

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-- -- -- Just. Last. It's. And it's. It's so bad that I. They get more contour -- constantly non. And it's me when I'm getting cut. Equitable and it probably did -- -- And like I say you know the more pitching you face with kitchen and in. -- when he nineteen member order. There was some kind that I could work. But. My idea was threatened with a boarding place so that I can Rahman's feel that is feel. Got a chance to face and that. On a bad and this is so. Just go back to the big can tomorrow and it can become. To think that you know do you think you're ready to be active treatment roster until. -- I don't know enough from over an extended to. A deficit to contact them. My main key was just make sure that my folks are fine and and -- by moving. What you're going back. -- -- oh I love it I don't know this expression for me and it's. And I know that I again they -- time to do my thing weren't you working to a that will fund. I'm not trying to do too much and I'm not going to period did it in my back or anything that can explain world. Hopefully continue that will make it easier on me. And not to -- people went. -- told you you get you can just tell them what you are ready to go back. Yeah yeah yeah we we take our time and and changes the right thing. You know and it's time. Deteriorated -- daily basis. Many many -- my -- and arsenal you know so the plan by about. Roughly dozen approximately that or you enough for me that I want one like OK. Mark on the loose and this is going you know. Yeah. Yeah very anyway months. You know on and I mean -- sometimes you not hitting the ball and down it and get of people. Went in the Cleveland and -- -- -- and you knew what you were away and we somewhere who has been trying for a month and happens because. There were you timing. And work on the things that. Oh god keep you being consistent. So. Work on that every day. And I know what it takes to get this. That -- simple. That literally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the -- ten million cities that you or your clothes on. You know. -- -- -- Well. Beyond as we Tuesday that whole. Funny and old time. It's not like it's gonna -- my favorite. Thing so. Or running part of it and you know so. Those David. You know -- on the YouTube debates order. That's our post they post game most days. And -- view for the following day. And and I think we know -- approach that day that I you know made a loud and it's gonna happen regardless in and then. He's got a great way. A couple of days here and it was fine so. And I went too crazy about. My guest -- We're aware of late -- You know -- contract standpoint. You know you got to come out. If you're not accurate -- It. Triggers some you know takes money -- -- you know I just. And -- A couple of days ago that. Thus thus not mine. That's another thing that everything good about right now in. When I go back. -- wanna play. But ultimately ruin our summer there and this those going to be you know fighting faith if I would agree there's been curtains you. You know it is what it is the same way I'm going back that because of that -- America's -- I'm ready -- and -- going to be playing more vocal. Austin thanks and in particular lawsuit did --

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