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Jack Edwards: Rene Rancourt brought us all to our feet, did us proud

Apr 18, 2013|

We check in with Jack Edwards and get his take on a memorable night at the TD Garden, and an update on the playoff-bound Bruins as well.

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Pretty amazing last night at the garden. Been a pretty amazing a couple of days and hearing the response. From first responders from politicians from leaders. From everybody who has come together from sports teams in town. As an offset the tragedy for Monday no of course not but does it help. For me at least it has Jack Edwards joins us as he does every week -- Jack you were there last night I'm assuming I did not see you -- but I know you were there right. No I was not there are had a prior engagement because it was an NBC game but -- was -- at all with a bunch of hardcore sports fans. He. Social Boston sports for the that would there was tremendous to he would. Which runs and the guests and sort of see it through that prism also we're just. There was tremendous let me you know I everybody had as singles of arms and was really really. Excited about the livable city in the whole region and come together and I've heard from. From phantom presence all over content today you know Canada and the US like. And you know everybody is it is united in this. Nobody's gonna take this sitting down and everybody's to have tea. A very -- answer you. To this cowardly act and it's it's wonderful to see the way people pulled together in the way to stand together and the out it was just emblematic of that. -- Jack did you know anyone who was affected. By the attack or anybody who was in there were some. Some near miss as many people saying I was there are five minutes before I was two blocks -- anybody. In your circle who fits that category. Italian I'm extremely fortunate in that. I have are close friends since high school whose daughter was there about ten minutes or bomb went off and she's direction research work at Harvard and she just happened not to be there at that moment and you know there. There are dozens and dozens of people and and are hundreds of thousands of people who have stories like that and it just makes you. Feel almost guilty for the people who were less fortunate than our -- our. Acquaintances are associates because. It's it's such a horrible cowardly random act of violence that is. Store and quality of life -- itself from so many people -- people. Jack come a huge fan ever and hearing courts I love when he does the National Anthem Michael and I yet discussed that yesterday I like Renee and it's been -- and -- what seems like my entire life so why I am a fan of that. I loved what he did last night -- he said that it was discussed with the team officials at a time and suggested to him and he was a little nervous about it at first but ultimately could not have been happier that it went the way it did it. Is what is written a -- court mean to the Bruins into that entire experience. It for the world war you know you can't imagine that out without him right. And -- of course broadest worksheet and single works fine and so all the way back you have the Boston garden and it's it's hard to. Project. Some -- what it may be like if you ever decides to retire but for all the thousands of times. That he has. All this up for games. It was it's great. -- and his ability -- saying. Perhaps some things to be most remembered for when he's called on and we all hope -- many years from now but perhaps a thing of the most remembered for. When he called on this that I chose not the -- and have. A nations and along. In his -- He can you tell us a little more mean I think we all feel like we know. Brad Marchand just from him on the ice and what appears to be the edge that he plays with -- but I thought he had very. -- very gracious and very gracious gesture. Or he's gonna have his boxers or raffle involved in the proceeds are gonna go to the Richard family. Young -- Richard eight years old lost his life. And putt on Monday. Brad Marchand the man from what you've been able to which you've been able to gather because that that think it it it. There are many many things people have done but this one this one really jumps out of me I think it's. In extremely. Just generous as jitters moved from him. It's sort of the turn -- of so many hockey players because. There is such a violent. And random game of so many circumstances. That. That require them to be almost tribal in -- Willingness to put themselves in harm's way and and perhaps expose others to -- But they are without. Question. And I I accept this. Warm before I became a full time hockey -- they are without questionable. Awful. The most caring. And the athletes who have. Wife and sport in the past perspective. Of any athlete I've ever encountered in my life and I. I don't know the exact reasons for that. But marsh side is guys. You know lives on the wrong side of the edge. Some of the time he's on the -- and it would. Easy. To project. Character deficiencies that a guy who plays the game the way he has played although two of its credit in the -- Julian credit march on has cleaned up a lot. In recent years but he's a very sensitive guy and he's a very. Understanding guy out of what's really important and he is not ever forgotten. That day he came from relatively humble beginnings and is a guy who. Really had to go to work extraordinarily hard. And that he's he's got a good fortune to have generous people all around in this whole life. To impart their knowledge. And that it's time you know. And when he sees people in the -- network sales. It's and and a lot of the stuff that he goes. The Patrice Bergeron does that charge -- -- -- you go right through the role with these guys. Never gets publicized because they don't want it to be publicized they're not doing it for -- they're they're doing it because they want. Something could become of it personally. Not publicly and not that that march and is doing this. And you know it needs to be public because there's a tremendous chance to -- enormous. Amounts of money here. But I I think it's -- that. -- While quality and typical at its. Sort of symbolic -- -- -- field and and that's just part of what makes the -- it's an important part of the African and it's going to make influence. An important device through which a lot of people can begin to heal and and get past that and get on their last. Have you won Iowa bid on that it or rather you wanna be part of the Adam part of the raffle for Brad -- on suite for the first. Game first play off first home playoff game this year. It's that Bruins raffles dot org Bruins raffles dot org Jack just quickly a question -- about last night where the team is that. About the played a heck of a hockey game last night now some of that insurers the emotion some of it is to me the fact that they finally have all their guys back when -- -- team -- Bergeron. With marsh and the and also with with Chris Kelly on the ice they look a lot different than they have for the last month. -- no question they they look better and there was more creativity in the attack is on the we've seen in quite awhile. It was a little bit upsetting to see. Two power play goals allowed because they -- that's probably -- throughout the season. And eight. Mike -- wrote that and underdog made not a mistake when he took the faceoff in the defense is so what Chara was immediately was left. And all who don't and not do is stop the puck out and shark and I'd -- because the vote -- short and that it would have had the defense result faceoff that led to the the game tying goal. I treat that goes to about a mistake and and that's still where liberals are a little bit although there were plenty of hopeful -- I don't know that we can work. At that game as we would look at a regular game because the players were still -- -- emotionally and should have and you know finally just -- We've given -- Buffalo Sabres on agreed. Over the years but. Really really classy stuff. From both quality joined the pros and stick saluted as games. And you know credit certainly goes a lot to Thomas at a -- that was Zdeno -- or against a range that. Obviously you're going to result of the game. And -- even though you have a lot of guys so rim and into each other pretty hard sought after -- and Daniel hi to a former teammates. But once I was on the -- sabres. Exchanging you know. -- at a points at the end of it and now it's as a really good things. They feel about where Milan Lucic is right now looks like. Is it called not happy with them right now or are we -- reading that. Quote then not happy with his structure for quite awhile and quoted in the guy who gets angry guys inputs in the dark counseling -- arteries to do with players. Like Michael Ryder Cup in Montreal. Quote the guy who sees players cutting production problems and tries to figure out how to solve the problem rather than just to run the guy out accounts. Everybody else you know other teachers and immensely talented player and it's plain -- -- he's just that bad -- and and this season has -- over it still salvageable you can still be some very good thing the numbers are gonna look good at the end of the year regardless it is there aren't enough games left. Quote is still determined to find a way to get which each to be. Productive. Nothing has worked so far you know including. The demotion to the fourth line. They can't get there -- -- moving at the right times he's still get caught flat footed the puck keep springing off the stick when he received patent. And things just aren't audience thinks so they're trying desperately. Two. To get back on track and you know maybe that present the sort of -- helps that because maybe they can look Lucic watched couple against NC from self. Maybe how much more time he has to make decisions or how he movies eat better or something like that but. You know which is a really good kid ever since he's got -- Austin and you know he bought this insult you better quote -- to see him do better. Everybody kind of missed shot by. Jack always good to talk to you unfortunately of course it's been a very sad week but glad to see hockey back last night and and I thought it was a very. Positive experience for all of us your boss and and to be their last night was special for me we appreciate don't -- your next week. Aren't there you go there as Jack Jack Edwards he joins us every week brought you -- bread and smoke shop Boston private bank. And by the city of -- credit union -- to react to Tony your calls. A lot of subjects everything from what's happened this week to what the Bruins did last night what they're gonna do going forward to a Red Sox team that won five in a row looks unbeatable. To just the way sports can help all of us talking all in W via.

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