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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on the Boston Marathon bombing

Apr 18, 2013|

The legendary Boston reporter discusses the tragedy with Mut and Merloni and talks about her emotions and where she was when she found out.

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-- -- and Butler got -- three point seven WEEI just heard in its entirety president Barack Obama speaking at the cathedral. Of the holy cross and I thought he did a great job forget the political. -- for second I -- the president he can deliver speech yeah he's he's very good at that Lou any mixed and I think. You know it's good perspective on this and was able to sort captures the feelings a lot of people. And in terms. Of the next step you hope that -- confidence than. The FBI and the Boston Police Department and everyone of all the investigation to. Feel like they can. Get this guy. Or get these guys. Who are involved and -- -- was some good stuff. Have a very very nice job by the present in his speech -- Boston. Into America. Joining us on the AT&T -- someone who thought wrote as usual egg. Great column. A couple days ago about getting back into sports Jack McMullen joining us on the eighteenth the hotline eight Jacqui -- Lou just off the -- I -- a great column about. Trying to transition back in a sports and acknowledging that the time you work right 44 on Tuesday heading into Wednesday. Yeah and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Actually was in Florida when this happened I was in the Massachusetts. And just so shocking to see those images of places that we know also very well liked handling the -- many times covered the marathon many times been there many times as a young person. And as an adult and particularly wanted to come home to deal -- it I just want to come home because. I think when these things happen in this instant feeling of community of wherever something like this happens. And we were too far away -- people were certainly following it but there wasn't the same feeling that when we got back here. In the area. Can just feel you know and so. I'm glad to be home. You know Jackie urge your piece. He's been Boston first -- at takeovers. How many times you've talked to us and then fused at the phrase that the mother in me right and then you're ready -- It was tough because I think a lot of people are doing the same things because it is it's such a tradition for so many families whether. You were a block away -- what do fight. Stayed there longer I was at that scene what do I have gone what if the studios bring in my child and not last year what what if what if what if I think that's. That's what's really hitting the people that that are baby directly. Affected are in the hospital right now with their loved ones. -- you write in and you know because it's such about the tradition and leave -- casino. That. You know at some point my -- and when they grew up here you went to the marathon eighty with a friend media which you parents maybe with somebody and and at some point I'm sure you were probably the finish line and -- right effort from all these people that you're talking about in the last few days. Friend of mine who brought another year's -- and didn't run this year and probably would've finished around the time. You know my first well it sounds of the many of the journalists that there are only that the finish -- and that's really stood. Announced that stepped away from -- that that bomb exploded. Cover that event -- -- about all the people that I know that were there that day covering that event can put a colony Jill Feldman at the globe to principle of staff its allowance so heavily in. You know you hear John Lackey reported the -- these people that have worked its over the years can. And you know you do you bring children had its great thing -- it's -- it's -- routine it's it's part of the fabric of what we do here in Boston and and can mean literally may. About American -- sort of -- hold the event if you will mean as a little kid I used to. And on common have been with my sister to pass up a little cut the water and you know some people really thank you and some people were adopted in drank questioned some people. Ignored completely and pushed out of the way and it was all good because it was it was all part of the tradition. Why it was also looking is someone who you know four years of high school would take the train in -- and in come watch the Red Sox in the lead midway through. It's the same people Jacqui you go to the or with the same spot just outside -- when the same people were there and they'd been there from. The mobile went into the game two when we get out and interest. I think that unfortunately probably gone right in the marathon next year will be oversubscribed and it will be a tremendous event for the city but. I just get the feeling that it's going to be a -- fort feels maybe you'll never feel again like it felt before those bombs hit at the finish line on Monday. My than it and I wonder if it can't because. I mean we have -- just give. Great thanks to the race official who reacted so quickly on the first -- everybody that responded to this. Tragedy would get you with great integrity and and great professionalism. And and you know I just can't imagine anyone criticizing the people who run about America and for making this quote unquote an unsafe events come on. It's 26 mile long. And I was a little kid running into the road. Any water to people that's what made it's special and that's -- -- unique and and it's just you know there are going to be obviously have to be some changes and and it's just a shame it's just another. Another piece of our innocent -- Glad he'll -- Young people grown up in this world today my kids in your kids. Because it's just up the lessons are a lot tougher it seems to me that when when the three of us were grown -- -- -- cover sports and you know we. -- -- We talk about the role of sportsman that we saw that last at the -- -- gonna say it again Friday night at Fenway Park. It is part of it is part of the healing process of -- for everybody's well. Break from the have a hard -- of that part of it right now I just. I dislike it don't care right now and I know we all will eventually sooner than I'm better care very soon because I got to get to work. In the matter of days here get down in New York recovered some basketball games since. And amateur that'll be moving down there as well and it's great how. Export communities rally around each other's sweet Caroline all of that I thought that was great Chicago Tribune and a -- that was great. And that's you know the one OK about all of this is. If you really wanna pay tribute to the to the three victims of this and hopefully that's how little these three. What happens every time something like this happens everybody slowed down a little bit. Everybody stopped to take stock of things but everybody's a little nicer to each other and I felt that the minute I got back here in the Boston area and I got off the plane. And you know what if nothing else can we all just try to do that. Anyway. Can we extended a little bit that we have to wait for something like this for had to happen. For everybody to have to step back in and be a little -- more compassionate about everything in our lives. And you know that would be a nice thing when that. It would be and the other thing is it's a reminder to I thought Jackie of did the job our first responders do you mean the pictures that the cover of night this week mean. Three police officers who won with a gun drawn sort of wondering what's next in the stories I heard about you know. -- -- we hear from LB earlier was on ESP a boston.com a captain. Who -- across the finish line goes right back in these people who. Mean home a tourniquet and save lives save body parts that if you Durham about it how tough those people are on the job that they do that's. A small sliver of a positive out of that awful awful. Well and just dollar regular citizens that -- you know what music kept running to the hospital to donate all the stories are so many big on the little ones. Everybody doing a tiny little things are a big thing. You know mark -- this -- course are part of the Dorchester boys and girls -- handling timid on there and and I mentioned to win the group went you guys talk about from time kind of a play that small list. I'm meant to keep that feeling in their prayers because of all the terrible things are going through that and second. They're out and we actually send money Utley make a donation and and that's the spirit that you. That that you love to see and it's great that it happened in our wonderful city but I don't think it's unique about they think it's it's. I think it's the way the human spirit work. Well in terms of up next year we had this question a minute war. Give me your pressure of what it's going to be like next year Jacqui for the Boston Marathon -- what I know it's a long way away X or what to expect from that event. Next year the president just talked about how it'll be it'll be packed and I tend to agree but what do you think -- deal. Well I think -- the very emotional because. Will have a whole year to dissect and then a holy and remember. And there are no photographs of those victims of beautiful boxing -- university graduate student could -- channel the young woman -- -- -- -- all that those things. Although -- images will come back up again and you know you try to heal something and then it's taken a stab a little bit. And but I think it'll be sure it will be very well run could have only been very well run I'm sure there will be added security. You know maybe a little kid I can heal the past -- water to runners along the route anymore I don't know I hope -- I hope so but maybe not. Maybe that's just. -- casualties that's something like this when it happened. But it. But I think it'll be a very moving day and I don't think people say Larry I really don't. I think they'll come and -- I know. I usually Miss America on the last few years because I've gone down to Florida be with my family. -- the anniversary when my -- my own sister passed away so I'd Miss America on for number years. I'm already thinking next immediate it's a place I need to be maybe all of us in this industry need to be there it's going to be an incredible. Emotional. Day for sure. Yeah I think you'll be reckoned. Number of people but just participating but to be there to show their support to show that it's not gonna stop us and it's going to be. -- Britain's government now since you appear to be -- but hey it's not about the second half. You know. It's been there have been -- day everybody and but once again thank you just so proud of the people around you this man a great. Out of the city and the in the way that the cities responding the last couple days Jack. Not Mayor -- I'm telling you to god broke his leg he had surgery he didn't get his leg and -- had surgery he should be in the hospital. And and you know within what 48 hour -- seek out. Trying to pull itself up on -- chair god bless them and I've had a lot of time with the man accused there's literacy events that I've been involved in attendance. And I know people like them to Pope trying to and I understand -- mangle the language I do that occasionally myself so I had to the farm but. Did anybody could ever doubt the sincerity with which he. It looked over this city and cared for people especially young people I think. I think there's it's an indisputable that today after hearing what he had to say yes but he was just terrific. Jacqui will get you out with with. A small sports question that I can tell that you're not ready to jump fully back in our -- not ready to jump back into the world of sports but. You're going to be there for Celtics and knicks and it's been. A couple of weeks now of the Celtics not play in the real lineups and in looking at the the title -- the last couple weeks has looked awful. You give them any chance in this series against the two -- the knicks beginning on Saturday at three. Oh sure you can you know Bryant Garnett and pierce -- -- You give him a shot and -- common acceptance that they have some injury problems of their own. You know killer. I don't know how I'm -- -- will go what percentage -- think that'll affect them greatly. So sure you whenever you had a doctor pierce Garnett until three in particular you give him a shot now I know they like that they were lit in one game that's. We -- in one game of the final last year and and I certainly understand and appreciate that. But they had Rondo. And they had Ray Allen and they don't have either one of those guys and I just worry about that backcourt you know it's great play politic to that'll work in some cases but. In in some other cases it's gonna run I think it's gonna -- Jacki thanks for your insight was a great column on ESPN boston.com. And I'll fall your coverage -- Celtics knicks and we'll talk to you were up party game three next week. -- -- -- -- a -- to gut and I Jackie McMullen of ESPN Boston joining us Jacqui. As always brought to you by HS insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners opt in by John help thwart a quick break and a promise to get back to your phone calls Kendall. And everyone else is 61777979. B 37 it's much in -- 90%.

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