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Pres. Obama consoles people of Boston after marathon bombing

Apr 18, 2013|

Pres. Obama made a terrific speech in Boston as he did his best to comfort the victims and the city.

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Worse news. You moos. Okay. Gone. Yeah good to homes. The. -- building and we zone and we love and we raise our kids to do the same and we come together to celebrate and cities and cheer for our teams win the Sox. And Celtics and patriots. The chagrin of New York. The crowds who gather. It's reported goes down we'll -- And -- -- -- -- -- -- Amazing job by -- -- fans on -- last night was proud. To be in the building pelican had to be there with you guys and. Be part of that event last night you guys been called all day about the event about the ceremony near -- earlier with the NC talking -- that was the Bruins idea the Bruins came to him and said. You don't want to start the at the -- the fans take over. And take over you did your calls 6177797937. You can text us on the eight TT -- slide at 37937. In terms of the stories you're hearing about last night besides the at -- itself in the game. But after the game where. How to first responders. Were in the building and they did a great standing ovation at one point for the first responders. And afterwards they met with some of the Bruins players and they were joking around. Is one of them and EM TJ editorial. Was talking about how the manager of a 103 year old squash club but he boy -- street opened the doors to the -- a Monday night. They got to -- -- to stay there because even a place kind of cleanup and and do everything else. And so the Bruins and the EMTs. Are sit there is hanging out and and talking and for awhile with the story from Yahoo! Sports dot com. The first responders and hockey players who volunteered to come meet them to -- -- talk they talked about hockey. One actually posed in a fighters pose -- several demand they laughed and told stories. Logic royals that I can't get my mind off the incident. But as soon as I found out I was going to the game this is Wednesday. I was like -- And finally someone asked -- to be silent. An invitation was made some of the players wanted to buy the first responders have beer. The EMTs and police and firemen cheered. Plans are made. A -- couple blocks in the TD garden with selected. And slowly the gathering broke up -- empty and the hockey players in the first responders. Headed out for the night. Just a bunch a regular guys who had done incredible things. On this in most surreal week. In those are Bruins players in the midst of that aftermath but to sit -- See these athletes in -- sometimes quite frankly do your thing you wanna get out of there understand that. What event you wanna go home these guys just played a game they just lost the pretty tough emotional game. But instead of -- economy great movement on signing autographs -- -- the school Bart extra -- as some Beers. That is an awesome gesture. By the Bruins and of course is no pictures they don't want pictures the Bruins players don't wanna be lauded my guess is Andrew -- accompany all the players they're all they're pissed. This story get out there do an a for PR computer for publicity they're doing it because they know what's right to do. So hats off the Bruins players to recognize and take those GMT staples first responders. Out for Beers a local bar last night -- those guys get it now a lot of guys are from Boston's most guys -- now Lou but that's. The jets get that the fans got last night the Bruins played Canada after the -- and you know looting is -- -- -- protections -- we did mention he has a couple of the hospitals. The doctors and the nurses -- and end. What makes our city great is all the different hospitals some of the best doctors in the world the there's people everywhere. Being shipped everywhere. When you have the best doctors. -- save lives. And the and others to some people out -- fighting but their sole many heroes that have yet to be mentioned. That it yet to be talked about. Skinny -- people over -- transportation company would eight members out there. Shuttling. In America on runners early in the morning to hopping today in there at the finish line during the chaos. You know. Just no communication with anybody basically just doing what they could shuttling kids to safety grab and BC students throwing them in buses throwing him in limos. Just driving them a way to -- to get people out of there. Eighteen hours of shuttling throughout the city from the morning to at least stop that night. So many people that helped on that day he possibly can't think everyone because. You don't know everyone. But they know -- problem. And I adding a lot these people don't Lou would you agree don't want stories written about them I think talking to Matt Chatham yesterday. -- was throw the -- talk this quite frankly on the gay was thrilled he has been a boston.com. Did a story -- -- joined Rosie. Really want his name out there and read the intricacies Duffy. Eat eat carried someone to safety as well talk about because of what he saw they don't wanna get into that I'm sure there are so many others here. Her overnight the medical people talking. About the home -- tourniquet that were made on site and the limbs that were saved and we'll never get. All those stories and a lot of ways because they don't want those stories out there. And I can do is say thank you to the first responders and when you see them and thank them for what they did. And -- like last night thank the Bruins for what they did which is create this great atmosphere and the fans create that atmosphere and then. After the game take in the Ian -- out and it was a really good gesture. On the ice for the Bruins. Wants it doesn't matter. But they got the point they call five for the playoffs and do you see here today angle yet -- let another third period lead fail. DC here and say again -- teach nonexistent. That's part of the conversation going unsteady talk about that the Bruins lost a game and shoot out. 32 yet at the end of the game the Bruins players in the sabres players standing together at center -- But their sticks in the year. That's that was yell come on that game last night it wasn't winner or loser. It will at the end all the athletes getting together to senator the ice for their -- raised saluting the fans. That was last night I was awesome what a great gesture. All teams often. One of them the memories at all have. A powerful thing out there and stay out there we just put this shores back through. If they -- to answer. You know it's it's tough I -- now we know that you. For them -- most porous. Victimize them there it for a couple hours come in tonight. We've sort of sick thanks to. Or that we're thinking of everyone who some things. Terrorism Truckee joins not -- -- three point seven WEEI Daryn how are you. All -- -- tigers who need to -- -- -- -- actually I think that this little special order to really appreciate it -- listen. They got an automatic light my electorate through mark. Was one of the National Guard. Well I'll try to -- joked about what. Art that was they were going to area benefit rocking the the -- on. -- -- -- -- For apparently all the older. Canada. Where if you look at that footage of the ball was one of the guard that was running -- explosion. -- I you know. We were a little bit in the morning but. I told me yesterday you couldn't go because the president effort by the day. A cool little distorted bailed out it's true but I I -- -- -- -- it. Happened like that in the country. Sorry but there. Not there it's okay understand and I'm sure we do it together and your friend and you do you have their fishing trip. Area held a day for the two -- Com and take your friend for the for the and he did. Would you Bela fishing trip to meet the president and it's OK reasonable logical -- mark yet. -- always be there are always Biden.

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