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LB reacts emotionally to the Bruins pre-game ceremonies

Apr 18, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to discuss the way the Bruins and their fans honored the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

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This is part of the up presentation last night as well Phillip Phillips model united three point seven WE DI LB Lyndon -- guys in the house. This was awesome last night you were there. -- -- just -- raw feeling watch in we saw between her day in the pregame and Ernie Els. Incredible you. -- not a drag and arouses this incredible -- just incredible job by. A bunch of incredible people dead -- National Anthem was insane. What this country's all about you know. Yeah we were own. Talking about the gains don't last night with the emotions that you feel. -- emotions panic about NAFTA and kicked the sabres botany in ISI everybody's back but yet as the game's going on. They're any -- and before the game your husband -- Now -- matter. You know and that really matter. You know what it was about it was it was about the courage and strength everybody showing up on afraid to -- -- building. You know. You know now after a horrific tragedy. Players dean down I I you know I can imagine. The heart and soul takes to put your equipment on. And -- and banged heads in and get it done I mean I applaud those guys that first shift I can't imagine the emotion. The it would have thought everything that's running through your head and -- gather it back -- And and and -- into hockey. That mental stress and toughness it's I had supplied everybody that was there last night the tribute. Irony -- court and in the Boston Bruins fans showing showing the world. That you know sports is about he brings people together. It makes people. Brothers sisters. You know in in arms it's it was there was job. The specialist moment in my. You know this city you you came in on the -- and you know what it's like. Blame for this you know -- a local guy got so I know. You know local guy you are now you know but you know these players that come from all over the world. But what makes it great for the fans you bell that's what makes your professional experience great is because of these fans. Yeah -- -- you know we had tortilla on today and as he got to meet first responders last night after the game in and how alive. You know how -- just how tiny fuel mart -- euros and and you know we all watched it unfold. You know I watch -- you. Those people that dead in a while people running away you know we've been talking about you know all week but. The people that ran back into the scene in and did justice community man this community is strong it's tops. Industry he had PC when it wants to and I think that's why sometimes Boston. Boston rubs rubs the rest of the world the wrong way sometimes because you know Bostonians believe embossed on -- in Boston. We had a Matt Chatham on yesterday and he really didn't wanna come on we added almost talk -- -- coming -- talking with us and he got very emotional because he was there. At forum and was there and saw a lot of stuff that you just velocity. You are really close with not a guy saw a lot Lucas car -- certain this -- the gap and was running in the marathon Q tell. His story for Selby for those who have not maybe read -- Murphy's great piece. ESP -- not -- but he and his girl what happened on Monday with them. Yeah Seattle Lucas. Ramsey the marathon and annually now yeah you know he's a huge part of you know didn't marry the Matt brown foundation and and I he's push Matt. But I ran he ran the Boston Marathon again Iran with desires growth and errant. He crossed the finish line the bombs went off behind him. He told Aaron you know wanted to get. Get out of here go go be safe and proceeded to immediately. Ran back into the the -- perfect crime scene that that was. Unfolding. And began saving lives and in his own words basically he says that he lost count of trying tourniquet on. On victims. Then and now. When he was -- he was covered in blood I think you can go online you can see is his sneakers missiles are supposed to be -- The red and her her balls of steel man you know crazy. Griese went you know what people like Luke -- you know first responders beside those you know the army guys the people pulling offensive apart did just. You know there's you did there's another guy Robert Wheeler I have a picture I tweeted a picture of Robert Wheeler. Holding a victim's leg up that was you know ash shredded. I'd have assured -- abuses attorney -- waiting waiting for an you know the an ambulance or wheelchair or someone to be able to help this victim I mean. If you just finish the marathon and other guys just finish the marathon. I mean it tight and what we you know with the the adrenaline that these people have the the courageous instead to just. Go back in there and and stabilizes. You know outside it's it's uplifting it's it's incredible. And I'm proud to say that Lucas currency it's an honor to be his friend. Yeah and you know I'm I'm I'm glad Jayme Murphy did the article on him. It's on these people are looking for the recognition and not in the DNA it and not what they do these things they just react. But here are so many other people. You know like Joseph Andrews he met champ Lucas Clark. That helped them that day like Carlos air Redondo yeah -- sole. Many people that helped. And you know. We don't know the names. You know we don't know the names of all of them. You know our and sure whether this is adamant their -- some farm in the receiving line would say they're just doing their job -- -- these are guys that ran. Into the site of an explosion it is four days three days after the fact I still can't say that without -- in my -- -- what. He said balls of steel and is right you have to have that you have to have a love for your fellow man like nothing else to run into an explosion after. And the -- the -- the randomness of it it's it's -- it's it's numbing. Is a word I used because you know -- you know my body spasms on their walks through the bomb. Walked through the bomb scene. -- and only five minutes. Prior what do you know walked around the corner to you know what from the court got his car and die. His home -- suites there's two bombs going property OK are you OK are you mean that randomness -- reminiscent dammit Andrew Ference is. Family. His wife and his kids were walking to the finish line. And they stopped at the comments to apply. On the commas if they don't stop at the -- and you know there's so many of those stories of you don't of people who were so closes. It's crazy and so what -- so what happened at the garden last time I'm so proud to be able to be a blues -- I was there -- so proud to witness the the strength the courage and Yost from this and I. You know would have been nice. If the Bruins got a number that they got a point. They move up into second place all -- for the playoff clinch a crucial playoff slot you know I there's a lot going on trial was on fire now those guys Gary Gary going on. There on their tail on other tell and you know buffalo fighting for playoff spot to two point subtle playoff spot so you know they they came in went a little bit of a vengeance I know. Second it was in the game secondary to all the other stuff though but I kept at it you know would it it it it it's not. My you know aids is this for those guys their livelihood you can't. Just mail in. The two point you can't just give the two point doing -- hey listen I -- that you know that that -- I did definitely didn't and that's why I applaud I applaud you know the Boston Bruins and how to get audience. They they deserved a better outcome -- -- quality shots -- Ryan Miller. I played awesome last night. For the buffalo site I've fully with all the emotion in the game. It got the point one point or I felt like someone. Was gonna rip -- his face off. With -- And I know char try he had his facts are you even get effort and if they get at Indio let us a deal is -- is a Smart man because it looked like Chara. On that thing is to hit on preachy yes. And the guy. Doesn't even play for the puck OBB every -- it wasn't as though it is a plea for the puck. A he's a physical and nasty old master server Ed that's -- that's his that's his game he's -- fastest every mucks it up he's. Is a little bit which you share artists and I I fully. I would I would fully stands -- most most of the game if I was playing trying to pound stays in effect but they are Yemeni EA you have been -- unity and a tough position -- -- the Boston Bruins. The united -- coming down the stretch six ago. You know every don't you -- that I think the you know the -- of the -- numbers are announced at a point you know get a point get points -- of every game. And -- to be fun. So you know when I'm I'm I'm excited I'm I'm fired up Barack. You know you know -- I can't wait for playoff. -- what is just in in just looking at team you know and one thinks he -- these guys back right Bergeron and Martina back in now it's okay you secular line is set what do you do weird. I like to create geography let's give that some time who knows but. When you look up and down the roster now coastal broke -- be there Friday. You look at the pretty deep team. That I just hope that they can have -- picked it up and and mash. In this last week your goal in the -- I agree Lou that I listen I don't well I told you guys last time we are aren't. That I'm you know my my measuring stick -- is to morning against the Pittsburgh Penguins they've won five in a row. Odd is Sydney crime you know that's without Sidney -- at the dinner bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now call the game -- morning at WW com and they're gonna gonna roll. And you were all gonna be sitting there incredibly confident talking about. What a great run the Boston -- gonna make and they in the Stanley Cup play. We got a quick break -- come back president Barack Obama to speak you'll hear that get you while all your phone calls at 617. 77979837. It's -- and the united trees.

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