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Mut and Merloni react to Bruins emotional national anthem

Apr 18, 2013|

Lou and Mut listen to the 17,000+ fans at the TD Garden singing the national anthem before the Bruins game on Wednesday night.

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Ladies and gentlemen. Please join together and sing loudly with a -- rancor. As. Tonight's national. Represented all of Boston's first responders please welcome. Golf Boston fire department honor guard there. Most news. You moos. Okay. Mom. Yeah good to -- homes. The news. It's. Who want solo tour I. Yeah. Don't often use the word perfect. When it comes to sports but but of those perfect last night about -- -- court. Giving way to the fan base of a 7565. Plus media plus -- -- everyone else last night at the garden. Let Cincinnati at them for not just the Boston here but across state and NBC sports network that audience nationally a year. I thought that was absolutely perfect last. Could not have been better. Yeah I hear you just used sort of sitting around wondering and waiting you know what what it was going to be like on noted. You enter both the game I was at my house com. And witnessing it index analyst. It was perfect. -- when he stopped and the practical over. Zone entry at the feeling in the building and it feels to -- living room. He watched on TV Joey and I were there I don't know how to explain it other than just sort of it was a blur because you if you said very rarely do you get more excited -- and then a game. The F it was a reason I had to be in the building last night I just had this -- had to be there. And walking in it will -- in through north station talking to fans they felt the same way. And it was an hour for 45 and -- for the -- and started people we gotta be in our seats got to be -- got to be there for the end because it's starts the healing process and I thought. Really did and watching grenade from where you set up a level -- also -- on the -- ticket health and work. In the stands -- TV -- this at all that was in a couple of it a couple times a different YouTube and stuff today. Crying in the stands during that last -- guys wipe away the tears in their face it's he women in dealt with their significant other or whoever. There's sort crying for erotic and the building the way it's sort of swayed and sang along I didn't always gonna do it that way a -- and typical Rene you'll gain six Vancouver's Stanley Cup. But he got out of the way and the fans credit. They picked it up and they weren't they kill it it's a great job last night with its nexus can be played at ten more times goosebumps. The here every single time I like the played every hour one words -- my decision. They get the other guy you roaring last night's -- by replaying the at the retirement stop. When I played every ten minutes but won't be the last time that we do play created every hour routed Peru probably do that. So yeah some sitting in my my living room with my son and the anthem starts I turn it up -- client. -- any hears it and you know I'm getting chills you know you kind of you know. Emotionally just sort of sit there and listened to in the shown a crowd my son looks to me -- I wanna saying dad. OK so we both stand up and -- living room. We're seeing in this nationally recognized breed have never heard you sing Somalia the concern has always is you guys already saying so is that it TV's the enemy. And he's like you know a second behind every word is no words. Moves in there with him -- it when it's over the USA chant starts. He sees TV -- pumped his fist he starts pumping his fist and team USA it was. -- -- little moment my own little house by a -- it was like in the building. In -- -- you sort of looking around of people -- on that level line with the media are Gio was up their allotment Russell. Up their a lot of the print media DGB -- those guys were all sort there which -- sort of you're taking in the moment it's really it's tough to explain other then. You felt like everyone's on the same page doesn't happen in this society very often where. Yeah -- agrees on one thing but in agreement we're gonna sing along and we sang and you heard the PA announcer there is sort of get you to do it and then once people start once ray once the baton is handed off the first -- -- grenade -- year. Exactly what it was doing and he knew exactly. That he wanted the fans this thing that we questioned yesterday it was going to be like and adding UN asked for. I want to be like Chicago I want ever wanna sing along with red -- like you clap through with a book black -- -- here shortly just clapping through it you know and in honoring those. I thought it was perfect. Because last night wasn't about -- record it wasn't about the Bruins are neighbors in the outcome in the final. Last night was about the people of Boston it was about the people that there. There were in the arena that there. At the garden people watching on TV that that's what it was about it was it was. Bizarre -- them last night and it was nice to -- an Iraq court was all would DNC today and answer the question that I had a Shalala people -- you whose decision. Was it to handle the way that -- candle last at growing. Office you know that and the idea. And we all talked about and how we gonna do it you're at the moment of silence and and and showing a video and and coming on with the out. Firefighters college and you know we we worked we worked it out but it is their idea and you know I trust. I was. Area nervous yeah IE I didn't know how cool would if you stop singing and then nothing happens -- that if you know so. It went and more than well and I'm just so proud to be diving. Big part of it. So the Bruins was the bruins' front office who went to him and said Iran it would about letting. The fencing along you started and hand the baton off to the fans will -- idea wasn't. The fans idea give credit to the Bruins they've got a lot of good ideas when it comes the weighted handle. A lot of the stuff others that it handing -- of the huge giant Bruins like that first game after the Stanley Koppen. And a little while along with you he went along with that idea. It wasn't just the anthem -- being in the building last night. Six minutes and that first period to get it the first time out and the Bruins again. Ask all marathon runners to stand up and get a huge round of applause and in -- volunteer in the marathon you stand up applause anyone who went to the marathon. Stand up and it was it was goosebumps the next commercial break on TV. Right here comes. Active military personnel and -- -- on and -- Hawn. Uniformed in the building you know whether that was planned or not there was a -- of military personnel in the building last I just walking in the it was a ridiculous. You know presidency could feel. And they stand up to get a huge round of applause fans last night. Let's go Boston. It's an electrical ruins the start that they. State police. Fire department and city believe we have noticed. Police vehicles from many of the outlying community. He made note of that too. -- -- it's usually lets go Bruins turn into let's go Boston we are Boston's so mean it was. There was wherever as emotional but think for a lot of people covered their games while. -- we appear on to rent tomorrow Pierre was there between them in the last always is did the interview export for. Actually with parents saw in John -- before game that was outstanding as well we'll ten standard fare for that thing. It lately to play some action than before in talking about you know how tough the people of Boston are. -- -- little column vacancy mass hole -- who cares I'll call mass source for nothing is a tough people around here. Parents talked after game pretty emotional. Is pretty emotional starting mean. -- I mean the -- or or or -- other -- -- procedure and hand them. Things trying to hold it together -- you know is pretty. It's pretty awesome in here and everybody guessing on and obviously. Emotions are pretty so. I mean we're only -- it was in more than just you know and I game and that. And it's a lot of people as the president -- another step in and was no different for fresh on the ice trying to. You know I just remembered the last probably is but also. Time you know move on his all too. Getting back to business teams in this in the city so. His stuff is really tough from the first for -- shift to her I think -- pretty choked up and now a camera in that emotional news. Except for Helen moss two seconds won the cup from that's I think we're doing equal. As far as. Emotions. Pretty powerful stuff from parents after the game you know will play -- what you said before the game which is pretty funny because -- saw the video first time that it's. NBC sports let -- a word to get across their typical back and what -- mass okay mass holes Brazilian defense. -- never been more proud city and in. -- those muscles -- -- you know let's stop this kind of brash. -- purchased a lot of interest. Sorry I think is -- you know that there's really high bar here hopes that by. Not only the the sports teams you know what people demand of us but also money from from people letter. In the hospitals and people that are in the schools and universities here that bar's set so I hear people are. Always. You know cushion to do as much as it can be as good as it can. Tough as nails boom and could be stubborn people and also you know I don't think. Somewhere this is it not mean people know about too far before they recruit them and listen come together more -- -- -- -- -- -- That was Pierre McGuire we're gonna hear from appear to Markel joining us now I just felt like last night the entire the pregame. It was it was two things to me it was. Be. In memory of those who lost their lives -- were injured that's the first part right your moment of silence. They get to the national at the part of it and the let's go Boston we are Boston USA. If -- all the pot misquoted a fan who yelled he said yell about America yell about America. Somewhere from that -- west and that. Up bird bleacher section last night that's second part of the celebration. Was -- two fingered salute to the guy or guys who did this. It was leap -- you're not gonna get away with that -- Angel at this is who we are the city. This is who we are sick country and that's what I felt like that what you're not going to change is that parents just said. It's gonna knock you back a little bit and you're gonna remember them them the memory. Of those were affected by this and innocent people lost their lives at least three of them. That we know we found out last day or so there are people waiting for the lives in the hospital right now. But it was. Take that yet any oil may -- That before yesterday and emotionally get fired up in the room talking but the Bruins and -- because a lot of sabres last night and you can actually. You know hear the disappointment. In the players' voices I think after the game. The disappointment they had -- couldn't get a win. As sucks I mean. You know I think you know really wants -- give somebody you know positive -- talking earlier tonight. And I'm saying you know I think everybody -- said. Knows that I was bigger than just the history the results of the game you know Christmas and you know it's still. You know positively. We. -- event had. Cheering that people don't vote have a good time -- You know good solid win. Who -- so. And it's so. Actually. The good from the native getting everybody out again. And this that's the thing it's it's. No they did win you know me and they showed up the fans showed up in that played a game. People came together. Mean it was that's -- last night was about. Been nice if they got the W the two point since they're the -- short and not a lot another third period lead yet again I think you know overall. And it was a huge success I think is set a lot about the fans the people of Boston. Gave few hours to kind of get away and I'm not so sure that the victims of people that are affected. -- -- was enough like you know I don't speak for those for them you know but for us of I'm a going through this -- the city I think it helped. But for those that are still suffering. And it only needed. As a long hours as a follow up you watch this whole thing on TV did NBC sports do good job with the making sure you felt like you saw. All presentation and a lot of questions yesterday's NBC sports and show -- show everything you watch it on TV edited it a good job and Internet out of like to see an old video. Instead of the cost the straw that pathetic they cut off to us Seidenberg it and they did get a player. That during the video that -- I would have rather just completed the entire video. No bomb first. And maybe look at some reaction of the neck though it's -- want to see. But there which which from what I saw was -- They would have been available online at the bruins' post that video wild week out. NHL dot com that the video itself you weren't there in the building to see if -- -- that they -- around a little bit too much there. -- NHL dot com's got that video up prosecute check that out and all of the producer of blog WEEI dot com has. Yeah of the video the pregame the just the audio itself to -- download that meets its all available I got a DVR to -- -- don't watch a lot that's that's on -- do not delete until I say so. Don't wanna watch that again because I think it was as powerful as a pregame celebration. And ceremonies I've ever seen in sports I'm covered a lot of events you've been a lot of events that was awesome last nights -- spent some time talking about it today. I also tell you that if you wanna talk about sports today and take those phone calls to. There was a Bruins game last Friday Red Sox game that the celtics' other playoff opponent. In addition to keeping me updated on them the latest and and breaking news -- the -- the president. Has just touched down his latest touchdown here in Boston albeit the interfaith ceremony. At 11 o'clock parts which will bring you was well. I'll keep you updated all that if you wanna talk sports today we understand. 6177797937. Will take those phone call with. If you were there last night if you watched on TV how that make you feel. I'm curious how people respond to it as spans but you're in the building is one of the 17565. Or your home watching it on NBC sports listening to it somewhere. How that make you feel last night in addition to your sports call 617. 7797937. To detect this ATP text line 37923 so great text here. I think it sums it up Bruins lost the Boston one. -- can describe so. Who gets all your phone calls and we come back in ninety seconds -- what happened yesterday we get off the -- we fought. This thing was going one direction and as the afternoon went on. Not so fast we'll talk about that with your phone calls next. That has -- -- of people here. Are missing very resilient group and this spoke only make everyone even stronger.

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