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Rene Rancourt on an anthem he will never forget

Apr 18, 2013|

Boston Bruins legendary national singer Rene Rancourt joined the show to discuss a unforgettable night at the Garden. He said in his 35 plus years last night was his most memorable rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

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Well let's say that's about the it's time. And Tom effort that him the goosebumps continue to come is that classic when you say that I think the garden you think Renee just forgot the words like size -- it happens let's check with a running Iraq court. Good morning my friend well -- last night well done. Thank you very much it was a very different. Syndication for me this it was the first. For me and outside. I'm speechless for the first time in my life to. Will -- you know I've I've done the math you -- -- -- 35 years right over thirty title horrible call up 35 just make the math simple and you've done it forty times not counting playoffs that's 14100 times you've sung the National -- minimum at the Boston Garden where does that one rank of the 14100. That is number one. It. It's -- if it sits -- calling -- -- note that the it is choosing between this night last night and they gained six. Of the Vancouver series. You know -- oh boy it. But I do I have to say that this is really at a time when you feel you are part of history and. It is -- bigger than than your ego and in as I'm always seeing. You know. That and and seeing should really focus in on the words right and and that that was the feeling comes across it's not a and it shouldn't be an eagle situation you know. But but this this was totally unique and as I was getting ready to and warming up my voice during the day it -- it's not that easy -- -- to do. I found myself breaking up and tearing up while I was practicing. -- -- -- I I don't play and get through this thing you know. We didn't have do we we got a lot of help. Whose idea whose idea was it why did you pick that point this this story. This is the Bruins the Bruins. Office you know that -- the idea and we all talked about and how we gonna do it -- at the moment of silence and and and showing a video and and that coming on with the out. Firefighters public and you know we we worked we worked it out but it is their idea and you know I trust. I was. Area nervous yeah IE I didn't know how cool would you stop singing and then nothing happens with that and -- in Wasilla. That it went more than well and I'm just so proud to be diving being part of it. You know the bad news is today. We now know you can replace elect 60000 people yeah. We're not talk about that -- need we need a real good story this morning. Was that loud it was loud yes I'm sure you could feel the emotion you could be -- certainly I mean obviously you didn't have quite the view that we had based on the -- up to the cameras and tears were streaming down people's lives did you notice that while you were singing. Oh yes when and I'm sure that the that the people didn't even realize how much help I actually didn't he -- -- -- all right so historically it's. One that we would like to kick contests on was carrying the other lifting me up yelling -- him in that in the room that was just -- Something that is indescribable. If it if it hadn't been pre plan Renee do you think you could have gotten through it singing the whole song by yourself. I really I unafraid I wouldn't probably broken up a few times it during the anthem night. And I'm not ashamed to admit that. Well run a great job it's an instant classic we appreciate it taken a couple of minutes this morning we'll talk you down the road. Thank you -- -- -- -- -- court with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL TE -- -- -- that he did he break up. What was it pre planned the answer was both yeah we could've gotten through it by himself. You know it was the most anticipated most -- -- yeah I can remember I mean when -- ever sick and I got to get at least the got a dvi and got to make sure I see the anthem and we -- confirm corrected NBC didn't show the fist pump I cannot see it. -- -- Read to -- see on TV no it did not writes it was triple -- triple how to -- not -- that -- behold I had somebody MBC I think doc Emmerich and a great job. It was it was it was cool that he was part of this in on had a national stage Kazaa did and resonating nationally if -- fallen. Online -- evil one and Twitter people all over the country just like a broken up crying weeping. But they've made that -- -- Altria also -- for his fist pump during the video montage that was great it was just come away a couple times went to the Bruins players I would just stay on the field yet the video thing was excellent source. The home video yes yes it was a good choice good song good video good pictures good everything. And I'm Dina wasn't have with the players have been saying that the Canadian Dina and in -- that I don't know words jump out of an out and get ready for the game suppose that most should take precedent over that moment they should decide I'm Kirk. -- -- I don't know the words. Let's -- in Canadian single candle Canada. Keep going -- -- come -- Mandela just even if you're a baby here forty times a year at minimum more don't listen you know works a listen. Charles Barkley says he's never heard they have had never comes out until after it's over the senator Max. -- -- says I was standing alone in my kitchen when Rene started singing I was making supper I stop cooking and started singing the -- out loud and cry I love the simplicity of it all you know don't overdo it it's that. Tell Steinberg -- of the other teams are picked up on it just let the moment unfold and you don't need fireworks you don't need lasers. You don't need to you know on dancing girls you know need. In -- mascots. And their -- well and good but in this moment slip -- The raw emotion takeover.

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