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Doc Rivers on arriving in Boston right after the bombing

Apr 18, 2013|

Doc talked to the guys about driving out of the tunnel and arriving in Boston right after the bombing. He said he was in awe of the regular people who acted heroically including a man in a suit directing traffic so that policemen could help the injured.

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This is that it doesn't mean it's clear that she'll. Last night and yesterday stereo and continue hearing Richard. And starts now. Think -- You know does that experience. And what happened. You know and that because of abuse and you know we're. That bothers. The -- coach doc -- join us momentarily 61777979. 37. -- touched by the people in Toronto they introduced the Celtics pre game last night was sweet Caroline in the background -- on the the rest of the country is adopted -- Off on -- Boston and now all the happened here. Finally come around and it's not so bad sweet Carolina as a don't think it'll Brit I don't think it's going away -- It is an Afghan in three have you not for you -- That's for others who enjoy it in all that another Bruins and the trucks -- -- the Celtics in the ratings lately. Will would ever be more of around the last night -- -- Celtics games don't mean yeah -- in Toronto Boston obviously the Red Sox. Our order here either but no -- -- they're hot they're role on their still kind of interesting. And then the Bruins the whole country watching and so it was a tough night to be in -- Celtics I didn't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- AT&T forgy LP the good morning -- -- yeah. Good good good nice touch being introduced with a sweet Caroline in Toronto that happen organically and it did did somebody suggest it probably should do better how to that worked even know. Yeah may suggest that it afforded. The we like are considered -- Corey. Arguably should -- gave away from the Canadians knew worst song written into the little bit error. But it was really nice you very touching. You know both changed and together. All of it was in history there was great. You know I I hear you and Vince Wilfork and Tom Brady yen Bergeron. Talking about this new -- talked about -- that some anger there as well the emotion like from -- from all these athletes seems genuine guys are truly touched and saddened and an angered by what happened here Monday -- Oh yeah you know over closely. The guys who have been here you know Orton and from the judge you just -- In the bigger four year you're very beautiful quarter were all right and kind of grown up balsam. Our opponent as developed as I'd like slick. And you know so it's personal -- is -- it's extremely personal. For all of -- Can you tell us -- and you told the story but can you repeat it for us. Where were you Monday morning out of that all of unfold Monday afternoon when you go back to Boston. Well I do what are you reduced -- pitchers -- in the -- you know we're not and -- a lot but we are. I like to go down -- just -- -- out and you know other three blocks or so I was. We have partners Deborah pretty quick got the Toronto you know coming up to shoot under. Ronald Wright -- it. It happened and guarding -- you're wrong sort of know we're going -- I just noticed people. You know literally running around. You know and Denmark for a Branyan. Particular -- -- -- -- we will nor -- and so enormously. I -- have -- hardship. Personally except for trying their. Navigate through people and what I witnessed more -- it just so quickly. On the market in this city where two were -- amid talk and you know just first responders to. You know what I digit witnesses. You know felt like country wasn't -- hundred. Armaments and our troops Lord Byron. Because out of Huntington avenue which is right the next block. But what I saw there was little dignity. Or worse during your personal lives -- -- to try. Oregon should directing -- -- does target all people just trying to help each other you know -- struck me you know obviously. The fear revered agencies. But also the pride and I'm gonna protect my city and make or break barriers well. And how do you root problem that's what I was struck remote and really well be part of this year. It doesn't work you just referenced my city how's that work with -- athletes and coaches who are from here read originally. But but spend their careers Paul's an example being her long long time adopt than a city and take on to their enemy that does this feel like your town to you -- Oh absolutely you know. Our our group in Chicago woman and not always you and there are two dorms where -- -- in our group preaching years. Barrier but I have been in nine years here and then you know and you know this is. For me. That's what it does it for me as far as the -- you know it could mean. And they argued fire they get older and retired from back electoral direction they do. But you'll use this will never give up this that he displays. And I think a lot of people who have been here. And it really does you probably don't appreciate. Literature right. But I really think a lot of it is kind of depressed. But Clinton and you get engrossed in and it becomes part of and you don't do it that -- You really go our way in the college student and one of those is not played in a lot of places and it's rare that you get is the true. Passion is what I call anyone your dorm or -- -- Very few places -- all the time. And it should have been it. You know I don't know it depends on when -- decide if Larry you know are you wanna take a break at some point you're too young to retire so. There are probably would have to you know you can come back. You would like -- For a lot of reasons but I just silly but. The group that I -- right you know I and I know. You know what I thought about a three or four years and years ago. That was really actual. Natalie just suited both. I've met -- be able to replace his group was. Compliment. You know you know than in the workplace. When you work with. People that you and George worked with and you never can prepare for Bernard as well. How do you get ready for the playoffs it seems like the whole city is preoccupied right now in your guys. A lot of live right in here right right in the city right close by I know you're start on the road but is it tough is this going to be tough to focus on on basketball. Well there it is I don't think you will be. What happened -- will be on our -- I don't think you should erase it I don't I heard your market should be a debate it is part of unit and is it that's what it is. And you know we run a child now we're in Toronto where the -- -- -- actual auto the -- in the -- art in New York -- -- -- not coming home and all. Now now we're just not. Soon enough though that the where else are on rhetoric and still get the trouble -- -- are. We made that decision. And so -- order and there was this extended road trip virtually. And you know but aren't you know they call home to check on people they know who. -- better every part of it you know are what are the other guard never let go unarmed subordinated -- -- you know athlete. -- and they're sort of in there and you don't a lot of time to -- -- Jane and you know friends are for the media wants you to actually didn't play well. Which you may know worked real problem and yet a personal issue at home. They're effective and you know storm this may affect that but I am open -- the Perkins and about it will. In an odd kind of way when you look at records years from now and you see that this particular group -- Celtics finished 41 and forty. LL be a reminder and a -- marker that the season ended in a very odd strange way it will not an 81 game season. Our American -- yesterday. You know an 81 games he's and then you know for the rest utilized right. You look at records and you're gonna want to just play you want your ignored threats to our. And it's gonna bring you right back. You know competitors -- America. Does and Dayton deal -- deal like the next match up in some ways stock we know. I don't know how much history matters but the knicks that they got a little bit of in a cloud hanging over them won a playoff game since 2001 I'm believer playoff series since 2000. You've had the number in the past not this year but the but does that matter does history matter is it gonna help at all. Well our -- but I don't think it will be energetic it would be nice to help. You know none of the guys at least -- other part of that history sort of signed him. And -- are -- in the brand new team we're playing to their real leader. They didn't. Oh win our division and win the amount -- games they won by well I mean they're good basketball. It -- if you had your druthers and you don't would you rather play the better team. -- the hotter team in the playoffs is in my estimation that he would be the better team but the knicks might be hotter team. Our Robert Ford are hurting as per who -- the there because you can put that out the -- they ever care to put that fire around the world are restart there always are -- -- well older players. And the Mitchell -- unbelievable right now. You know you've got a good chance at some point this theory. Who. You know put a sheet of -- brackets whose government is here with the cast they're playing unreal right. -- -- -- -- also played great the first round and over columnists like -- There's victory did a pretty good game wore on. And also we beat -- in game that you can ultimately not anymore they were word. And you know about so quickly change. What's the message or what is the coach. Say these guys and feels like you have a job to do dark human you have to convince them that they can beat that the heavy favorite. Yeah and that's -- -- job and you don't we ever brought to compliment guard Barrett. The American army and I'm gonna actually a lot. Should you know whether it's going to be more about how we have to worry. An -- yet Q execution -- -- confident in our. No different than when you go to class earned. And you feel like you started hard enough you know all the air -- you walked in with a lot of trial and when you don't think you started or not. You're open that there are questions we don't want -- given that. What we were walking in to regard believing we could Wear and and an understanding that we appear to artwork. I would assume the key -- cooling off the red hot knicks would be somehow extinguishing your cooling off Carmelo how audio -- about that or do you subscribe to the theory a much bigger one of these guys he's gonna get what he's gonna get got to limit the other guys. What -- You have to limit the other guys but I don't. -- period and a majority gonna do it. -- mitigated but we diplomatic more -- -- -- can do it through it could have would be. Forty points on forty shots. Up forty points -- -- indictment. Aren't they doubt -- -- at least for the part of Carmelo in this series there's. You gonna do auto -- we know that and the economy and jobs. But we just got to make every -- stuff -- -- shot. Because of the it to become easy -- in the computer hardware and. Is Jeff Green big and strong enough to cover him. I think it's gonna pick a collection of guard veteran Paul Pierce will -- -- -- -- Brandon Bass. Will garment argument trajectory regardless guitar. But these are really -- cobalt pressures -- important you know the more -- compression ball. Unless China Mobile harder it is is it becomes legitimate ball or his spot. It's and that's going to be very important for. And that's every Bradley's jump. They're revered whoever else is near the ball to a lot of heart full slash so even our big. Are gonna have to person the other group so miserable. Are -- time now the coach's question of the week as we wrap this up brought to you by your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers see them to schedule -- test drive today on the web -- MB USA. Dot com. This week's question is brittney griner. We drafted number one overall by the WNBA. But before that happened mavs owner Mark Cuban. Said he plans to invite her to play in the summer league and maybe even try out for the maps I think that would go. -- what -- we drove. You know. I didn't do it very difficult obviously just the strength -- -- You know our -- -- where there are rare diplomatic -- true. There's probably -- moment and I concertos which will -- if the when you could but let alone but. You know have been marked them decorated that you can -- -- are one of mergers like yeah boy yeah. You have that level then you're just aren't out of the -- want to earn an auto. What's about to look. He said he might rafter -- should be crazy but I would be your -- -- any thoughts about -- guy Rasheed stepping down as he retired for good as this that want to brawl. You are going to do it in our -- and so people just altar of a ball or. North Carolina duke today. Brenner remember him saying he wanted to come back and are known jokingly Joseph now like a joke about it. Retired from the Brady retired talk yourself into a now I -- years that he really wanted another player shot. And build the more you regard -- airport you can throw it straight down but couldn't make it back. -- there so. Yet it -- -- -- the Red Sox or on the road the other night 22 guys went out to dinner together which is pretty cool. Do you like that would you like to see that immediately gets in New York which like to see the whole group glove before this game. They're they're really do this -- pretty good group for not wearing. You know. They go out to dinner -- a lot but he did do a lot of -- don't. In our noble week or two ago in large part -- all talk about the bowling terrific -- have a -- where they were out of all we know it together. You know sometimes although sometimes to separate government. I'd love Barack. I think I don't -- darn sure engender enough each other wanna be in this for the long ball. It was seven rate go up to dinner device that around and say hey you had -- clam -- but I had the two Beers that brought artist somebody pick up the check how does that. Worked I can tell you could Kevin Garnett -- straight every single is that right. Make support it and let it would discuss. Does he break got a little calculated to see a much you should tip. Other than probably do. The department waiter or waitress weren't given that martyred. Particular. From what are your restricted effects and you. Well I have a team -- -- -- coach and of all the dark Paul Pierce my rulers department rush hour. It into the player that I don't care who worked -- him -- not our appetite. And this year we are now Paul Pierce Arctic like eight different times -- Walked into a restaurant -- -- this -- Well are found out he didn't implement. From mark Portland manager -- where we're going. That's just so wrong and so when it levels the operation done a good luck Saturday the playoffs commence. Our -- -- -- Doc Rivers has brought you by northern bank and trust all the space and buy a Mercedes-Benz he joins us as always on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink its interest -- not coming home. I would guess. Can be totally wrong that that might be a factor of all that's going on here yeah. Tough place to focus legitimate distaste answer stay -- -- -- and right -- season's over -- you stay in Toronto and go right the New York seems like GG get your game face on a New York that would be the effect I was thinking that last question like -- gonna come back here. You know to a lot of these guys -- and then comical and -- it right right and then practice. At the garden or either even -- point as a matter. And then -- -- allow him in on the dinner and how you don't glow on the city and and fly right it would be hard to focus and god knows they can't afford. Any distractions in their big underdog I have been upset. I was it's -- ago. Few months ago and thought -- it in me. Who you -- -- Look familiar but he was waited for you -- -- bosh didn't pick up my web -- you made him go that everybody's -- gotta gotta gotta go straight. Yeah Rondo -- Agassi about fraud -- -- later human first legacy of the by problems what is in the month ago picking. Your.

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