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The latest on the marathon bomb investigation

Apr 18, 2013|

The guys opened the show with the latest information regarding the search for the people responsible for the Boston marathon bombing. They discussed the mistakes of the media coverage yesterday as well.

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Perhaps I am. Perhaps I am overreacting. To the event of the moment. But does what happened last that the garden go down with -- bird stole the ball have a -- stole the ball. Or flies through the air and wins the Stanley Cup quite a night at Boston Garden as Boston strong was. -- exactly are they one of history. And think yes yeah yes yeah won those entry ID. I I did. I did didn't feel like you where you wait for that moment when they scored in overtime or held on for the win 21 win yet. Where it was gonna feel like it all came together -- -- -- -- and it was going to be yes playoff like you know game play of game clinching celebration on the -- Any emotion which is gonna erupt on last time it's like explosive with the with this shootout win or lose it's just hand and hand. Even in this case you know obviously lost to Chicago but it just. I would have bet anything when Renee was done and that took the ice material in a game at that we're gonna mental one win easily didn't feel like that was impossible. For them to lose this this game and in a way Munich and the vote paradoxical way. I think that's what's great about sports is she gripped -- don't know I thought I know. I thought they knew that we're gonna win this game winning easily and I was kind of sit back watch and like it was a you know medically. A football game is the worst team in the leaguers you know and that kind of thing you said -- they -- just roll and they didn't did not and that's that's OK you're right it is OK but. It was shocked -- Yeah I -- I thought. Unless he wants a National Anthem is over in the game didn't mean them. And -- really care if they won loss last night I don't care either but I love the game gets played you know I feel looking the other -- earlier right when is it just element of the spice or how how quickly -- -- it was -- you figured I -- 540s like David and that would deal size to one. It feel like date there we're gonna feed off the emotion and that sounds that that that that loud. Just the energy it was gonna last the whole game yet and -- -- old boss right or you'll get run over them all -- didn't you think when Ference made to kick save us a very well there's that -- -- to leave -- -- the -- and that'll be Africa back page I don't know in The -- but but but I do think. This was perfect in this regard he couldn't happen without any other sport. The Red Sox you know they have that great ceremony great pomp and circumstance over there but. It had to be the Bruins had to be the garden crowd because the emotion is such an integral part of the game right that's baseball you have a great ceremony and -- OK first pitch. Happening at -- has been like another round and just drags on and on the mend and other than -- the pitchers step back rub of the ball the -- -- -- -- Walking a guy on twelve and and you say OK I remember back when this game started it was really. Awesome though and if the world pay for a basketball's you know it's not as an emotional game. It had to be the Bruins in the it was perfect that the self the Red Sox -- the that the Celtics canceled the game in this Celtics run at town and it just. It was left to this Bruins crowd has Boston crowd to. -- to be endorsed to that helps. And remind me every -- and remind media tornadoes help remind me in three hours to apologize to doctor -- and beyond those final five and I felt compelled. Now obligated. Got to watch the Celtics games like and ask docs and you'd be pertinent questions about the game couldn't do it couldn't do it once and the Bruins game. Flip over the Celtics is that what is the point here you know what to what what is the point to watch them go 41 and forty. In a one game shortened season just like and asked -- Haywood about that's substitution Jeff Green there and none of that. Matter because they couldn't change their place you know was almost like. Collective solution two minutes ago was canceled play oh pitch and putt putt that would have been a good idea last enough but just. -- agencies and we don't care about this game can we just skip that it in now let's get on. In the playoffs clearly will be tuchman duck boat. The play play some animals and -- life as we -- it was almost overlooked the dark almost got to the finish line. And I get back to Boston. It. Did parked his car. I think in the common common there were parks and walked for blocks headed to the finish -- he likes to do that yeah. Must be tougher in the war or blocks a busy day in Boston analysts autumn is he so distinctive look and and so friendly. But anyway -- an almost minute -- -- you know -- are corrupt and ambulances. In the turnaround chaos in and turned around but he was headed to the finish line. Are so here are your headlines this morning for just waking up authorities believe they know what the Boston bomber looks like. But no name no video has been released and no arrest. The NBC. The next big thing has already occurred. And nationally I'm sorry to tell you this is going to knock the Boston Marathon bombing off the front pages. Total devastation in a column in west text Texas called west -- not west west Texas. -- -- we've been leveled. By a fertilizer plant explosion I guess we can start the conspiracy theories but it was a fertilizer plant explosion. Apartment building gone school gone fortunately it was 7 or 8 o'clock at night no kids in the school. A nursing home gone. Right now they say to people are dead it's going to be. Problem much higher much I much I don't want to speculate but. It's silly. An entire apartment complex. Has been leveled and entire nursing home has been leveled and entire middle school has been level they said they felt the blast forty miles away. So that's the next big thing it will -- Boston off the national headline and from the remarkable. Ridiculous. And -- and I just laugh at -- And Elvis impersonator. Has tried to kill the president by sending him a rice and build better Elvis from. Well miss this I I've been written a lot about this case I was shocked to find out the president doesn't open his own mail you -- yeah I met but when you wrote the personal peace -- that's -- you sat there in all walks of mail it -- oh what's his older -- This is the eagerness lunatic. The public think it was the president's. Job to open the mail up a the most amazing. Amazing facts about this beat Elvis impersonator and his name is Kevin. Curtis attention that Kevin hey Curtis -- Finished seventh in the Elvis impersonation contest so you know. I don't know how many do you come on be -- Big Ten. -- so -- -- -- a couple of guys a tough city do it that is true actually sent the letter to -- the senator from Mississippi yes and the president and from opposite mr. Mississippi. And signs that I am Casey. And I approve this message now if FBI investigator instinct Casey must mean something very. Discreet something very Kansas city Kansas City or Knights of Columbus or something like that. Certainly somebody wouldn't liberal initials on this but this -- it. I -- Casey and I approve this message. Courtesy of those impersonators sending reason he sent or letters to other politicians and Trent Lott and beside us and this is camp this is Kevin Curtis and I approve this that's signature line. But it probe while when he left out of Pullman -- wise enough so that I -- I doubt that the Boston investigators are set they're trying to go through all of this footage and all of this information. And they look at the guys in Tupelo Washington museum thing. On bad you catch a break the -- to do we -- -- Boston ball does not tell the initials are -- I a couple of things I know about this. One. Initially CNN reported. That was actually Elvis it was actually elicited a percent to yes Elvis did a bed of drug amend that later it was -- in person yeah but here is the defense of Curtis -- bother. The talk Kurds bother in the driveway. The guy from Mississippi would like the -- tried to kill the president. And he talks to meet his name is Jack courtesy union he says. I don't even believe he would do that how would leave -- able to find rice and it's a sad state of affairs quote I literally detest Obama. I hate that he was even elected to start. And I certainly can't believe he beat Romney. But I can't think of any rival reasoned like Kevin would do anything about it -- -- Its. His defense. -- -- I hate that man but but I I alcoholic bum. Didn't do okay dead tanks for the some. -- that the FBI have a term for lay ups bunnies yes they did this guy up pulling out of his driveway. In Corinth Mississippi wanna pick his kids up from school. I mean how easy was this again I say the people Boston. The 2000 -- federal state local. Investigators white outfits are and the white outfits like broken glass of cold shards of glass trying to get a clue and this idiot says I'm cases it -- -- at its. I'm incorrect Mississippi coming -- I just want one question for field -- did you think it was gonna work. I know -- where you it would this it's the start -- -- got his rice -- Costco. Costco and Wal-Mart where the dark place they get the pressure or access to get a little rice and that the Czech Republic -- Jolly Ranchers don't know a whole foods and others bins -- raw peanuts rye catches my head down all -- rice and Robert -- and never open that drop. Well it didn't work well he didn't kill anybody and he's in custody and someone else is gonna have to -- the kids up yeah -- video what's the what what day it was yesterday watching John king and and I got some theories about this but -- you talk about just. Information and information and information in all seem to be right in all seem to be legitimate -- Probably ultimately it's pretty close to be in right right don't just get a sense there's some sort of legal technical FBI law enforcement snags here. That what team probably said is generally. On the market. Yet it's awesome and you know he talked a bunch a loss is a lot of smoltz is not this is not some you know. Some some crackpot blogger -- -- went about a false flag thing -- put information out there this is John King for trying to well it. It's not -- and looks illustrious as as somebody tweeted about it think it was one said congrats to John King for getting the scoop of the century. And -- start again is John King looking for the scoop of the century looking for the truth. And in this case -- I feel like like with fighting in hockey -- feel somewhat. Complicit in this -- devouring every I enjoyed everything -- without giving them and I'm I'm I'm sit there on the edge in my seats and give -- more -- -- so you cut that that doesn't exonerate him -- he's wrong he's he's gonna live to regret this for over he and his colleague with some thing in Townsend yes yeah they're gonna regret this for ever. If it turns out to -- totaled. BS and -- it's gotten a connection to the real suspect of the -- here but -- right. Don't think that's it to all of this is just wait a few minutes we're on -- patients now we're not in the patient it's a deep -- business. Screw that we don't do deep breaths but. If you do -- is. If you wanna know what. This is all gonna work -- John can you do have to -- or make your rhetoric I might burglar turned out to be right he might turn out to be absolutely. Accurate in the -- given but the premature but for now. Or so there you watched afterward George -- Anderson Cooper and Cuomo's kid on CNN and economic more confused after the ball was dropped I mean you're. You know I I don't know I don't know I don't know back and forth but I that was my first -- seems like John King as a guy's head is screwed on pretty straight pretty tight -- Canada is totally wrong. Bodies in new -- news guy and they there's no question. Everybody's here everybody's tweeting everybody's reporting live. The -- again at first yes -- -- -- -- if -- were to say oh no question that this two thoughts and in these people's -- you tell me which prevails again and writer get that first. Is Guillen at first -- and and sand and and trusting say it once sources say it's ago that I'm back with. -- whole world lights up the boss and say -- got some. I think -- 2230 the -- -- be done and and a half right thinking -- was in there when they. Yeah you know on the elbows helicopters and clearer in the boats out of whatever the harbor. And you sent him there the guys got to be in the room and they're just not Telus. And there's no cameras allowed could be sketches but you -- until we see a mug shot went back and see the guys in the somewhere. Here is probably the -- the vote took place he obviously has some. Very solid sources he also sat down with Mayor Menino he gave him some information as well -- that could be -- it really might have misunderstood with the mayor -- -- yeah. But don't you get the sense that whoever gave him disinformation setting the mayor aside whatever his law enforcement source was and he said he had two sources as a result. These are out wires within the department the department does not want this out premature. So you find somebody it's like capital bull in this in this building and -- and somebody has a -- has some information and you know he's telling you was true. But that person is scorn and ridicule by his colleagues and the FBI does not want wherever John -- source is black but the stuff out there but you know. Think about a Boston Police sources sources say the -- they're not they're gonna be more careful -- animals here. Don't realize personal and never would it would never be animal in this building so what's with she's a difference I mean usually moles Mosul supposed to be careful post race news. -- -- And they are. He's not here but in this particular situation is a much wider area near the demise of a grip on the -- bowl I -- the -- IRS. But in this particular case don't you think John -- information and news reports. Just awful lot of people law enforcement around here yet on what does that -- I'm not percent of the people. They are for the most part stick and to. The script ethic right. Edict -- would of their Hamas just to get it and. In just thick of it there are thousands -- appointment could be on the guys that sources opened them Peter goals and misses and and -- Johnny Miller's name from a globe Kevin -- their call every cup they know right every City Hall no mole they know. Begging for a morsel and coming up MP for the most part. But but. King I like you said he's got good source people probably think. He's got real juice in the sand in this is the -- John -- CNN he's from Dorchester were respond. You know I'll give insult them and they say you know there's some talk of this the right there and then. John king's world lights up mechanics and nieces my got to go at this going to be the world and and the start like making excuses he's like blaming his sources. Get to -- -- exit well it's my fault and it's also my sources fault. Well he he went as far as to say don't get described as a dark skinned guy. And anyone on and took great pains to make it clear that he told me a lot more piece -- a lot more about this guy which I'm not willing. The talk about I heard how tired wolf interviewing there is a -- accounts and of the growth leniency and David knows it's whatever is is to working with John -- right on the street right. And the -- it -- -- and you know more you're just not saying right yes I don't think she's like I guess so right I've never heard an anchor asked to report that you know a lot. -- aegis -- not gonna tell us Frances Townsend yet it was a brand brand is Fran Townsend it was a bad day and members scene and screwed up the Supreme Court thing to last year's summit is it did not not -- not. And and I guess I was sent over the CNN you can think to some credibility but -- do we think that on we think that other. Trying to beat everyone else just like the New York Post to selected national enquirer that just trying to beat everybody. But in this case it has seen a single global go to spiral more than arrest is made. Yes and you probably this because you want it to be true as well right -- I want it to be true. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've never seen it tweet actually I was listening to CNN. And he said arrest has been made I've never felt so good about it yeah and in June news item and said. Just show me -- that we need to face to this this is why I'm -- this healing any category. -- can't healing to -- the guy and I know they are a lot more about healing because Obama is on his way to church. Now write probably on his way up here now probably not quite yet times them whatever not a master at it like case it's an interfaith service he can arrive tastefully late. Every service into for the service. Thanks all you can go it -- yeah you can't -- you go to Catholic Church Catholic service to go to synagogue -- to -- And everyone could prize in the you know. Praise of their own their own way they'll have Mullen up eleven or else -- a priest on the past they have a clock on the -- like at sports reporters least build columnist at times seven minutes she'll make sure against much -- -- -- -- on and Barbara area. Think that the Muslim. Imam will be time in the priest I I I turned come on and we'll -- comfortable they. Step up in the Catholic I say that Jesus says -- in the duke Jewish guys that and no he hasn't. What word what times. Parliament -- that you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The streets are already jammed at the cathedral of the holy cross there are lines around the block the streets are blocked off now -- -- waiting to get in the first come first serve to open in the public -- as your governor now -- Get us today are -- say something nice about Obama you know that my friendship Bowman's mother father sitting there the order of the seats in the rain obviously. And they're sitting next to Obama -- nice nice nice touch I'm sure if bill Richard -- and nobody's going. We'll have a prominent place but. Patty and and Jeff -- Jeff senior and -- media at their -- senate next Obama and Michelle bell. 6177757983792. Timeout David wedge Boston Herald joins us in the 7 o'clock hour we'll talk to docks of its time it would -- Celtics -- -- to get blown out before talked dogged it and tried and tried it -- didn't orchestrated manner you know finish the season 41 and forty are your phone calls next that the NC.

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