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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Apr 17, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference

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-- -- Kind of expected that don't now one of the wind chill I think you should try to win. You have Garza told a couple of guys in the film the minutes well -- but -- got deployed now and then that's good. You try to do you think -- hold them. And stuff. There really haven't had just trying to get to the play minutes you know bomb guys who weren't gonna play are really wanted to in the play a lot of minutes DJ. Really doesn't play each aspect got tired so we took him out. New rumor -- -- and Jordan need to play announcer this court had to go through guys need to play -- that you don't play better. We're gonna need one maybe 21 for -- it. We know Internet must -- bottom make this point and more time. There is going to be in the rotation this year there's no one good enough we're we're not gonna. To have seven guys are guys in the same guys. -- -- got -- Could be nice or but I don't think that's gonna happen I hope that happens. I think -- be a stretch where you guys playing them at their plan worldly delve into. It's -- a lot of guys that colts and you've done something. Maintenance guys so. Yes good it's good that those provisions until the you know they know. They have to play well just -- our plate right now you can always play well. But what you have to do is solve the on site. We have one guy all through them at all and that's what we've focused on board in the basketball. Some of the guys -- extend. I'm honestly I would look at it that way myself more trying to get him more conditioning. And honest about it. A guy at fifty it would change my thought process. -- William -- Lets you use it makes. I mean there's a -- it's obviously you always. So woeful Carolina. As good as. As it's was so that's my point I think that you you have tomorrow. We're probably won't run. Walk -- so. And Friday will be what we have a good right. Liberty. What we guarded the three. Actually shot pretty well -- that I just thought we -- the aggressor that. It took it to -- But it didn't play with a far far right approve this we'll again. And reckless game he did it in the book. In the other three we match their pensions and honestly I thought the first candidate match ours. Thought they lost their. You know I don't think that's your problem. Wireless so they both teams we'll have that same kids. That's why you gotta be careful workers who didn't -- you don't know where the other teams coming from. Karl -- was mentally. 15 they had injuries. You know you didn't work everybody's right -- and that's sort of I'm loving it. Because of the company's. Just. It becomes a mental war. Who you have to separate focus. It did take it out of your stuff. Of the mentally tough enough to Stewart you. You know when they're called -- place. We can tell the British go. Same way the other way I just above the oil companies -- One thing that you just there's. Just he's just great mental test for -- team. And to -- it always felt somebody comes apart. When you lost -- -- always sometimes to do better. When it's really closest you want to pull together and figure out everything goes. The other team comes hard. And it's your job try to. Fortunately. -- did we just don't know which ones yeah yeah. We're we're we're gonna I think it is one of our guys on -- given -- off the bench to help. You know we'd love to have the consistency. Took photos -- we do that so that whole thought process. A couple of guys that whatever about it go to Gaza so. All we're we're fine without them from Bob -- I have no let you know which. It just tightened well actually. Just. In practice. But I'm really the answer. Games about it since there's others within these. -- -- transcendent moment lyrics over bettors are Carolina. There was there was terrific. -- -- Yeah we're gonna stay in Toronto. You know because we didn't know what they were playing we assume Saturday looks like it's going to be your answer. So we're gonna do probably just stay in the -- room now. I think guys for two minutes long. And right out tomorrow and tomorrow evening. -- started going. And on trial we got good.

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