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John Farrell: We all sat down for dinner and came up with the 617 BOSTON STRONG jersey as a sign of support

Apr 17, 2013|

We get a weekly baseball update from John Farrell. Obvious much of this week's interview involves reaction to the marathon bombings, but we do get some words about Andrew Bailey as the closer, the return of David Ortiz and more.

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Parallel. CNN is now saying no one in custody. Known under arrest. Well as CNN's -- NN. According to Don banks there. Because -- play around and look at the story CNN reporter is can is has a conflicting report with a and other CNN report. NBC's consistently said no or at all that he is said there was an arrest. We're keeping guys up to date right so CPU we ourselves are -- news gathering site we're doing our best to Parse the -- one. The other news networks national networks and local sites like the Boston glow over WBUR. Whoever else is is reporting locally I will try to Parse it together and give you guys news as it comes their yes and Boston Police have -- tweeted Norris so there ego doesn't mean that they don't have somebody in custody who's not under arrest percent of the contrast. How will again we will keep you guys we were -- guys up to date as this as the story continues to develop John Farrell manager of the Boston Red Sox joins us from Cleveland. John what do you think it's been it's been a crazy even just last hour some. Yes sure has and I think when we we walked off the field the other day you know celebrating a late inning win. Things were quickly put a perspective probably thirty minutes after. As the first NeuStar to come out and in the amount of information that obviously we all are exposed to human being able to watch on the flight in here Cleveland. -- our hearts go out all those that are directly affected by -- it's it's a tragedy. I'm gonna ask you and a little bit about some of the gestures. That your team put together last night with the Jersey. And in the be strong and all that stuff about when asked you first though. What was your reaction where were you when you heard the news in the what were you thinking. You know Michael I was sitting in my desk because we were we wrap up -- -- what was in the clubhouse was just forward to heading out on the bus. In a couple of reporters just pop their head and say a couple of explosions -- the finish one of the race. You know just not knowing you know how old strong explosions were or who or what might have been injured. And then you know what the first thought it was just disbelief and then obviously concerned start that. Dominate every one. Let you know regardless of how you are days unfolded our thoughts quickly and clearly go back to all those that are suffering because this. -- you take us into the clubhouse yesterday we saw the two amazing images one of your team gathered around the be strong sign and then another of the of the 617. Boston strong Jersey that you guys had hanging in the dugout yesterday. How did those come about what was it what was the process like to getting to that point. You know what when we get into Cleveland here there there was a team dinner switches and on announced that an informal -- put together I think 23 players went to dinner. And I think at that sit down there was a lot of conversation has started not just about you know things have transpired this year but certainly. On Monday. And the continued the next day here in the clubhouse and I think through those conversations like hey we need to hang accuracy. Jonny Gomes you know kind of took over the -- on that put together Tom McLaughlin had a made up. And there's just been a lot of the conversations go on not just on. Know that the concern in the genuine care that guys have for city the city. All those that live there are fans. But how could they do something. Two at least lend some sort of strength and spirit back to those again that are affected by the us. All right -- you guys obviously play a game for a living you did it for many years and now you're managing these guys and we talk about you guys saw -- in the sense but we're both going things that in the grand scheme of things. Really are that important. And in and making the world go around but I'm wondering if you have. There's any reluctance or any thoughts that you had about playing that game because we've we've been hesitant to jump. Full board back in the sports talk. How about you knowing that this happened. In in the city that you work and live. No just playing your game now as it was it was there anything odd about that for you. You know Michael there wasn't really any talk of not playing the game. It in I think you you know as as we've little world now that there's terrorism acts you know better or we're certainly not the only ones affected by this but I think. Terrorism works best when it in a ruptured daily life and take you away from things that you do. In a normal routine. And I think one thing not to be insensitive to anyone and all this will certainly pay our respects and give what we can and then and to help lift up the spirit of community. But I think our sport because of the time of the year -- does provide maybe some small vehicle. To get back to some normalcy. I hit it into it to carry on by no means does that mean we leave people behind or not think of those because. While we're not there in Boston where they're they're in our minds as we go about our work that your. John -- with us here -- WEEI did you -- last night at the end of the game the the Cleveland brought in Cleveland a stadium there Progressive Field playing playing dirty water. Well in the first amendment rights we Carolina and I know that song was played a number of ballparks around baseball and I think it just speaks to. In time of need and kind of tragedy you know different communities in our case the baseball community. They've been together the initial signs of support I think on the facade last night and on Yankee Stadium that spoke pretty. Loud volumes and again that's not to make anything trivial because the people that have been affected most that's where the real concern is -- But I need you don't. It beat the good contributing and the pitching in to help you that things were starting to get as -- because were. Not in Boston all the storage to the first responders and and those with a true heroes having just because worry and the public guy. And we can carry out a message that can be broadcast to too many people watching in those people at ground zero that that are real heroes to all of us. -- do you have someone keeping you updated now or is that something that you do. On your own and I you have to -- focus and get the team ready to play put in as far as the latest from Boston how do you keep abreast of that. Well through people with the with the club or just through the major media outlets you know you. You know situations like this you can turn on pretty much any station and you're gonna get an up to date thing is at least as it's been released to the mass media but. You know above and beyond that you know you balance your concerns. People whether they're plus. What our task at hand -- -- here and you know getting back to our players our clubhouse here the one thing that they've got a very good job that is being able to separate things either have taken place the day before or. Once that first pitch is thrown you know our our focus becomes the task at hand that. And I think that's obviously we can respond -- in the moment. What are you expecting Friday when you guys return to Fenway Park. Probably more heartfelt. In real tangible feel because in talking with others that are. Is in Boston right now I know it's been a very subdued area to do city. Probably a wide range of emotions from anger to. You know. Unknowingly -- something like this happens but I'm sure that will feel it first hand. When we pay tribute to those fallen on Friday night in conflict. When asked about the other game last night. First of all was there. There anything strange about going against. Yeah a former teammate of viewers in in a good friend of viewers Terry Francona and Cleveland used to work for this organization and play for this organization anything strange about that. Well it's not the first time having -- Ronald there was always a match up with him across a field still being here in Boston so it I'm not one on one week we've kind of gone through that already. Fourteen though I'm sure looking back across the field and seeing Red Sox uniform to ensure. You know -- eight years camp. Quickly -- someone you know I'm sure that there -- Were some moments that you know he thought back on but knowing you don't and in some of the comments I read about it it's better -- They're here to kick heartfelt for these three games. What would you consider all the events have taken place including another celebration for Jackie Robinson there was a wide range of array of emotions in this ballpark last night for number reasons but. It's always good to catch up with him personally. But on this on the flip side of that we're here to try to beat them country -- -- Just to give you guys a quick update CNN had earlier reported along with view other organizations and arrests had been made in the bombing from Monday. Boston Police and and some federal attorneys are now saying that that is not true that they do not have a suspect -- that no arrest has been made we're talking to John Farrell. As we do every single Wednesday here in WEEI couple more quick out quick baseball questions. What what is the latest on a few of your injured guys David Ortiz John Lackey and and join him. All of -- guys -- making progress cited gave it will be in the Atlanta begin tonight he was in their last may need to get -- perhaps in and talking to mom my drive into the ballpark today he is he's feeling good. Although he's in that. I don't wanna -- Mid spring training game mode because he's still working through getting his timing down and those subtle adjustments are to be taken place that. Most importantly. You know it is still feels as chili's or are feeling good. He's it'll take every day at -- so. He he's on the -- and were hopeful that sometime this weekend he's he's back in our lineup when we get off this road trip so that's a positive. Franklin Morales heat we've moved him to Greenville east -- and start -- tonight so he's getting closer. To potentially rejoining us Joel Hanrahan has been thrown -- ground. The symptoms in the right hamstring or or start a slowdown. As so. He's still able to -- as normal and keep it in shape but. He's got another ten days or so woman on the DL here and it's likely that -- go -- make a couple of rehab assignments to get him going. Before he's activated and expect this Lackey is prolonged -- the last two days 22030. Feet. So the discomfort the tightness he was filling up by except that's completely gone. We hope we get him on the mound tomorrow for a short bullpen and had probably one on -- Saturday again. And then it's probably realistic that he's got to go out. And make a rehab start -- gains speed but he's making very good progress and recovery from the of this strain that it felt by so. And on the day you guys -- for Hanrahan. Then came out and you came out and said he's our closer but when he's not available. In UBS definitive I -- is it gonna be Bailey. Or will you. Go what the match ups and see what happens on game to game basis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is farcical you know save his concern but. The have a guy at second base nobody else to shut it off right there are being that might have been the most important three outs of the game. So. You know what he is our closer I think it's important to have that one guy established where other guys fall in before him and they can all think along the with the game and prepare mentally for their time -- them they may be called upon so. That's our approach right now with -- are closer. But -- -- -- -- -- last night really was for me fun it was fun after a couple of really difficult days to just sit down and watch baseball and concentrate on that for a little while instead of the news. We heard from other people and through text messages etc. -- said exactly the same thing. Thanks for for going out their plan last night and get the win in will look forward to seeing you guys back at Fenway on Friday. We reported back in the and sharing and contributing as best we can't to continue to move forward from -- so. This is a good group I think people start to recognize. That the individual personalities that are here but more importantly. We've come together pretty quick as a unit I'm not saying or all the way there yet because we've got some guys on the men that are gonna come back to this team but. It's a good group to watch and I think it's a fun team to it to pay attention to us. John -- joins us every Wednesday thanks skip. Aren't there's John Ferrell as we said joins us via the AT&T hotline. John -- every single Wednesday brought you by our bella insurance town fair tire. And celebrity cruises is a good group. It's very obvious Michael that it is a good group when you hear about everyone getting together for dinner the night before we hear about how they wanted to do something in Jonny Gomes one of the new leaders of this team. Taken the taken taken the bull by the horns and in doing what needed to be done. I like. Like that's that's what I wrote about today for WEEI dot com just like them they're likable team that's good. They are I didn't and I am I'm listen what you're saying but I'm just trying to process this the speed. With which this. Story. Turned nods and and just give -- an example at 232. To 32. Boston Globe Twitter. -- source. A suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings is being taken to US district district court at the Moakley federal courthouse in the South Boston waterfront. 235. US attorney's office has issued a statement that there has been no arrest in the marathon bombings case and no one is in custody. So. -- you how. Minutes or so -- -- I would just like there are secured there are more questions there's some confusion here. Is there someone in custody. With not a suspect. Is is this just totally. Did bad reporting. Are they talking to somebody who's a person of interest. We know we're gonna find out -- 5 o'clock -- -- -- -- just under two and a half hours we will find out as there will be a press conference and other law enforcement press conference. With the familiar group that we've seen up their over and over again the governor the mayor. The FBI. The commissioner. And everyone else who's standing around behind them on I think mostly just getting face time as far as like -- maybe they're playing a role that I that I just don't know about. That will happen and about to head down about 5 o'clock to just over two and a half are just under two and a half hours from now you'll find out for sure that. If I had to venture a guess Michael it's it is probably something close. That sure seems as if they've identified somebody whether or not they actually have that person in custody yet remains to be seen. But it sure seems as if they have a pretty good idea now what happened and what's. Yeah and I know a lot of people out there remains some Amare in the eighteen -- text -- a lot of people out there hate the media and in many cases. House today as as a member of the media. -- just being real in many cases. -- we give you reason. Not to likeness. But when there's news happening. You appreciate the media for information when when the media is doing what the media supposed to do. You appreciate. The accuracy of reporting in the diligence. And reporting. I I think in this case there are people there are a lot of national reporters in town and they're not in town they have sources in town in their trying to get it out what they're trying to say hey look at me. I'm beating might just forgot the story right but these are are trained professionals. And somebody. Somebody or a couple of people got it wrong for whatever reason not to try to figure out. Why the government they got bad information right we're we're gonna find out that I don't know what it is we're gonna find out here are my guess is over the next couple of hours to keep you updated as soon as. As soon as news comes out although. Again some of that news is not always a 100% accurate but that is the latest CNN and other and other networks have reported today that they suspect. Was in custody in arrests had been made it. Now they're saying in Boston Police and others are saying. That is not the case -- or your phone calls as we react to what we heard there from John -- what he saw from the Red Sox last night. How you're feeling now a couple of days later and and with the news that they're. Maybe isn't an arrest but at the very least they seem to be close to an arrest. Are you feeling soccer -- in WB.

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