WEEI>On Demand>>Former Patriots Matt Chatham and Joe Andruzzi are among 100's of heroes on the scene of the marathon

Former Patriots Matt Chatham and Joe Andruzzi are among 100's of heroes on the scene of the marathon

Apr 17, 2013|

We discuss how the city of Boston shined at the scene and showed quick thinking and a sense of community that saved many lives. Among those heroes were former Patriots Joe Andruzzi and Matt Chatham. We listen in on some of Chatham's difficult telling of his story.

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Every time I try to sing along my voice just ends up hurting. Rule on the road to dressing like -- but I still think it's our anthem it's suggestion that may be cheers as the Boston and them certainly the sense of community makes sense today. Play that little bit later as well -- -- on WEEI. I just saw some pictures Michael from the courthouse. Bomb sniffing dogs at the federal courthouse which was evacuated. How amazing a bomb sniffing dogs by the way they've been all over right there word they were at the garden today Julie -- Avaya labs there. Is it is it amazing to you that there are dogs out there that can sniff out bombs I think -- -- at just such a cool thing dogs are wonderful my -- cancel meet. When it falls on the ground on the floor directly in front of -- to the fact that there are other dogs out there that are capable of doing things like this I always think it's great. Yes current page and they also are therapy dogs by her dogs. That that smell -- -- they -- -- -- know a lot of a lot of dogs who were capable of doing lots of things I -- report my wife sent -- Story about therapy dogs that were being used as well elaborate labs Golden Retriever is. Dogs that had been down at Newtown. Serving as therapy dogs down there that they've brought up to Boston now for victims'. Families of victims it's better to just sort of be around the dog can be cathartic can be healing it. Amazing creatures amazing animals I. In Osaka just wanna I wanna update people were trying to follow along they've been lots of reports out there and counter reports in on this and that. This is the time line. The Associated Press. Reported that at 2 o'clock. And we came on that a suspect had been taken into custody. And was expected was expected in federal court on the South Boston waterfront. So that led to. Lots of people lots of news outlets. Gathering at the courthouse anticipating an appearance from the suspect. The globe. Had reported earlier that authorities were very close very close to a breakthrough. After obtaining images of a suspect at the second bombing site carrying a black bag. And the -- later -- this story saying that the suspect was in custody. So. CNN had reportedly -- John King was reporting that. And there was a suspect there was -- there was an arrest. At 314. CNN backed off the story. Quota law enforcement officials saying significant progress had been made but backed up the story -- there was a suspect in custody AP. Tweeted. And the globe published the public denials of the initial reports now where we are at this moment. Is about an hour away. From a news conference at 5 o'clock. So it their -- -- ways ago and say that the reporters were wrong and and I guess if you were an anti media person a lot of people doctors don't like media. The reporters are wrong they were they are rushing to be first that in -- resources. I find it hard to believe that a lot of reporters in this case didn't check their sources. I think some reporters probably went stronger with the year for well a stronger with the information. In their sources were comfortable with him -- Graphic -- They had information if you're if you're reporting at this level. You can't he can't make a living reporting at this level and just throwing out his. Outrageously. Incorrect information. Can't do. Ball tell you this Michael I'm hoping by the time they do this press conference in about fifteen minutes and we will carry here on WEEI I'm -- in law enforcement officials speak they say at that point that they do have somebody in custody I hope that's what happens. Because I think -- of people will rest a little bit more short it. Knowing that they went out and found somebody and by the way for people go to the Bruins game tonight big mass gathering of people. I think we'll all feel a little bit more comfortable as well knowing that they have a suspect in custody now. Does that take you back for minimal move forward again and I see some calls here -- -- about the Bruins game tonight about the marathon experience to move forward it's that are -- Matt Chatham former patriot. Was on today would -- Lou and he was right in the middle of everything he was there with Julie Andrews in the injuries he foundation. And you saw some shots obviously of injuries the carrying people from the from from the the site. Chatham was right there as well and in a part of the whole thing he was on today a -- Lou incredibly emotional. Wolf picked it up years he was telling the story of what happened to. This is something that you referenced Joseph has been in in over forty of -- into the since. You know we've we've been a struggle with this -- the last couple days generally. Debating. How much we wanted to talk about what what level of the hill how to address to meet some of the people that we go over there. Still some of the critically injured and we've record for a -- still haven't got word. So work there were also pretty -- about the we've we've we've -- I wanted to order the governor and we have to sort through. Hundreds of war effort media requests would we kind of -- -- out there and sort of the point now where it's -- particular stories -- -- I like that we can come forward who doesn't. The shuttle little bit about it but maybe as much as anything -- the substance of straight. Then also you know talk a little bit about. You know the reason Jones and and now I've got more attention as you know actually get -- -- The net and let you know make -- storybook. We're really overwhelmed working with suggest people normally the people the world site. That you know had just picture not been -- them. Stories of material the woman and -- there's there's there's there's hundreds of people around the resort just as much. It's a little almost you know compared singer that seems odd to be out front talking about this so. Were we wanna just as much as anything emphasize. How little we were just no one of several people were doing. They're really great things that day and we're still ordering not out of the woods with some of these people. We're -- conservative offensive -- back to back your question. You know we we just looked up the street so that kind of echoed those sentiments -- but we talked about. And isn't too important to understand you're in the nose but a lot of conflicting reports joke. -- was up the street. That the unemployment. Georgia and has his wife had gone up the social and to receive some of the runners. And my wife who's. The PP. Foreign minister for the foundation. She's and so the other we're moving back and forth to the street. As a runner would combine you know there -- in the grips with the -- -- GPS and -- -- you know when they're cleared certain hurdles we have a sort of more people coming by. And the warping the -- supplements to. The spot where there were the -- is where. Our people were moving back and forth throughout the course of the particular pictures and the recent. The reason we're there at that moment. It was quite frankly because we just another runner but if you're easily could open. Up so we're. We're very thankful for all the people basically. According to practice she'll. -- -- trying to sort through here's what dimension there are still some people that. We have got word I don't but there was probably want to privacy but. No my electric solar and waited and wondered about the woman we carried out because she's she was one of the many who work. Who was badly injured and you know we've persona people the there helping. And north first instinct to block that from a we return that to people off the street and also. Record breaker for the and we're trying to get people back in the building and you know that mentioned I think there were some reports that the -- -- open people and excellent is the deal was up there we were backed him more involved in the second blast. So you know there are situations was -- there were a lot of our guests will be entrepreneurial justice makeshift wood -- a situation. One no one reference. You know pouring drinks on parliament was burning stricter with -- tomorrow. The woman that that we give them up and moved some. The only way. The curator who served before that the law. She you know that the -- -- and you know what can I hope for the awards couple will bickering about the -- should be helping people on the street north. Which should help people who -- forward and the roster and my thinking that the problems with the woman that simply tripped and you know we just in particular up and keep people -- -- that returned and realized Hewitt. It. Pretty traumatic injury so. In and it just speak the sort of the chaos around it and all over sort of recollection -- will probably continue to build your next several days and weeks. For the Arctic my term initially was our assumed she was. Born into our area. What some accounts from some of the people there are -- -- -- -- should -- over the spot. In these security it is it. Ruling uncertain and it's just that sort of handled the war but for the work in the field so. That the gentleman wrote a couple of days to our department of children. Just former pitcher Matt Chatham on today with a month low we back in ninety seconds Morey calls alcohol in WB.

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