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Updates on all the conflicting marathon bombing reports from WHDH's Steve Cooper

Apr 17, 2013|

A suspect has been arrested... no questioned... no there are no suspects. The media had a rough day this afternoon. We try and make sense of all the conflicting reports with WHDH news Steve Cooper.

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Can't hear the song enough I think. Right now it is to mean Michael the -- of this city and much as I enjoyed history -- sweet Carolina around the country last night at the various. Ballparks. This is the song that I think always represents -- listen read the story earlier that it's it's taken this according to Wikipedia but I've read and elsewhere as well that. It was written in response to a guy hated Boston he came many in like that he and his girlfriend got robbed a they wrote a story about having them like you hear the dirty water you have to go to bed early the whole deal. And we just adopted it to not it's ours we love it we love dirty water we love our town and so. And you can hear that song enough I absolutely -- -- it has been a crazy day around this city with. Potential bomb scares and evacuations and hospitals and courthouses -- we get caught up. With -- exactly what has happened Steve Cooper of WH DH channel seven kind of take a few minutes Steve can just give us a rundown of what the heck happened tonight. -- and Michael what happened in fact we are we're awaiting a news conference here the Westin Copley in Boston that was supposed to happen. Straight up at 5 o'clock and it well. And it took five it was abruptly canceled. Lou told the reason it was canceled was because of developments over the Moakley federal courthouse this afternoon which involve the bomb scare over there Austin police and federal regions court. It over the golden -- for. What was reported in -- to be a monster beyond that -- give us any more information. But what was going on that -- -- new developments. Earlier this afternoon about a possible arrest in connection with the marathon bombings. And so much so that by the middle of the afternoon. It -- media outlets reporting that a person -- custody there were reports that -- suspect was headed over to the federal courthouse to be you know proper court judge. And it turned out according to my source and then other sources that that was not the case there had been no arrest. Now all this of course follows the bombing not much there and finish line. And down we know the numbers people that mean injured in the hospital on the couple's three tonight but again into the moving fast in your sleep around here mainly because the FBI. And Boston Police and equally to all these federal agencies that are here dealing with this. Sort of gathered a lot of information mostly from pictures mostly on the cell phone and video much on store surveillance video finish on -- street. And also prompt some pictures that we see now that show some bees are about ready and upon. Your source says that no arrests no one in custody but. You have any. Any indication that progress has been made because that was a CNN I think was the first Wednesday. Oh sure there's been an arrest. And there's been there -- significant progress well if they have to retract a report there's been an arrest I'm wondering if they often take back it has been significant profit progress what are your from your source. What we are hearing that. What are the reasons that this 5 o'clock news conference so abruptly abruptly postponed. Because they must be getting closer to some critical information that they're developing that they want to -- out in you know get keep in mind that Monday afternoon. At 3 o'clock this was Boston's story while the -- international story and sitting here inside the a hotel room waiting for news conference some -- at least a hundred cameras here. And that that you include all the orders and radio reporters that are assembled there as well newspaper reporters as well it's GM act so suddenly. You know. -- crop that was being led by the governor you know with FBI officials with. Austin which it is and the mayor here as well they know now that they are speaking to the world. And I'm sure they wanna make sure everything that they say it's exactly what they. Steve Cooper with us from channel seven a reporter for channel seven he is awaiting the news conference at the -- if and when it comes. What happened at the Brigham and women's that I. Again I think you know if BI they've been interviewing a lot of people. Following up -- thousands leads. And you know and I'm careful not to say that it turned out he's not saying we don't know what what right now I mean a lot of the stuff because on. We're seeing is an under the -- in swat teams move boats. Optical key to move -- city at the same time I guarantee you right spirit and some of -- things that -- it was probably twice as much going on behind the scenes that you'll never know. They're dealing with in terms of this investigation keep -- this is now being led by Washington Homeland Security. President involve -- and earlier this afternoon that while all of us investor meetings going on now keep in mind that. -- and -- -- from president sitting president coming into Boston tomorrow morning and you can imagine they have security issues. Well beyond our imagination but they're trying to deal. Eyes -- one question one more question for me and we've we've heard a lot from commissioner Ed Davis from the Boston Police Department. And it's all year has been raving about Ed Davis how he's he's a man -- who appears to be control from your experience and I'm sure you've dealt with the police commissioner just say that as my friend -- on many occasions. Outlook what do you tell us about him I mean what what what is his what has he known for. -- -- -- One departure he knows he's very well versed in the media and you know they know how to get the information out that they want but they also use the media. Ticket information from the public and not certain what they've been doing over the past 24 hours. But it beavis a commissioner -- leases that that it doesn't -- the news. He connected federal officials. What happens here in Boston. Is watched very closely although it out of the White House Homeland Security. These these are people that are behind the scenes every day but again -- relationship with the media and actually got it they know how to. Get information out in the article is. They -- people at home of the best we've reached viewers. And listeners. News from radio and TV and through AD -- and now social media and and and it's so critical because. You know that's who was at the C app to sort of finish on -- and hundreds of police officers that was about it it was people who Hopkins. A lot of people homes and some analysts -- Or maybe this is an important may need to get better -- and that's what's helping this investigation right now. Steve we appreciate it I hope they do have that press conference because we're all anxious to to hear what they have to say and and you'll be there thanks so much. Are they are just the attorneys Cooper at channel seven reporter who was at the -- Awaiting a press conference that was originally supposed to be at 5 o'clock it is either been canceled or the very least postponed a and hopefully it's for the reason he. EDS that hypothesize which is that maybe they're very close to having a good announcement or maybe they're trying to get exactly the details right in terms of what they would like to ask the people for. I hope so and and is as we mentioned earlier earlier. Video from Lord & Taylor was very important. Of in this investigation. Apparently was their video. That's on 24 hours. They have been on for not for obvious security purposes but also for shoplifters. And as it was described to me earlier 90% of the time not to present a job as a lock. It's like when you're dealing with shoplifters -- luck with you know finding the right person that -- looking for with this video and apparently the video from Lord & Taylor was very helpful to the FBI they went in there this morning. For this I think the second or third time. Got the video it's an in -- system. From American dynamics in the not to most. Is not the most up to date system at the little -- your system but the FBI is able to do it it's it's. It's fascinating what they can do all the stuff you see in those movies is apparently true what they can do that took the video they enhanced it. They cleaned it up and based on what they saw on the video they were able to. At least make out somebody who who got their attention to 21777. On 7937. Dominik in Hyde Park -- Dominic. Why don't get. Listen I'm very upset about what happened at the marathon obviously nearly everybody else. And what I'd like to say years. I can't believe you know at 235 that they had somebody and then previously they had nobody. And the other thing is if they had nobody welcome it was a bomb -- of federal -- nobody checked people going in and out of it while they would get back. In -- I can't answer any of those questions where we're waiting for the press conference to to a current audio. Nobody checked people going now. I'm sure they did as a matter your background and I got a family member who was on jury duty to federal courthouse just within the last couple weeks having not to David just within the last few weeks. And there's a ton of security down their anyway even before any of this so. But still doesn't mean that someone doesn't see you back in panic and and or something is left there that isn't actually. An explosive device but somebody's worried that it is as Michaels mentioned a few times. Were a little jittery right now everybody's a little on edge everybody is a little suspicious and maybe that's a good thing it. But it can also lead to what made the some confusion about what's real what -- -- so many people involved. What so many levels of government involved I don't think you have to worry about somebody. Not not being thorough enough for somebody does not paying attention to the details. I think everybody's paying attention to details right now because there's so many law enforcement types. Saturating the city ought not to worry. And and we listen there is another part of this Dominic. That that we have to factor and Steve Cooper alluded to it we just -- on a few minutes ago. They're good at using the media. Ed Davis is gonna use in the medium for forgetting what he wants and that always gonna tell you what he has in mind or what his agenda is -- it. So. What they're saying now is there's a bomb threat. Maybe there's more to that story maybe that's the story absolutely. Then maybe it's something completely different we don't know. So you just K you really can't take everything at at face value. As they are going through this process of trying to find out who the suspect with the suspects are. It also could have been and also could have been a phone call I mean maybe they received a phone call that we just don't know we're gonna wait until we see who do we hear idea. Do we hear the press conference if and when it occurs at some point tonight I'm still looking forward to this evening at the Boston Garden I think it's going to be electric atmosphere I think it's going to be an outpouring of emotion. For the fans that are there for the players that are there for -- -- coursing in the National Anthem. And for everybody around who is watching that game tonight the first game to be held here in Boston. In Boston since Monday I'm looking forward to that organ to a lot warrior calls last four -- five minutes here -- -- and WB.

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