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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande

Apr 17, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande

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Celtics that I presented by Lexus continues from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto it is the Celtics and the Toronto Raptors and he is the regular season finale and it is. Our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers -- do you buy -- build healthcare. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care count us in. The first Saturday Night Live after 9/11. Rudolph Giuliani was on and Michaels asked him -- -- -- stuck with me he said. When it was over and is -- awkward moment trying to comedy shows that what can we be funny which Giuliani replied why start now. I was tenth he'll talk with the keel for nightly this'll won't get the Monday but first couple basketball things Saturday being the final dress for Russell. And your biggest win of the year's -- was it important to get at least one game like that under your belt when playoffs. Nada I know I guess it was. -- on it. It was nice to see everybody play well and everybody together you know I'd love the way we employee. But you know at the end -- the -- the we got to be ready for during -- up and you know I don't know the answer that mattered not but it was good to see. What then besides the obvious -- going getting hurt do you want to accomplish tonight you have individual guys that you once these are things from it if I wanna see from themselves. That maybe you know you never know I mean I don't think it's. Coaching standpoint now. Obviously I'm looking for honestly I just think the guys who will play him play a lot of minutes. Did you know you're always trying to sharpen your tools and hopefully that's what they're gonna do and if you never know you know like -- in the Minnesota game made a shot. And all of a sudden he had his confidence back. So maybe someone who is split okayed me she'll light you know -- that jurors that over into the playoffs that's all you can hope for. You live for. If you're nine years of Boston blocks from the site literally building which he lived for years back he weighs one day for people who haven't heard you talk about yet. How close were you on Monday or -- close some extra time so. Away. And -- were well aware. And you know listen. I mean you know a whole bunch of people -- just lucky obviously. That we were were bad this year. Having said that. Listeners he would have gone through that date was so much stuff for them anything that I encounter anything else than. Manages -- -- -- it really -- one of my favorite days. Of the year in Boston because. The runners you know -- The champion -- Obama the guys who you know at night you're going restaurant you see people wearing their medal. And you see the lightest most product will be of the year in my opinion emotion as she people some you'd like Longo. To run the marathon on the Boston Marathon and they've accomplished and she's there with their families is just one of those enjoy five days. We did. Max and I were talking earlier that's about his experience individually but the fact that you like the both of us. Number three of us are from off that we spent so much -- lives there now. It's become a big part of us I don't know when it happened when that connection happens but it Monday make you feel or think of yourself more information. More -- -- move up but you know I felt that way anyway where I was just so pro. The people are February message that there is an hour later to those. Driving trying to get home and all of a sudden you all this broke you just couldn't move and you saw. -- street in the suit tie -- track he was probably coming down into center. Going back to -- announce him street directing traffic. And he was doing it right where he was serious and -- -- -- this I was so proud of our people. Just majors through -- -- that part of receive the first images now of votes or emotional night at the garden Bruins games set to begin. And we're seeing pictures man you know most poignant was there any ambivalence in your mind any mixed emotions about not playing last night knowing. What how emotionally spent -- people gathered to get. Now are just that one -- I didn't think our hearts have been into. Anything players -- would have been into just. I really did want a player. And the other reason I really strong about we're talking about it. Did police there they have some -- -- to do this and protecting the basketball. We didn't need to distract their and I think this is the appropriate time that you wouldn't know the date later -- I think it's perfect. It's quite data have Boston connected to your -- Jeff it's but they'll listen I don't just bosses the whole country I -- I think to support you look at. Think the Chicago Tribune did with. The back -- -- wars. New York assistant. Every time something like this. Did that show you that is great that your from Boston but -- -- agreed to your from the years and so. That's the final word so that's the raptors next summit WEEI Celtics radio network.

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