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Matt Chatham: Discusses heroism he witnessed firsthand at Boston Marathon Bombing

Apr 17, 2013|

Matt Chatham was just feet away from the second explosion at the Boston Marathon and joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the chaos, the heroism he witnessed, and the terrible tragedy.

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He's based on the site in the way you described. Are you surprised that their the death poll is that 3 this morning based in the carnage that you that you saw. Yeah that was stunned and there is no don't let my mind without hesitation to AT&T'S. Police -- since let's just sit there were. -- gross. You know traumatic amputations and they were on scene so in treating these injured victims so quickly that they see the book is there's no doubt just certainty. That was -- -- yesterday -- son Brian. Ran in the marathon and Joseph was there at the finish line and kill former EMC. Was right there across the street when the explosions happened was shocked that there are always three casualties. It's much loot 93 point seven WEEI. Some of the guys who were getting credit rightfully so. For their work in the midst of this. Awful tragedy are -- Jersey Matt Chatham they were there is part of the GO -- you fund event their -- restaurant by now you've seen. And you know you've been in the area or form is that right there. Near the finish line and Joseph in -- story today on The Today Show wouldn't. He's been very. We'll talk about it and I completely understand that I'm very preached in -- match at a regular football guests with us joining us -- on the -- the -- -- And yesterday Matt your ears ring and so bad you had to put the phone away from the year he still on speakerphone agreeable but the phone your ear today. -- I was directly from the blast. That was turned. Looking up the street to the first blast so both the moderator so it is extremely minor compared to what a lot of people do with obviously. That we knew we were in the restaurant. You can see the pictures. Become. Kind of -- viral there with the other picture of the the package the city mayor pro reform. Supposedly been mixed with a note during trash can there. You can see when people that are right -- -- world that is that is fifteen feet back -- -- and there. -- -- -- -- -- -- You guys -- here that the first explosion and yet and that's what twelve seconds. Can you explain what goes through your mind is is that starts to happen and you hear that Matt. That the back of what it was just an arbiter markets did I guess what the this is something that you referenced -- and then -- in over -- you are -- the that. You know we've we've been struggling with this -- the last couple days literally. Debating. How much -- one -- -- talked about and what what levels until how to address that means some of the people that we don't -- better. Still some of the critically injured and we've -- correct -- -- got word. So were you know were also pretty shook him up and we've we've we've -- wanted to or the governor and we have to sort through you know hundreds of what Cooper -- requests would -- -- this -- out there and we're sort of the point now -- with -- -- they're bored you know I like that we can -- -- doesn't. The shuttle little bit about it but maybe as much as it just sort of straight. And also you'll talk a little bit about. You know the reason Jones and and now I've got more attention this -- you know a snapshot depicting -- The net and let you know make focus storybook. Were rolling -- while working with suggest people -- of people there were on the site. That you know had just picture -- now -- Stories of -- carry the woman and Kamal. That there's there's hundreds of people around the resort just as much. It's a little animals you know covered their singer that seems ought to be up from a talking about this so. Were we wanna -- that as much as anything emphasize. How little we were just no one of several people were doing. They're really great things that day and we're still ordering not out of the woods with some of these people were -- conservative offensive -- back to back your question. You know we we just looked up the street so. You know that kind of echoed those tournaments from above but we talked about a -- was important to understand -- -- but a lot of conflicting reports -- -- was up the street. That's an excellent Georgia and and his wife had gone up the finish line to receive some of the runners. So my wife who's. The PP. Foreign minister for the foundation. She's and so -- the other were moving back and forth to the street. As runners would combine you know there were in the grips with the but he GPS in north little -- and no -- cleared certain hurdles we have a sort of more people coming by. And the one thing that should consult the most of the spot where there with a bomb -- where. Our people were moving back and forth throughout the course of the particular pictures and the recent. The reason -- there at the moment. It was quite frankly because we just another runner but they're very quick hook them. Up so we're. We're very thankful for. All the people basically that. Unbelievably active as a shield. -- orchestras sort through. Woman I know. It's extremely difficult a lot of people I think come. Burying your shoes and we we've mentioned before that. -- we have the names we've seen some pictures of heroes but there's so many others out there that there are unidentified like -- said before so many people doing their part. What we expect you know from people in this area and a lot of people are proud of yourself and proud of of jolt for the actions they did. And it and understand it's a struggle. For a lot of people there to witness and to see things you know read a story about you talking about what it was. Like -- it was on hosting people forming a shield and people get hit. You know. We talk to people yesterday and it's tough to do -- the stores it's tough to identify. But I think you speak a lot of people. You know and I know he you're embarrassed by it but you are hero. You are here are a lot of people -- we all think you. There's like I mentioned there are still some people that. We have gotten word -- but there was probably want the privacy but. They'll collect personal way in which and I wondered about the woman we -- now because she's she was one of the many that were. Who would badly injured and you know your persona people the rather open. And north first instinct to block the -- We were trying to -- people off the street and also. Record breaker for the and we're trying to get people back in the building and you know -- I think there were some reports that Jordan would open people but excellent is the deal with the that are we brought back him more involved in the second blast. So you know there -- situation was you know there were a lot of I guess we'll be entrepreneurial justice makeshift -- -- a situation. One no one reference. -- pouring drinks -- -- was burning structure was secure remote. The woman that that we -- there have been removed from. The only way. The carrier to answer before the law. -- you know that the my wife's feet and you know what can I hospital -- couple were bickering about -- -- should be helping people in the street or. Which should help people who work fallen on the roster and I might think you know that's where most of the woman that simply tripped and you know we just -- -- particular topic Q people -- -- -- That returned and realized yet in the pretty traumatic injuries so. And it just speak the sort of the chaos around it and all over sort of recollection no will probably continue to build here in the next several days and weeks. For the Arctic my account initially it was -- assumed she was. Blown into our area. On some accounts from some of the people there -- sort or -- -- -- -- to that spot. In new secretary -- it it. Ruling on certain and that's just that's sort of you know the war but for the work in the field -- that the gentleman who wrote the supplement. -- to our department of children. Matt Chatham four patriot joining us he was there at this event and I guess. That the -- Foundation itself the amount of money you raised just that day the report was 164000. Dollars. The -- foundation to raise that seems like the -- in your wife -- become. Very close and have seen at at these events what Joe's fund. What his foundation has done for cancer patients their families dealt with Brent mortgage utilities you see in this thing you see this foundation work year after year. Did you all learn. Have kind of a weird connection we've been friends for a war time. Joseph and I -- cup for the Packers I was cut from the rams. It was a day of each other back in 2000 and -- put politics first year. And we were both. You know we both arrived. In Boston in the northern ulterior we've lived via field in the hotel across the street from the stadium. There were heroic and there are whites became best friends and tournament that I sort of the reports ceremonies but. You know Joseph offices and all those issues that you -- beat cancer and we've built foundation has really grown to -- -- -- -- organizations -- These kind of things in the in the New England region and what we really appreciate about it is in a lot of places you consider money. For different causes and researching you know inflict but we feel like this. Joseph foundational sort of filled -- doubt that Yule log with sort of the possible things you. The things that you often forget about that is the fairway expense become you with the local -- -- torture came we're going to treat -- The idea and you know particularly in the medical expenses or out of the mortgage did in Vietnam I was electors to vote -- and it -- You know we do a lot of good things this -- incredible work that Jim Jones on the world you know this is only one of about half a dozen big event -- distribute through the year. And you know supposedly good -- of -- -- -- -- of the volunteers that are involved in this thing here are incredible people. You know fact that we -- -- people out was -- -- there but. We tend to return to take him you know -- all kind of people -- -- -- her people. I don't know anyone that was the over the people about it. -- in this story -- -- Boston Elizabeth Merrill and moved the line that pitches. Stocks vote Joseph Louis is it could be said that Joseph injures he's either the unlucky just a lucky as men in the world and you think about what -- gone through with this. Three Brothers first responders and 9/11 and now this that ties to both. How was he doing right now with all this. The grown simple I think. Think well recovered since the -- fairways are narrower the the rest of the for the additional people who were there close and that for whatever reason are still here. You know world or conversations. Throughout -- -- -- no problem there are. And help rewrote their for a good -- to begin with the same public sort of the weasel -- you know it's like we ruined. Ordered work to do me some reason got experience and the reason that form you know. That mr. -- if you -- feedback. And we we I think we all feel like. Now permitted to work and really really look at it makes it possible. You imagine positive McNamee a lot of our calls last couple days have been. The next thing is let's get the major ones. Who's in the hospitals hope they get out safely and number two is get the bastard bastards. Always heard reports of the FBI and police talk when everyone and I am curious. You've had those discussions -- questioned you -- your group out. What you what you saw what you may every now I've seen what you what could be you know innocent but that could help them in this investigation. It is I mean that's I'm trying to lure investors sort of part -- come to Europe given the degree of detail what. Contacted people ever the raucous and there are just symbolic and stuff investigations -- normal and so. You know I'm trying not to -- -- community tilt sensitive but. Yes that's what we're going to let this we're. This is an off document and all those kind of thing about how. You know how much information changes you know how much you think happened and among the -- why customers smoke and -- Chaos and not turn them. Piece together who was wearing and who was where. What the photographs to the -- to -- of animals and the things that. I think we're we're still sort through it and you know we haven't put pertinent information we've. Well digital and which is that a little mixture you don't give bad information so that often. The -- after the situation -- It in the in the work principles. Matt no you do com has delayed flight in. Actually arrived at. Early Monday morning guys you fairly -- Disney World knows what I was looking was it just you and your wife was your family. You to know my kids through with -- -- fortunately my kids are young five to nine months five people learn more sort of fall for it will be fired shortly. And you know we reduce -- and you know. Jennifer actually made the call -- -- late that night we found out there what it was going to be delivered with the storms and it's that they you know you don't happen. In America and didn't 3 in the morning cup in America and exportable my wife was. Well you know I don't for a few hours and got up and then trucked up but that was -- she was -- -- itself. Posted with the kids in the morning. Until the book in which took her computer and in the lecture in the last edited so. If there was there was interest in and in the world class of the field. It would be difficult but. This is. I don't know where this is the lowest but you know it is that were worth that they were also -- -- hours prior to be back up here work. That Hollywood -- -- Hollywood studios were worsening. You know. Explosives. Indiana Jones. Ride and all these other kind of special effects and bombs and things. And that it was earlier to me just how. -- -- social structure those who -- really focuses sufficient enough to poke the bear typical. Same sound. Guilty. And in the opposite simulated. York apartment. In the littering the real thing. Israel. That real quick I know that UN and Joel bull. -- -- join the Kraft family the Kraft family step for -- be donating its support. On the Boston Marathon and the strategy in their victims is the website patriots dot com slash Tony is that we should send people. Yeah that was Bolick from from the -- that the foundation and you know we are and I know there's some confusion and their optimism in this. In this kind of tragedies you know there's a lot of quick site to get the quick fund them you know there's varying degrees of certain liabilities -- We want to figure out what we can do and we -- Baltic quickly and who was stable where you know you could. Feel great that your Monaco where is that it's going you know people across provisions one of those. Those six places so for workers to organizations and between one. Encourage people to do as well. Data Dexter. It's a lot of thought of -- people pouring in one I think you know once a patriot. Always a patriot -- you might feel comfortable with the word hero but I think I speak for a lot of people wanna say thank you and we are very proud you were. Good thank you enough. Well -- -- cycles and people can. There's a lot of people that are gonna give thanks to alert -- -- -- than they did everything. Matt thank you and thank you for your time today aides that stuff -- talk about we think you've taken a few minutes. -- Matt Chatham for patriot talk -- us throughout the yeah football season joining us. Well on the AT&T hotline. And like Joey did not want to really talk about it if he did not this is not. Something he was really wanting to do appreciate him sharing his story from this text messages. You guys appreciated as well I should mention again patriots dot com slash donate patriots. Dot com slash donate where a Matt Chatham Joseph Andruzzi about a two and the graphics fairly and their happy place in the world. Hours before there's agreement. -- was there Monday morning. That's difficult to figure. We get a break we'll come back -- continued talk with -- Hewitt 6177797937. I'm buster only will join us next hour Indy Berkeley in 1 o'clock don't going to work.

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