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Andy Brickley, NESN, on Boston Marathon bombing

Apr 17, 2013|

Brick joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the tragedy that took place at the marathon and how the Bruins will respond tonight.

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Final hour mutt and Lou 93 point seven WE -- -- -- up until. 2 o'clock. And salt and holly will take the baton to keep you updated all day there is report courtesy of CNN that there is significant. And substantial progress in the criminal investigation John King. When their anchor sublease spent some time working in Boston as a deet tails and hope to bring you those. Later on this hour and could be a press conference later on today too deep field that. According to CNN my guess -- salt and I'll carry that for you live right here on 93 point seven W week DI. The also sources Tories have an image of a suspect caring and perhaps dropping. A black bag at the second bombing scene so there. -- again we see some great pictures that we had seen over the Internet you know they have thousands more. And they have video camera in a -- up and CNN officials believe that bomb suspect identified in a store video courtesy of Lord & Taylor. I'm nearby as we get more information you'll not -- economic joining us on the eighteenth the outline. Our color commentator on NASA for the Boston Bruins will play a big role I think in the healing process of this community tonight Andy Berkeley. Joins us brick I guess we've we've asked a lot of our guest -- last couple of days. You know where were you on Monday around 2:53 o'clock 4 o'clock when you heard about the bombing events there at the end of the Boston Garden. Well or to gain data -- -- Ottawa Senators choking game he was in motion so -- ski around and thirtieth garden. And I had some personal business to attend to and I hit a bucket on the outskirts of the city. Trying to determine whether I was gonna take a look a little ride or walk across town and go down to the finish line and I just take in the whole event because special it is and as it turned out it didn't make it sound manner and -- I got news of the two bombings in what was going on it was just it's such a scary feeling you know. Emotions the way they -- where they go from. Just this -- 22. Outrage -- and on that. -- compassion for the people that would down there what it's supposed to -- celebration of our way of life -- struggle for freedom day. And it's tragic and senseless typical comprehend. -- down there. Probably seen some of these they did the players and if you talk to any of them recently and in what is divide been in that locker room what you expect. Well I think with a little bit of time in the rearview mirror and some time to. -- offset what had happened I figure you play hockey in the all wanted to do something meaningful. In the healing process and that what can you do as an athlete and as a team and I think that's what first and foremost on the mind. Think the actual actual hockey where they aren't standing in the -- and all that stuff almost becomes secondary tonight they wanted to alone do what they do which is split quality hockey game and the message as a team because they had such a likable group. There are looking back and let 2011 Stanley Cup championship team and the connection they've made with a hockey community here in -- all -- New England. They have an opportunity to -- and do something as a team should be organization. Let go all the media which knows at what they're planning to do in terms of and think they can offer tonight. -- has not been made public yet -- -- that it comes it would appear that -- and try to get a little insight on my appetite earned during the game and before. That was a book coming to get a our players. Concerned they they are anxious to play hockey game -- they waited they normally play and play it right. Brick MEU I believe -- Melrose correct. Our -- equity -- and our CB grew up here he went to college here -- to win when you. You more than anybody that knows what that event is knows the marathon is and I get the feeling that. You know not all the Bruins are from Boston these guys live here full time now I get -- but I. I get the feeling these guys know lateral that's because of the you guys the alumni association explained to them what this event what they need to the community handing out but I just get the feeling that. -- they sort of recognize their role. In all of this in this healing process based on interference and other speaking in last 48 hours how significant this game is tonight for the city of Boston. Chara and Bergeron. Very strong or go to fort to take the lead as ours the emotional side of the -- tonight because they do because we get it up for grabs but what do you need to be -- Boston Bruins. -- -- -- -- -- one of the greatest lessons he's learned as an 181920 year old player when he came to Austin was he learned what it was to be part of this community from guys like -- fact that they came before him. You'll -- and and that starts that read the the continuity that has existed in the -- -- such a long time and the Eagles will play it's certainly the way it. And help the younger players like staying in a -- some of the younger guy like Alec yarn and 41 years so it just caught here. He needs to be swallowed up in the exactly what would wanna do tonight and and I think you're right they have a sense of community a sense of belonging. They connection with the people of this city and what it means not only did little artist sports. I environment here -- -- and and and actually the perfect group because of what they are and what they've accomplished and what they want to do in the future. This is an important game. Now expect a highly motivated team especially with some of the of the of the return of Brad Marchand and trees Persian poetry expect. I you know and when you start looking at the lines in the septic okay these guys were so concerned about coming back healthy and -- talk about the depth and guys soderbergh's it now here tonight but. Things start to come together and temper of that first up I just expected emotional game minute and a big win for the state. -- they didn't -- -- to put their desire to play a real good game anyway I'm just glad that they've played lately they've lost a couple of although they have looked good doing it. -- eager -- you know 67 games where it really matters how you play going to the post season. If you play the -- spoke to play the result should be that you're getting help the absurd level competent but they have another. Another year that they can excuse before the playoffs start. And and perhaps this is a couple of events and emotions. It could go a long way to put him in the -- him. Any brick -- is joining us in terms of the line combinations today brick how much stock do you put that when you see you know Campbell -- -- and younger up on that first line and then. Get a second line back together Marchand Bergeron Nathan Horton on the technical third line and Milan -- -- the -- according to reporter skating down on -- well I guess the fourth line including if -- toward -- rich Beverley. I like it -- like -- like the idea they gonna give Geiger can play with creepy -- -- the -- -- did this morning. And I love the effect -- Marchand Bergeron back -- say and that's been the best line all year clearly. And message sent to Orton and blue sheet that they have to you know step up their game -- they have to play better and have to be productive and now what at a weighted. To get your attention to limit their ice time and played him in different situations and maybe not even do it and some power -- and so. The only the only difference I see is you know what sort of -- would mean where it would it's more important -- line combinations could open. -- -- be all -- tonight not so much about the individuals. -- she walked into the garden many many times but walked in there today probably a little bit different here a lot of stories the first time -- Those security being so I wanted basically all the ones that are out tonight look different feel Gordon. Yeah I absolutely and and to be expected in them and that will be the case from Iran notes in the short term. And that's okay that's not a bad thing you know that is a week of vacation -- public schools and the expectation was that'd be a lot of kids in the and that tonight. I don't know what has happened that will change the tickets will move around you more adults -- the kids. In terms of safety in and that comfort level and your kids -- look into a building that can hold in 161000. But yeah it's it's it had surreal feeling NBC obviously in -- -- Serbia and BC sports network exclusive story. And and maybe that's an okay training they may have agreed -- reached and we might have as our national broadcasting but -- certainly -- -- -- -- that we would have loved to done you know we cover these guys and we really represent the -- and. I think you do and it's it's a great point I'll get you out. With this question brick they've -- identified here that yes and has eight -- scheduled outdoor games section entry -- but Darren drag last night. I had six games -- outs outdoors none involving -- -- surprised. The Bruins are involved this next round outdoor -- -- the X six success they had here a couple of years ago a decade. It's first I'm hearing evidence. I guess it's a game that some are usually I'm actually yeah I'm surprised but. There activity you know some kind of reasoning or it may be. You'd you'd take 3234. Strong market to people who weaker markets that they have decided outdoor games all along people along when it. -- -- you know. 560 sitting occurred here and so on May -- -- -- in your back pocket for the year now the road and maybe that's the best way to do business. Rick let you go on this at CNN and John King reporting that there his sources in the Boston. Police department are saying that they have identified a suspect here 11 suspect at least based on some video surveillance they have so looks like. Might be getting closer. Two identifying a suspect in the bombings on Monday. Well I actually expect just to be sure. I have no doubts. That the law enforcement agencies will get the job done and you prosecution will be in. Always good to -- you guys on a lighter side and play golf acrylic so. Economy right before my. Property technology skull I'm Rick directive -- -- appreciate the time is always and double talk you next week.

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