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Buster Olney, ESPN, on Boston Marathon bombing and MLB's reaction

Apr 17, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Boston Marathon bombing, and the similarities of MLB's reaction to the 9-11 attack

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Spent a little bit of time palatable buster only talk in baseball. As we start that makes it a little bit of sports in addition to all the real world. That we have big government -- continue with your phone calls you didn't hear the cowboys. -- Don note today with the NC we're gonna play that back for you it was awesome. To hear one of the faces lead of this tragedy one of the heroes. Speak with Dennis -- -- -- -- that for you later on this hour on the -- strongly joins us every single Wednesday at this time on the -- the -- -- -- -- I guess. -- last -- originally talked about it yet where were you on Monday when you heard about the explosions that were eventually. Deemed bombs and a terrorist attack near the Boston Marathon. Well I would sitting here working in my opposite and I live in north in New York City. And then it started seeing -- tweet and you turn on CNN and you turn -- MSNBC at the end you're looking for in the information commons I mean let's face it that's. What you spend the rest of the day doing and then trying to get as much information and you go through your mental checklist of a little you know lives in the area and you know being. Some degree of compromise and went to. Icicle Massachusetts. And then have a lot of friends who live in that -- are going through that checklist of who. Might be there and an Ideo OK and you reaching out to people and you know -- part of breaking tonight you know -- That night too that I can -- you know run and I have always got to Boston is the best running city in the world and you know the great. Has along the Charles River. You know the thought popped into my head in my deny him like oh my goodness I I just know knowing the people. In Boston and sort of knowing the mentality. Of people in those situations that they already were people thinking. You know what. Two days they wanted to preparation for the 2013. Marathon. You know whether you gonna run it would be a spectator. And in him because that's how people move on and -- they persevere -- -- headache. Responded situations like this is such powerful way. -- about moving on and I know you covered the Yankees. Back in 2001911. We were we were chosen Red Sox then -- took on September 10 we gained a canceled in we. -- flew down to Tampa Bay -- you covered -- you were in that city. You know the -- sports in moving on and I think we're gonna see that here today at the garden with the Bruins point 29 or etc. turning on Friday but. You talk about the -- sports and how important that is. Yeah and I think that you know before 9/11. I mean -- never been a tragedy of that magnitude. It and and. In the first hours after that happened in Newark. There was -- real doubt as to what you know what you know what -- -- -- -- play when they were gonna play were game's gonna be canceled. And be around those Yankee players. Day eighty do you literally guys talking privately about you know while quietly been here you know this this isn't good we shouldn't be playing these games in. And then after they had to work out if you remember. The day after 9/11 the Yankees worked out at Yankee Stadium and after that work out. Group of them went down to the armory where family members are waiting to hear about loved ones in the whereabouts and of course none of them. Came back -- loved ones and Bernie Williams. Saw a woman. Standing there are crying and he walked up to work. Birdied it that's great humanity and he walked up to words said. I don't know you know who you are. But you look like -- he's a hug and it was like right -- and it's only players and -- tell me that they are not understood. Exactly. How they could help and they totally embraced that the Mets -- to where they understood. That for. Even in due course for five minutes in the armory or. Three hours that night that they could provide some distraction some relief from the unbelievable -- the people were feeling. And I'll never forget that about two weeks after. 9/11 happened I had one at Yankee stating they were taking early batting practice. And -- his little girl there who's standing in next to this. The yankees' dugout and Derek Jeter walked over start talking with -- and that's one of the media relations people who is that. And -- -- -- that is the daughter of one of the pilot that went in and -- that the trade center and. Daily. They brought the little girl over the wall and she sat behind. Net in that place where you can sit up and watched batting practice behind -- Cage and every players coming over -- talking with a -- giving -- things in there responding to work. And that girl's name was it is pretty serious knee and -- actually went to college in Boston I talked to a couple years ago. Leading up to tenth anniversary of 9/11 -- told me that that date. It Yankee Stadium was the best they have the life and she did everything. He kept everything from that day she remembers everything. Think about that that's only couple weeks after the worst thing in her life and that's the role the sports will play I'm sure in Boston in the role with the -- took place. And buster my guess is you're not too surprised that across baseball last night whether it was the Yankees playing sweet Carolina weather with the brewers. I'm their fans having to sing along and a video to the cheers when there was the Cleveland Indians playing dirty water at the Red Sox won in their building a baseball. And baseball across the Kutcher responded to what happened and here in the events involved. No question not a surprise at all because today I thought -- -- -- the Yankees you know their first gains after 9/11 -- Chicago and people holding up signs saying we love new York and we love the Yankees and. In the kind of best players in the World Series talking about now. What -- they felt like the spoilers that you know the Yankees have always been made franchise. Suddenly had people all across America rooting for them and hoping for them because again they're they really rooting for New York. And that's the way it's going to be for the Red Sox this year that they gonna go places and they'll be signs and people holding up in -- to play clear indications and support for the city of Boston. Because people don't want to reach out they wanted they wanna touch me wanna help. He'll bust we haven't talked any sports here now for quite some time you know just getting into the teens and interest revenue -- he area. I look at this some like last year right around that Red Sox fans are very proud of that Red Sox team last year that they like them at all. When you look at this team I think it's early on in the year. You know there is something new when you watched that game last night is a different field regarded -- with talk about -- more likable and an attempt to talk about this team here for a few seconds. There is a different feel when you see with that starting pitching in and I don't know much you've been around -- since spring training John -- the influence in one -- -- these deserves a lot of credit to this pitching staff but. Of the stock that they're on right now is for the best thing for this organization and given what it happened the best thing but these fans I think the Red Sox. No there's no question and you know in terms use the baseball stuff by I think -- get on I mean when you can get that kind of rebound. With the pitching staff and you know the great work Jon Lester Dylan about Colton and guide -- -- -- on the Orioles over the weekend before Sunday night game. The Orioles players to hear from those guys about how good buckled his image I had several they hitters data -- he's completely different. And they couldn't believe how good he was not that he wasn't a good pitcher before work. But the way that he attacked hitters they were incredibly impressive Buck Showalter in -- his diaper look and every time while Buchholz. And you know the fact that they're striking out more than a batter -- early in the year in that big factor and I didn't think it probably goes back to what we talked about. Before spring training started in through spring training that. I mean you've got a bunch of guys -- excited about going to work this year and an excited about going about the business of a problem solving every day. And there's a lot of reason -- -- -- this season goes along with the team didn't get better. Whether it's you know Jackie Bradley junior steadily and David Ortiz coming back. You know the one question they might have is that whether or not they could sustain some. Starting pitching injuries but I think it is here goes along they have enough in the farm system where they could probably fill those gaps. And being a position to make trades that. You know I we went into this to spring thing that no team -- capable of running away in that division. And I still say that even though with the oil even though I picked them I think the -- -- you begin to look like a team. They could be the 93951. Team that would distance itself. It appears and hitting specific that they sick as we talked about it before -- affect these control on that two seam fastball honoring buckles that are have to written right season but. Inner half freezing lefties to me he can get guys out. Probably more than than any pitcher I'm trying to think of all the great ones in the game and I know how they get him -- but I see 456 different ways this -- can get guys out right now. Yeah and that and you know we didn't I didn't get into it deeply in terms of breaking down. You know pit sequences and things like that but the thing with certain yours was down down hard -- And you know a lot better than I would you know what that means for hitters I know that they -- similar things said about Mac shares are the tigers. Where can look at it very difficult did that because it doesn't feel like you get anything really to swing yet. That everything is is. It seems like it's almost just that I reached and it's hard and. That's why they think that that you know he's gone from being a good pitcher to maybe being up the next -- guys. You speculate today and you called speculation alert that the Red Sox are number two on your list when it comes to. I'm David Price -- cubs Red Sox cardinals and Rangers. How much of an educated guess is that Boston the Red Sox would be interested in the price. And the price that would be sunny guy getting -- like David Price. Well I mean it is against the but yet in these start with that especially after Verlander signed -- extension that paid twenty million dollars a year how many teams can pay David Price. You know when the cubs certainly can. The red dot -- and if they choose to do that. It and then the second thing is who's got the prospect to get a deal done all the Red Sox do. And I can tell you that. While Tampa Bay would probably not be thrilled about the idea of delivering David Price to a division rival. Their big thing is to get returned value of the red -- had the best offer on the table for David Price the rays wouldn't say no because they would have to face him. And and you know I I think clearly if you the Red Sox. You know the big thing going forward is going to be. Having access that high and starting pitching talent and we know that. Is that something that they would be focused on and that's why I put them on that list I still think -- cubs to me. Would be the most likely team to get them and the with the cardinals there are being attained that if they ever stuck out there rebels because their farm system is so deep. They could basically blow everybody had a water -- situation. We talked about the strength of the -- before being in that bullpen and an inch interchangeable pieces and see improvement now until Henry and going on the disabled list don't skip a beat Andrew Bailey jumps and he can close we've all seen that before and that's one of the press than try and agents only different guys at that back -- affiliate. Oh yeah and I think it's a great for you all that you know he's getting that opportunity really to go on the DL the deal with a physical problem because. The perception of -- was when he was with the -- last year he was dealing with some physical issues. And he probably should have done on the DL and that's where he saw the decline in his performance and stopped at the end of last year. And you know the Red Sox have enough depth that they can do that and not blinking in -- that it's interesting but. It's -- -- stuck there with a general manager just before I came on what you guys and talking about the nutrition all over baseball especially bullpen. And closer situations. In shifting. I think Jayson stark had a in the column earlier this week in which. He sits in 2009 nearly three closers. Who are holding a job with the same team in that role in the net how much that changes. And you know and Mariano Rivera of course being one of those three but the great thing for the Red -- is they do have a lot of options in that spot their bullpen should be good all year. Buster appreciate taken a few minutes and and UB travel and throughout the week and I appreciate your output and daily column on all things not just the Red Sox and they're dealing with the -- near Boston and across baseball and we'll talk to you next week. But I appreciate it and you know goes that's saying that you know thoughts and prayers for everybody up there and -- breaking. -- thank you. Buster only joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT. With speeds at ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible on buster is on the program has fought -- by cold space by. Our friends at Toyota Nashua and by air arrest restoration specialist. The cowboy mr. -- Don that was on what the NC earlier today. You've do you buy and I you've seen them you know saved Jerry's a friend of Jerry's families in this life. But what he did holding his arteries you'll hear. That later on this hour we come back to some some small ball thoughts. On the Red Sox these last couple games and specifically. From a pitching standpoint. What they've done what it comes to strikeouts. We'll talk about that -- mixing your phone calls 617. 77979837. But Lou don't go anyway. Ladies and gentlemen. Before we honor America with the singing of our National Anthem. We ask that you please join the Indians Boston Red Sox and all of Major League Baseball. In a moment of silence for the victims of yesterday's tragedy of the Boston Marathon. And while our teams compete on the field. We all stand one with the people of Boston during this time of grief and pain and expressed our support. For their healing and recovery in the days ahead. To -- those lives lost President Obama to rectify proclamation this morning that flags be flown at half staff. Now. Please join us in a moment of silent prayer for those that lost their lives. Will be injured and all their families. Friends and -- And all the citizens of Boston. That were affected by this horrible tragedy. We are deeply saddened by this tragic event and our thoughts and heartfelt condolences. Are with all of those affected. Please join the Mariners the tigers immediately baseball in a moment of silence. As we remember the victims of yesterday's bombings in Boston. Fans. Before we come together to sing our National Anthem tonight. We ask that you join the reds and Phillies. And pause to reflect on the tragic events that took place earlier today in Boston. At the 2013 Boston Marathon. Ladies and gentlemen please stand -- your Milwaukee Brewers join Major League Baseball in observing a moment of silence. For those who lost their lives or were injured in the bombings following yesterday's Boston Marathon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy. It's definitely athletic they are shocked and saddened. By the tragic events that happened earlier today at the Boston Marathon. That and the the lives of two people people and injured countless others. At this time would you please rise up and joined in a moment of silence. As we remember and mourn. The lives of those that were taken. -- you know human. -- it is time we definitely replies it's. As the Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers to join me truly grateful and observing a moment of silence its. For those who have been affected by the tragic events visiting Austin. There's please -- and remove your caps. Until the twins today kills in observing a moment of silence to recognize those who lost their lives in the explosions earlier today in Boston. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and loved ones. While details are still emerging heirs to the conference. Our thoughts are -- all of those affected. We ask you now for a moment of silence. As we keep all of the athletes and spectators in our great.

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