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Boston Marathon champion Bill Rodgers on the bombing

Apr 17, 2013|

Bill Rodgers joined D&C to discuss his feelings on the tragic bombing at the finish line. Bill said that the people who committed this crime underestimated the spirit of Boston and the runners involved.

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It is the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan Jerry and I are racking our brains here if we can think of any other world class athlete. Whose name is affiliated with a city and is known by just that city and just that first name. We of course talking about Boston Billy Billy Rodgers and enjoy I don't John Denver. But at a work horse stumbled badly I know native San Fran Nan and its policies -- since -- ran. I -- the -- slot Seattle slow Seattle world athlete that's pretty good. It's like this analogy is as a Boston belligerence on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE. Billy Rodgers is to American distance running marathon running Arnold Palmer. Was to golf this is the guy that made the sport explode in this country Rogers won both the New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon. Four times -- between 75 and ninety check this out -- Billy was ranked number one on the world in the marathon in 7577. And 79. Of the 59 marathons Rodgers ran 28 were run under two hours and fifteen minutes in all he won 22 marathons in his coat and. He doesn't have one ounce of attitude when he does the races with with slugs like you. Couldn't be more gracious and some of the runners idolize him and he just hangs with the -- talks to them -- couldn't in and that way he is he's he's also elect Arnold Palmer. Good morning Bill Rodgers a large hey it's great to be on the -- -- -- -- on this blog and I'll talk. Yeah yes for sure and you know I ironically. Too bad and sad -- so that's indeed you know under the circumstances which are excruciating. And you know I. I like they're linking me go to Seattle slew and -- by the way pretty darn good. A Boston 2009 was the last time you run the Boston Marathon what is your official or unofficial role on restate these days bill. Well you know I work with a DNA. And it would John Hancock a sponsor for years now and a lot of different areas. They went out to woods scholars start program with young Boston athletes. Tim and Greg Meyer and the defending champion Wesley career from Kenya this past week -- we were not to how content. And and did a book signing near the DA has a new book. Are about their founding and their history over 120 by Pearson. And -- we -- things are gotten mainly at went to the expo. And and I met a lot of runners many of them from other countries and what's striking you know as you know this a global event and a global sport and so when these stroked his fists city with a bomb attack not only he has it right 45 countries. You would administer the story what you do on how to find out what happens. Alice home and it's really ironic because. Probably thirty years I've been a potential mine right you know or running the race you know. And the the BAA didn't ask me to be there and I was very tired from -- so many people over the days before. And arm. So I couldn't believe it but my daughter lease was up to finish -- -- the Charlie was -- different area fortunately both were not near the bombs. Did you ever and all the times you run Boston is particularly recently. Or bend at the finish line bill did you -- view it as a security risk at all. Now. You'll just the opposite does a good just the up this like a big block like part like you're safe. Yeah yeah where where and you know what it is the -- ironic thing and would leave these people look like the ultimate goals I think our debt. There's there's probably. Not only in the international aspect and you know but the fact yet. That term partner firm and running are likely ultimate celebration of light and energy and friendship. You make friends if you read about these people who hit by the bombs like they were there they were supporting Stanley at Friendster look silly sport now. I mean really it is kind of like baseball now and -- its content industry it is great gathering and we all love the Boston Marathon than. But but it means more than just the race the race in the competition are very real that are competitive sport but. Those other parts to and you know as well about the millions of dollars. -- have been raised at the Boston Marathon now more years for helping people are hit with cancer or something under control. And can do the cat has really lifted this sport I think in the -- -- American people and to me it's a way the American people have come together. -- that was that was thing that struck me and I talked about this Monday morning bill exactly what you're talking about this is all about me for for the world class athletes who were in a class by themselves but you know the vast majority these people what you have on Marathon Monday. Is a bunch of people help another bunch of people accomplish something significant and -- volunteers and you have BA officials and -- water station people when you have all these people that that did David go over entire tab brings together to help 23 or 24000 runners get from Boston to Hopkinton in Hopkins and back to Boston bus drivers and all that. And -- in the midst of all that help you make a good point there helping people raise money this this element of evil raises its its the Specter of its ugly head and and and does what it did on Monday. I think these people are living in -- isolated circumstances and don't understand what. 95%. Of the world is doing and behold this a global sport every major city in the world has a marathon. Not as old as Boston's. Ours is the -- on the oldest you know and we all take pride -- but. But whether it's Beijing or its London or Berlin or Chicago. New York City. All over the world Europe Japan and Asia. Africa Latin America are arm this sport is big and this could happen anywhere but I think if you wanna make you know -- they're kind of cold blooded. Small group they're very small and they're gonna be beaten of course. Because you can't go get the whole world. Billy you understand the spirit of a long distance runner as well or better than anybody else and you also understand the reputation. But this particular race house around the world how do you think it has changed or will change both the running spirit. And the and the the perception of what Boston is all about. You know as athletes -- are very place he people. That's for sure and to -- just human spirit. All of these runners who tried so hard to qualify for the Boston Marathon 27000. Of them from around the united speech on the world. And and you can't stop -- I think. More than ever I had friends who know. People were hurt by the bombings and out there what fourteen. Day they're gonna. -- programs I know there's a fund already started my brother Charlie was that just look Paula can you tell me why don't all the road race in the country all 40000 of them. You know eight. And and and give a dollar water into a fund to help these people that might not be able to have a job in the future because they're like a leg or something like this. Sport is an incredible bonding for Americans are really believe it. It's incredible we saw -- in 2001. After the attacks there when 50000 Americans and others were on the little kink in -- city can make a point where one marathon you know stop us. You know and in and Morgan keep the -- in a country movement smoothly and we're good at that we really are. I'd love I love your attitude bill what are you gonna do next year what is the plan and know you're not. Running anymore -- like to run the last last half last mile just hang out the finish line. I think I I still go to races around the country. And then I'd -- a half marathon this year but I Serb retired as a marathoner. I reached marathon -- twenty years more political. And and yes I've got to run next year because a lot of the appointment so you know. That they know how to moderate time or yell and I brought a model but the great Bill Rodgers out of retirement. And you know that's sort of concept if you read a lot kind kind of cliche it's just have no fear. Yeah marathon don't have any fear you know they're messing with the wrong people. Feel. I'm kind of feisty myself and but what I wanted to do -- think and this young kid actually in the Boston Globe today you sure as little more hurting people -- yeah I like their kids. Martin Richard he has no longer with -- Billy set the record straight on the story I've told a number of times and Jerry says you told him I got it wrong the famous stories Billy Rodgers winning. I thought was the Bermuda marathon. Coming across the bridge for the last 385 yards so fit so -- shape that you were whistling or singing the girl from -- -- song is not -- or not. Know that the spirit is that you Astoria hotel in -- arm. We addition -- a marathon in 1981 would run in with Greg Meyer he had one year before we're running along you can name a beach and in the lead. And and it just. The carefree nest and the great life that you have as a -- you we're lucky we're lucky. To be able to do this and so I started singing that song and say great we're gonna do it we're gonna win and -- reduce lake is good now. And -- What are what are you think -- Nemo was in Bermuda -- -- I pledged I didn't know that it was related to Barry was I just thought it was a song he liked what mile -- were singing this song bill. Yeah yeah this in the early trading corporation ultimate source -- -- -- -- -- great to catch up with you -- always always appreciate our relationship been and everything you -- for the sport in this town and good to talk to you and we'll talk you down the road. Thank you -- your Internet Bill Rodgers with the doesn't tell him on the AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LT you know. Does what we've sentiment and the other day that no just internal look happened all the miserable yeah -- looks miserable men and yes he probably miserable wedding day you know but. But Roger is the roots of rock back and I I wasn't at that -- Funny but they are. Brought out Rodgers doesn't look miserable well no -- have to finish yeah. And I and cinema that start and finish it looks the same sociable smile on darkened the guy just turn on the radio as the guy. At mile twenty. And a great life when a blast and run races he's he was built for he used the Arnold Palmer of the sport he popularized it he'd he'd just. Louisville yet -- as someone pointed out I was right on both counts unlike Seattle slew he's got an attitude like Arnold Obama will be right back.

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