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The hero in the cowboy hat Carlos Arredondo

Apr 17, 2013|

Carlos joined D&C to discuss his heroism after the bombings on Marathon Monday. Carlos said his first goal was to get Jeff Bauman to avoid seeing his severe injuries, he then said he took off his sweater to create a tourniquet in order to stop Jeff's bleeding. Carlos praised all the first responders that helped him save lives.

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Our number three Dennis and Callahan we know there was one evil person at the Boston Marathon on Monday but we also know just as much there were. Thousands. Of great people. At the Boston Marathon first responders firefighters police EMTs ambulance drivers just citizens trying to help people out. And who jumped right in the fray with somebody that and making it personal connection with somebody in Jerry's life that was Carlos -- -- His one son was killed in action in Iraq in 2004. A suck and second son grief stricken took his own life. He's a samaritan a gold star father and America a member of the American Red Cross he was the man who -- Jerry's best friend's nephew. To the ambulance and saved his life Carlos -- Donald joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT eat like protect some time this morning Carlos our human different. Of course good morning to you and everybody else morning. As a way of background what brought you to the Boston Marathon finish line that day what were you doing there Carlos. Story not -- cars that are walking down warning about 4 AM to reach around the finish area at 2 o'clock in the afternoon which. We wore my weapon I would or waiting. -- -- By giving America blacks -- all of the people they are. Wanna get a speech for the National Guard what dedicating -- -- while Foreman soldier. So that's why what they are we what you thought process people in the side -- the first explosion. And and in before 2 o'clock -- -- blush and who could lead and then you know. I -- that -- and rot away you know and running to get people greeting got hurt in a jump a single thing in order to. Who see one. Or happening very you know in and then I see a lot of bodies is. Lot of people with broken -- -- and saying. And then we want source stop because of it -- you know what needed to remove it pains that we can get it in -- -- in this site. And and then I concentrate pretty much in in the caught comfort that it would be growling you know they. I've worked under way that you OK and then to have you that they did everything is okay is coming down people and -- -- concentrate. And I young men. -- brought their. Who watched TV is lost all of these legs and he wasn't serious injury. Tell us. What what did you do for Jeff Bowman use arm that you knew we was seriously hurt we see the picture view. Escorting him talk a tomb holding the artery on the way to the ambulance when you found them where where was Jeff what kind of condition was again. What -- what. Corporate conscious it wasn't it try to go around and he was in pain and indeed he works. Two part problem then in the blood moving around so I just wouldn't be in I thought I knew my in my in my view. And I just thought it dot com and he -- live in north you know help -- on the way if he's okay trying to -- it. They -- -- that that you don't see -- what happened believe that -- Who led U -- it must put -- in night and I didn't come in down. You talked to him was he talking to you I mean did he know. Knowing what we look at it was sleeping very well he was a very good release and are they all time and he was -- -- all -- He's media that he really fast strongman. So he was on his back and he hadn't seen what had happened to his lower legs is that right Carlos. It is what trying to buy I avoid pointing to see what happens please make right but now with more normal. I've out of -- what I mean now lot of these. I don't if they didn't. So I reached slip on the ground and I agree that up higher in -- America who came along. To my side he helped me out to stop the bleeding India. So you put turn tickets UN and a and a follow samaritan put tourniquet on both of just -- and I went for. Are there you held the -- in your hand correct we see the picture. You with that the moral artery. Yeah at this clinic I pick him up here in the wedge share. Somebody can't go anywhere where she I'd rather rot away because I know it yet. What needed to the united he had assumed this also so what we get them into what share -- did not get stop all think he's either the by turning around the piece -- -- them and led by the please stop. Yeah now you if you escorted him to an ambulance is that what you did. Well I'd I'd go to sparked an independent but did everybody was asking -- right again right yeah right let's get on compliment them up -- my -- I want which came out to behold. And maybe like 78 yards eighty yard long wait used to get there you know. You don't know this yet -- think but he's doing well. Have you had a chance to get updated on Jeff's condition and I know you haven't talked to him yet. Well how it felt really if he's not there. They -- -- tried to reach these -- right -- to reach me in I am looking forward to two to that in all their family. How its own -- they've. I what we're gonna make that happen there and -- done a meat to the dying to thank you. Carlos -- you're story is just amazing we serve first saw the the picture on Drudge in there you are with -- cowboy hat never once -- yes see the guy with the cowboy hat. And then we learn more about -- we realize what kind of tragedy you've been pro you've lost two sons. Correct me if I'm wrong but one of the National Guard run as was running for your for your son Alexander. Who lost his life in that Iraq didn't. That's correct exactly you also want one of -- America. Suicidal privilege and a woman who was running and -- apple with some prodding him to. While so one runner from National Guard was running for your son who died in Iraq. Another another runner was running his son Brian who who took his own life. That's correct for a suicide prevention. Well. And you are there to root them -- on. And we won't let it in America last two days that Davis. Well write it and what you do after you left Jeff that you got into the tent. I went about who I went back inside again trying to find in my wife who watched and it -- in the -- in this sense. And trying to figure out where my friends live in trying to see you -- -- -- -- they -- National Guard members. Carlos can you estimate how much time elapsed from when you got to Jeff or maybe but better put from when the explosion took place. Tool you got just to the ambulance was it was a two minutes five minutes tell all the time here. The process brought to light on. And immediately I don't get those mystical process went all in I want already crossed the street. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- News but the current book -- it tries very hard in the northern right it happens. But did you know what -- I want to what do you raise you know defense that I would say you know and everything that I've rich even in the few minutes. -- -- You notice to hold the a few more lottery. Why don't all of our record -- never in my world -- for the red cross and and like I -- pretty much you know we've we've got a site. Where we need some time really to help people. Did it ever occurred to you that your life might have been in danger when the second bomb went off that there might be a third or fourth or you didn't just think about that. Although when -- jump the press say that they're running -- It straight got to protect you and everybody else. You know and and jury ask this question but I I -- -- -- I heard the answer did -- say anything to you at all at any point from when you've got to him. When you turn him over to the EMTs at the ambulance did you speak. I would look at what they're awake and he was released into everything I want say when he was stopped. I think it was a very strong person who -- in there I just for -- may make sure like he's sending to date that -- put it that did admit emergency unit via. -- when did you when did you finally get home I know you're from Rosalind that when did you finally get home on Monday Carlos. BM 9 PM did you still have. -- -- I don't have brought me you know -- -- like Goldman -- yesterday they took my thoughts -- there's. In everything they need to see. It didn't take -- cowboy hat today. Could we we we need the cowboy it's so are you. Did you see the pictures of you and Jeff did you ever get to no you you didn't realize. You were doing anything that was gonna. Make you famous but that when did you realize that everyone has seen with -- down and that to a hero. Well so. I thought it looked at things like value -- got my -- I I saw the picture very briefly and -- it's very painful I went what you -- in the hot in there. Yeah well we know you tragically he lost two sons. And we know. You know that that will you'll never get over that but I know Jeff Bowman senior and no -- his mother. A very grateful that and lose their son and and that's can you tell. Well I think what I think you know so many people you know that it created such a great job in America is that you get. This is -- just around the corner but what world that it is. Besting it in this -- -- you know everybody was really doing something about it. Carlos thank you very much thank you for what you did and down I have a number we have in number we're gonna try to -- -- and Jeff together with Jeff he's obviously still in the hospital. I think he's in surgery today but will get two guys together they really really wanna thank you my friend. They took it very much as well thank you very much for keeping. This information in there. Carlos errand done though -- Dennis and Callahan on AT&T got -- AT&T forgy LTD. We'll be right back.

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