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SI legal expert Michael McCann on the bombing investigation

Apr 17, 2013|

The Dennis & Callahan shows legal guru Michael McCann discussed how intricate the bomb used was. Michael said that this was done by someone very well versed in terrorism.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan. Still to come on this edition Carlos -- -- -- a little bit after 8 o'clock joining us now. On the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TER legal eagle friend from Sports Illustrated and law professor at UNH. McCann joins us good morning Michael Howard. We're a very well as specifics of the investigation going Fords and and security going forward I'd be -- -- your view because you have a global view from 30000 feet of what happened here in Boston. On patriots day. Yeah I think John what happened is certainly horrendous and it was an attempt by either person or group. To shock the nation that could go after a a site that is relatively not secure. That's soft as law enforcement officials say -- Enough so that was designed in a way to maximize. Attention that it was the the bombs were left at the end of the race and and I think that's an important point because. If somebody just wanted to have a bomb at the Boston Marathon they wouldn't probably do it. It at the one location where police presence as high relatively high where there are dogs sniffing -- to both of you mentioned in the last hour. That this was that this is really somewhat of -- bold attempt in the sense that. This is the location where a device would most likely be balance and yet they were able to pull -- off so I think that there's some. Significant sophistication behind this attempt. And not much has -- said that you can find online had to build the pressure cooker bomb that's true the law enforcement will tell you and I and you know that's part of our coverage we've we've. Discovered is that it's really difficult to do that a definitive. Most people listening to the program or even almost all the people who think this program could actually do that that's. If that person -- the person behind this -- what they were doing and it is they had certainly a high level of sophistication. I clearly they're one of the attention because of all the media members there -- the cameras that were rolling but what I don't understand Mike is the logical the value in doing it ten minutes to three as opposed to win the winners crossing the finish line went all the you know the governor and the mayor the -- but but all the VIP official on site up and -- All you -- that Mike and Andy and do you think that may be may -- that was on purpose to get regular people. We get that the winners the canyons than the superstars get regular people I think you'd get much attention if the governor were injured and the mayor were injured or or so so why and we asked to show us that while why then was he two hours late. Did you say -- I think part of it could be the motivation behind this attack her or the group behind is that. This wasn't in necessarily go after the US government go after government officials didn't go after Americans this -- really. Hit home that on some level it's more frightening that. These are our neighbors and these are people that and Jerry in you know one of the victims of these are folks that. We can easily relate to that did this almost makes it more frightening than any of us could have been an opposition and I think that's part of the design that is that -- that it creates the most. -- but going after those who we -- most empathize what. In your mind Mike as an expert does it feel are you getting anxious and on the that the term the first 48 is important we know as a TV show but the first 48. We're getting close for a few hours away from the first 48 are you a little nervous. Because -- looking at the the lead of Drudge and it says as the trail gone cold. I -- nobody in the sense that. And based on what I am hearing that there really. Don't know who did this and and I think that is something that we're gonna have to grapple with in the days ahead that. Took a quick arrest something that we expected immediately following the bombing doesn't appear likely. And that this probably goes to the design this goes to the person who did it that. They knew what they were doing and they were able to sort of anticipate. How to get out of there had to get away from the scene has elevated security and the person probably knew that there was still a great deal surveillance of their cameras. It is very frightening and it and again echoes the sophistication that this was not something that. -- this isn't just a guy in his basement who didn't really -- was just crazy I think this is something that I had. Some purpose behind -- Do you buy into the fact that since there has not been a taking responsibility claiming responsibility it's less likely to be al-Qaeda or Hezbollah and may be eight in small domestic group Mike. It's possible an FBI. Person postal won't get that told me that. You know this could turn out to be a case where. It's not al-Qaeda plot has -- the fact that it wasn't a suicide bomb. Could could could suggest that does not have a brother that that fact the fact -- this was more about. We were bombing getaway that suggestive that is not has -- But you know what I'm hearing is that if there's you know again this isn't knowledge as to what happened percent that is the sort of what -- suspicion is that. And it could be domestic group -- sympathies. For Hezbollah for al-Qaeda that this could be a case where there isn't necessarily coordination with. An international. Terrorist group but it's sympathy for that you know with the Fort Hood shooting with -- -- It you know there was -- case for somebody who may not have been coordinated person say with with al-Qaeda. And with those types of groups but has sympathy for them it could turn out to be something like that but we don't know. Right what what does the pressure cooker bomb mean to you like army to the people that you've talked. It means that it's somewhat sophisticated I think you know we -- pressure cooker and it felt like something that's. It would affect the work cookies can narrated deficits have almost domestic and I felt like something we could do but it's complicated and you know the fact that there are designed to on line and doesn't mean that they're easy to execute that it has affected you know they're they're looking at the wiring behind it. Possibly tracing that back to where could have been purchased some of the the aspects of it. They take some sophistication and some technical background and a lot of work. Did pull this -- and to pull off two of them. And the fact that no one's taken credit does that leading -- to believe it's more domestic than than foreign. I got it -- although -- -- said that that's not necessarily be. That it would be gone and all that this could indicate throughout Qaeda isn't yet able to claim credit that they're not able to do and away the pleasantries back to them to -- where they physically are. About it but I think. If we have to sort of read the tea leaves its leaned against that this is al-Qaeda -- say and probably more domestic maybe with sympathy for al-Qaeda but. You know things could change quickly in terms of the story line. Michael on a different level we all know where this is going to will be committees discussing security there'll be race committees will be congressional committees will be studies done the be all kinds of things and calls for increased security how is that possible in large soft targets like this how can you police Bergen street Saturday night before the Super Bowl enormous can you. It -- -- rock concert -- -- the case may be how is that possible. We can't -- I think Peter King the congressman from New York that the best -- I spoke with him yesterday that we can't turn Arenas and ballparks and armed camps. I think that's exactly right there's some level of risk tolerance. By going to a sporting event particularly its soft target is that like the Boston Marathon where there aren't physical barriers Gerry Leone. The former district attorney who prosecuted the shoe bomber said that yesterday that he can't complete. -- safeguard these advances especially those that don't have physical boundaries. Like a stadium and arena what I do think what happened though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There'll be some litigation in all likelihood that goes to heightened security but I think at the end of the day -- is another -- -- have to protect himself may have to protect the people there. And they were probably have to elevate security in light of this at least for the time being. Like I guess the bottom line like you wrap this up as the reason he or they can't do this is because we are a free and open society and this is the price you pay but it's a hell of a price. You got that right candidate to visit is part of the press that we don't want a police state that we don't want. Big brother and and I know orwellian society where everything is being watched that we accept this type of risk in the fact that the first attacked. Successful attacks since. September 11 isn't some way. A good sign that it took so long per -- but I also think we have to be concerned. That that individual what the FBI think is really focused on that this isn't the start of some pattern of attack and that this is an isolated event. It's so far appears to be isolated but if the designer of this attack has some level of sophistication there's no. That we don't know for sure that it couldn't happen again. Ideas -- a -- professor -- from UNH and SI's legal expert as well Michael look at always a pleasure doing business with -- thanks the conversation of the information.

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