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David Ross with Joe and Dave after tonights emotional game in Cleveland

Apr 16, 2013|

Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien spoke to David Ross about tonight's 7-2 win in Cleveland, and also about his thoughts on the tragic events that happened in Boston on Monday.

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David -- for a week get to the game my. Tell us about half playing the game and a night like this after what happened -- today and -- somber mood that surrounded everybody. Yes you know we. You know -- you know we left yesterday it was all those on our minds our families -- there that people were injured you know. It was it was a really nice day for us and until about an hour after the game Mullen is very coming and so. It's kind of a somber mood -- get back and in the wake up and it just you know really gone nationally even more. I was just about on every channel so it was tough. Get to the ballpark -- just trying to trying to. You know make sure by Stanley's OK make sure. Everybody was safe and and you know he's kind of a lot of distractions baseball -- -- insignificant today. But David very well said and yet this team has an ability to focus in and do it needs to do and and the job at hand with winning the ballgame tonight. Everyone seemed to have a great approach against you bald man -- right away there and it's second and. Yeah we did our homework in try to have good at bats off those guys who you know we got a lot of professionals on this team that -- know how to go about their business and you know just. Business as usual -- these guys if they do a great job of getting good at bats and you know Ubaldo was kind of scattered some things around and we were really pretty patient and got some big hits it to -- about some guys and you caught a lot of pitches tonight and yeah -- -- trying to do. Kind of found his -- but just you know I think we're effectively wild today to take at least you know -- You've only given up do with how our guys guys that today I thought was a pretty good job they battle. Way to make a lot of big pitches in 232 counts and you're gonna get their credit hitters some credit. They did a good job with the impatient and not swinging at pitches out his -- so you know we got some work to do we still -- long season guys are still film their. They're -- that they do the you know with a little bit extra rest it's kind of hard to be sharp. Went without much rest in between starts so hopefully next time you'll be -- sharper. The -- C a lot in that young man don't -- I mean a lot of great stuff obviously the ability to be a big winner at some point right. Yeah I think he's got I mean he's got all the tools he's he's he's he's got all this stuff needed I think -- going to be deeper than just repeat location repeat pitches. Because he's got his changeup. I definitely plus plus pitch in. He's got a curveball he can put in their most times worker and a pottery -- night that actually we used in some big situations. Believe it or not and I guess in the office -- so I think -- -- hamper his fastball location down in now and and whenever he can repeat that consistently he's gonna. He can be one of the top up lefties in this rotation they that you play for some very great clubs over the years what do you sense about the makeup of this team. Of the make up is unbelievable I mean there's a lot of guys who care about each other's a lot of guys to. -- work hard I think you know. The teams have been on where I don't ever have to question somebody's. Will to win you know it has some of the best teams. There is no matter what everybody that's on his team's gonna while give a 100%. And they're gonna work harder or do their homework and and I can rest at night win or lose you know with guys that are. Prepare to go out and or professional play hard everybody that's what we're supposed to do. Unfortunately every you have been on guys don't do that and and we got a lot of guys on here is it. Show up every day ticket or two when the baseball game. The debut urine that rest tonight you got a lot of pitches as Joseph mentioned in the very very nice just three and a half hours great win for the Red Sox -- -- like I think for having on our right.

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