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Jonny Gomes postgame press conference

Apr 16, 2013|

Jonny Gomes spoke to the media after an emotional game tonight in Cleveland.

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Was it like when she gets -- we can field as -- You know that table that's where most guys are most comfortable is in between the lines you know. It was hard for noise what was going on to -- one of us an -- you know. You know the -- guys don't -- feel. Good song called back if you help people out. -- Job to do ourselves. It was too little things. One and you guys can. Hurt. I just told -- told me and we would get together. -- it's. Different. Quieter ones parents. And coaches were and an interest and I think. First came into new hit series means a lot of video you know watching. -- of -- watching CNN you know. Vs Expos until. Graham you know working well enough. -- and so you know walking following -- going on back home. -- anything special. And -- efforts. To our. And I mean I think there's no real -- you know but I mean. It is a veteran ball club you know. Talk amongst ourselves in English and keeping. To -- with what's going on. I don't think -- -- lost today. You know ways you know how we think you know the issue back home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's nice you know to get to -- the home of pressure. -- -- particulars about that inspiration came from that particular designed to -- out there. Are they -- -- they -- -- yeah yeah and that's. Stick what is it bottom. Tom can do better and work. Could -- Into the theoretical -- those -- Cougars it hasn't yet. I think it's. But -- his numbers individuals or did you know.

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