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John Farrell postgame press conference

Apr 16, 2013|

John Farrell spoke to the media after an emotional game tonight in Cleveland.

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Thanks for the in Boston. We'll give him. -- -- -- -- place there just well played game and play and what we get a podium national programs and it's to get batters wants coverage -- opposite. Two doubles by. And after that second inning -- to get his seven runs. -- it went out and and wasn't as -- you hope to battle definitely visiting him. I think Agassi given in the event's tragedy yes it is. A good way to send some popular. Or -- You know out of -- Jersey -- was the -- Given what -- place everyone's this fresh on everyone's mind you know we might not be in Boston right now. We cares what those. We feel very much further. The city Boston community and everything that goes on there so. We've we've we have enough for a player. I thought he got into little little decent rhythm in the second -- and look at the fourth inning but. Again. The benefit of him having been skipped -- start not sure that is why. And things got a little wedge benefit thing but he's been waiting for him in the sport -- minnesotans although. Observers had something to do there's there's no question there you go from starter five days of spring training and then. You -- we bomb boom it was the same game was more runs in his arm and someone shape but not anything like games be good. Fortunately we're able battling things out early and he had the benefit of some room on the scoreboard. Yeah I was anxious just to get there might -- that we have been more just. Just it didn't seem like it's here. -- Michael and Michael in. I'm sure that. It probably doesn't end up. 70 score book and I want certainly contribute part of it. So. All. When Italy for those you get there it was important that we -- there's more things well. Of these questions. But what things you know play you know horse farm seven days you -- the -- become a little more sharp actually -- that's pretty. And to have that kind of production of the order. It -- you for a -- of part of our. Offense that is going to be built so. He's taken much more consistently play. It doesn't look happy to see any kind of different look him in the face of your players or did you hear the same thing. They -- we can give isn't. You know there's there's talk before the game or else. There's talk of how guys could possibly reach out and be help to some that are in the door and whether that's a bit in the spiritual that's. You know that there there's talk of some things that. How can we contribute actively involved and I -- as an organization will be something. Much larger ones. This is being hurt by these guys and everybody. Thought that was to put that surgery Geathers. It was set aside the dugout to start very conscious. Of what's that. -- -- -- -- -- Working in history came out. Our moments Tennessee Williams can reach out and one thing. -- I think the only sports and other sporting season is probably gonna come together in some way through to recognizing and contribute to those who have fallen. Because it's such a class by not only Cleveland but I'm sure the other. Actually sitting here around baseball has been something -- another Soul Asylum from shoddy Yankee Stadium in the practice which we Carolina remained there. I think the touch of class played all -- fingers -- or -- ago.

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