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Dustin Pedroia postgame press conference

Apr 16, 2013|

Dustin Pedroia spoke to the media after an emotional game tonight in Cleveland.

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You find yourself pick it up and yeah you just give us. Obviously I'm normal game and hadn't noticed before the game and during the game in. In your mind. -- we're Roberts at Lincoln well his -- back home. It was so hard that particular play. I mean -- We know a lot of people are back home watching you know and try and maybe hopefully get some. Take your mind off what's happening -- solo home. We're -- -- players are as you can and it can be homeless couple days. -- I don't know about dialog but I feel like he'd be yeah -- -- kind of an analyst. You know nobody coming in the same thing you know everyone understands. You know what's going on. You know stuff from week and we got a Roger Clemens and I was thinking about. You know in the -- real life situation so. You know stuff.

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