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Red Sox manager John Farrell on the tragedy at the Boston Marathon

Apr 16, 2013|

The Sox manager talked to Joe Castiglione about the attack on the day that is Patriots' Day and Jackie Robinson Day. John said that Boston is a resilient city.

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John where were you when you get word about the explosions. Copley Square. You know Joey you're in the clubhouse so it was about. 3540 minutes at the end of the yesterday's ball game and as we're packing up get ready on -- bus a couple of reporters to blow there -- Sox personality mentioned that there were explosions over the finish line. In and the a tragedy that took place in our heart and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those that have been affected by the us. I'm thinking of our kind of our conversation yesterday before the game with our border glorious day it is -- Boston something very unique. He really is and we consider Patriots stay all the goes into it in addition to the Jack Robinson celebration. But with Patriots stay the 11 o'clock start with us the Boston Marathon just a great sporting event that draws people from worldwide. But that's the thing about it is you know if you hit it hits home. When it's in your neighborhood when it's in your city and when people such as we've had people -- the Red Sox organization be affected by this directly. It's certainly a tragedy and again our our thoughts and prayers go out all those affected. While I certainly hear it for sure and where did you sense on the plane on the bus with your club. Well you know I I I couldn't be more probably some guys have responded quickly you know in this information age guys -- tweet about this is a very resilient group it's a resilient city it's. It's a very heartfelt. Place that knowing that the Red Sox are such a part of the fabric of Boston and all of New England. -- live. The feeling around the team as well certainly one of concern. And when I think everyone found out -- their own families or loved ones that might have gone down to see the conclusion of the race were safe. Before -- service was shut off there was a feeling of relief. But I know that there is these are guys that Wear this uniform we know that we've got a a place in this city and and we can hopefully help those who've been effective get back to some sore and sensitive to analyses. And I think by doing that we can go out and play as tough ball game as we can -- to show that spirit and that resiliency. What do you think could be gone through the minds of baseball people tonight when they happen as being player moment of silence is observed. Well I think they'll be quicker recall of you know 2001 and 9/11 situation that took place back then. People probably reflect on where were they on that day that those planes crashed into the cities around the country. And no doubt that everyone will think about where they were yesterday. Will line up on the field tonight both the unions and -- third base side will be on the first base side. In celebration of Jackie Robinson day that wasn't celebrating your magazines being off but. In our hearts and our moment of reflection will think back to the people that were effective yesterday in Boston will baseball be an escape for you and the players tonight. I think it will be and I and I think you know there's been so many -- -- -- in society wind sports. Maybe can give some or -- -- -- to allowing people to get back to a normal routine no I can't say it'll be a complete distraction. But I think the same time. You know it on the heels of a very cowardly act it's important for us to get back to our daily lives and our daily routines. More mundane and then getting back to baseball he made a roster move today and tell us about that and some of the we have people. Well what -- Joel Hanrahan going on the disabled list because of the right hamstring issue it was becoming more clear that he's gonna need about five or seven days so we've DL him Weaver called Steven Wright the knuckleballer. Who worked out of the bullpen for us to provide us lengthened multi innings if needed. This will also give Joseph a chance and only get that right hamstring cleared up but. Probably go out -- make a couple of appearances to get going again. Other guys that are making steady progress -- Ortiz was back in the lineup today he did go over four but. On the I'm coming off of some spasm in the left -- yesterday there was no issues today so that was a positive sign we've adjusted Franklin Morales is. Rehab program he'll -- good Greeneville later today and -- there tomorrow. Craig Breslow pitched an inning of relief down extended spring training so guys start to make their way game and that will be -- before those guys get back to us on a full time basis. I just saw Terry Francona and they say these try to get a year in between. Doing TV before he came back to manage against his own team and he's your very close friend though it's going through your mind. You won't win tonight you know -- put me at times is to share some laughs whether that's been before we cut into Cleveland or or once the series is over but. I think everybody in our dugout that has the utmost respect for Tino. And today is just it is it isn't. A very different and -- -- given what the events that transpired yesterday in Boston another celebration for Jackie Robinson connection between the teams across the field today. There there's an array of emotions that are gonna certainly be in this ballpark here tonight John thank you for wells said then don't talk again tomorrow OK -- appreciate it.

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