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Terry Francona on the bombings at the Boston Marathon

Apr 16, 2013|

The former Sox manager told Joe Castiglione that it's terrible that the great Boston holiday would be attacked.

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Do you -- to talk baseball today but obviously everything overshadowed by who happened in Boston -- today and certainly something that you can really feel having spent more than eight years of your life there. You all watched it and I did watch and I end up turn the TV you'll probably like a lot of people and you kind of struggled to understand I mean. You know because I did I didn't spend my whole life from Boston -- spent eight years are. And I got to know what a proud day -- Tuesday was -- get the into the ballgame we got into the marathon and and I just you know I'm probably not Smart enough to build articulated correctly. It just hurts and I never quite understand why people want her to each other. -- listen to all the people and governments. Left this and like that. -- forget all the left to right just go right down the middle like everybody but hopefully people smarter real good figured out. And course savior children pretty much grew up there to win there when you hear some of the things that happen especially involving a child it really hits home and you don't want -- without. What's that race everybody. It's amazing how is it it touches everybody. Mean everybody knew somebody that was in hitter because of such a big event. And even -- people an -- it is it is just seems like you kind of takes away a lot of the innocence I mean. It's so hard being a grown up on days can you match was like to be a little kid growing up I mean how hard it is now how do you explain the little kids. And how about the fact that. It affected the sporting event that mean that that we do and again that's where you don't worry he becomes more personal for Ross. And again you try to take out because in the long run doesn't matter it just. You know what what what happens is what's important just if it if -- personal I think on a lot of levels just because of the event the timing of the how difficult will be to play baseball tonight for these guys you know why I I hope. Is that it's it's it helps people you know that that need help. Beat him. Can we get so caught up from over Dolan and sometimes it's the reality check on -- stomach a little bit. But it's again maybe hopefully it'll be good for everybody. -- you're going yeah I do little different isn't it than being on ESPN covering the Red Sox managing against them. You know we'll -- the route I took was probably a good one from taking a step back a year probably healthy for me. Getting back in this was indoor with the people on the door with I really enjoy. It's not -- it's not doesn't mean broadcast child just -- we are but I'm kind of excited trying to tackle those with the people here and that that's a good feeling. How much it close friend John -- being in the other dugout you know while I think the Red Sox to a really good thing. You know he's such a sturdy guy and I don't mean just those big physical legacy just -- standing next room for those years there. You learn just -- -- of a friend he is and how prepared years in several of the first part of remember saying the glass all of sudden became have fallen Boston and I still feel that way. But you try to beat them like that they avoided what about Pedroia you think the recent chirping. Now we -- on slander very easy year you know what they're probably nobody in this game I became closer to. Saying that -- Eagles over twelfth. But he just he's one of the most special people -- been around. And everything that we hear and feel you're very happy here it's here I landed on a good place. When this job became open and available. I knew this -- I want to end up -- we've got surprise some people. But where I am in life and in baseball this is a good place for me. And I hope again -- wanna I wanna be a part of the solution here I want to commit to be a quick fix and move on. I'd like to stay here so again that's. Part of you know what's so special is like -- the ballpark and I love what worked well. Two had done these for many years hundreds out and hope we can do more hundred doesn't let you go over a thousand attracted a great -- thanks -- -- like I.

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